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225 Vs 245 Tires

225 Vs 245 Tires: Difference Between!

As you know, tires are essential parts of every car. It directly affects the quality of your journey. Therefore, choosing a great set of tires will always make you feel comfortable and secure during the trip. There are 2 sets of commonly used car tires, 225 Vs 245 Tires. The following article will give you an overview of these two types of tires.

About The 225 Tire

Tire 225 is the tire with the most number of users today. It is a perfect version that many car manufacturers have noticed since the 225 tire set. By using the 225, drivers will save a lot of fuel costs. Because of the small rolling resistance, your engine will not expend too much energy during travel.

In addition, 225 tires have a relatively low cost compared to other tires. However, its quality is not inferior to any high-end tires. Therefore, besides the main direct use purpose, the 225 is also used by many drivers as a spare tire for their cars. You can drive fast with a set of these spare tires without worrying too much about their quality and ability to roll.

Here are some advantages of the 225 tire:

  • Has a long service life
  • Applicable to even rugged terrain: slippery, snowy,…
  • No noise during use
  • Low cost, suitable for everyone
  • Effectively used for light vehicles: cars, pickups,…

About The 245 Tire

Tire 245 is a tired line suitable for off-road vehicles. It is capable of outstanding performance in rugged terrain conditions: hills, slippery roads. The design of the tire groove system will allow the 245 to create a sense of safety and comfort for the driver when operating in many different conditions. 

In addition, 245 tires can keep you in a stable position throughout the journey. It is a significant advantage that makes the 245 tires famous. 

Because most of the poor quality tires will cause your car to deviate from its trajectory when traveling at fast speeds or on rough terrain, it will directly affect the safety of people and vehicles.

Some characteristics of tire 245:

  • Effectively applicable to extreme weather conditions
  • Make driving comfortable and safe
  • Enhance braking and steering sensitivity for drivers
  • There is no vibration or abnormal position change during movement.
  • Suitable for heavy-duty, heavy-duty vehicles.

Difference Between 225 Vs 245 Tires

225 Vs 245 Tires

The story of comparing two types of tires has become so familiar to us. Nowadays, 225 tires are not only compared to 245 tires, but drivers are also comparing 215 vs 225 tires.

Regardless of the comparison, they are subjective. With 225 and 245, these two tires will have many different points. However, in terms of quality, both reach perfection. Each type of tire will have other design characteristics. Therefore, the intended use of 225 and 245 will be fundamentally different.

Rim size

The rim sizes of 225 and 245 tires will be different. Specifically, 225 tire rims will have a width of 7 – 8.5 inches. And the 245 rim width will be 7.5 – 9 inches. This difference will affect the vehicle type and vehicle structure of the car manufacturers.


225 tires are suitable for vehicles with small loads. As for the 245 tires, it is ideal for heavy vehicles with large loads. Therefore, how many car manufacturers will choose 225 instead of 245. Because that choice will help their car operate with the best performance.

Tire circumference

Tire circumference is the following difference between 225 and 245 tires. Specifically, with 225, this tire has a circumference of 81.59mm. With 245, it has a circumference of 83.82 mm.

Rolling resistance

Rolling resistance will directly affect the vehicle’s fuel economy. Choosing the bumper between the wheel and the road surface will change the amount of energy the engine needs to supply to the wheel. 

The 225 tire has a lower rolling resistance than the 245. However, these two tires generally have a pretty small rolling resistance. Therefore, they all can save fuel effectively.

Number of revolutions

The number of revolutions per Mile of the 225 tires is 800.85/ml. As for the 245 tires, the number of courses on the Mile is 779.85/ml.

Baffle height

With 225 tires, it has a baffle height of 3.99 inches. As for the 245, it has a baffle height of 4.34 inches.


The highest number of revolutions/miles of the 225 tire is 776.52 km, the average is 482.51 km. The highest rpm of the 245 tires is 755.9 km, the standard is 469.69 km.

Tire Lifespan 225 and 245

There are many questions: “What is the life of 225 and 245 tires?” You will not be able to determine the exact life of these 2 tires. 

However, you can estimate their uptime. On average, the service life for 225 tires and 245 tires to work well is about 2-4 years. However, when tires are corroded (what would cause a tire to wear on the outside) due to some environmental factors, their lifespan may be reduced.


Can you use 245 tires on 225 rims and vice versa?

The answer is NO because each type of tire will have its size. Therefore, any variation between the details of 225 and 245 is lame. If you intentionally replace them, their quality and performance will not be guaranteed.

Of the 225 and 245, which is wider?

The 245 will be wider than the 225. This size difference will also affect its intended use. Specifically, 225 tires will be suitable for light vehicles with small loads. As for the 245 tires, it will be ideal for heavy cars with large loads.

Is the 245 more extensive than the 255?

255 tires will have a larger size than 245 tires. Specifically, they will differ in rim size, tire circumference, number of revolutions, mileage/mile.


Hopefully, the article will help you better understand 225 and 245 tires. It can be that both 225 and 245 are the 2 best quality tires today. 

Because the quality and design of the tires allow them to work effectively on many different types of vehicles. At the same time, the service life of the two is at a high threshold compared to other tire lines. On average, their service life is from 2-4 years. 

However, to ensure the performance and working ability of the 245 vs 225, you will need to regularly check and maintain them regularly at reputable car repair garages.

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