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5.7 hemi spark plugs

5.7 Hemi Spark Plugs: How It Works!

The 5.7 engine, like other engines, is equipped with a spark plug system. Their job is to provide an electric spark to ignite the fuel inside the combustion chamber. Moreover, spark plugs also help dissipate heat in the combustion chamber to the cooling system.

However, for the first time or learning about spark plugs, some people will be very hesitant in choosing the steps in the spark plug replacement process for 5.7 hemi.

This article will help you better understand the type of spark plugs of 5.7 Hemi and how to replace them quickly and cost-effectively.

How to Change 5.7 Hemi Spark Plugs?

A spark plug is a part of the ignition system and helps the engine operate at total capacity. 

At the same time, the detail is responsible for creating an electric fire between the center electrode and the grounding side electrode, which ignites the mixture of air and fuel from the carburetor loaded in the combustion chamber. 

The operation takes place with a compression pressure of up to 50 kg/cm2 and about 2,500 degrees Celsius.

The 5.7 engine can have up to 16 spark plugs with 8 cylinders. It means each cylinder has 2 spark plugs.

It would help if you prepared some essential tools before starting to replace spark plugs.

  • A ratchet socket wrench
  • Extension bar
  • Spark plug socket
  • Spark distance meter or sensor gauge

The steps taken include the steps detailed below:

  • Step 1: Remove the airbox and air duct
  • Step 2: Remove the hose clamp
  • Step 3: Remove the air filter
  • Step 4: Access the ignition coil
  • Step 5: Passenger area
  • Step 6: Remove the coil
  • Step 7: Remove Spark Plug
  • Step 8: Install the new spark plug
  • Step 9: Reinstall the coil
  • Step 10: Reconnect the coils

how many spark plugs does a 5.7 hemi have

How Many Spark Plugs Does a 5.7 Hemi Have?

Prices will vary depending on the product you need to replace and your vehicle type.

If you can replace the spark plugs yourself at home, the cost you need to spend on parts is between $110 and $120. Furthermore, if you can’t work from home and need to go to a repair shop, you must spend an extra $142 to $180.

Spark plug replacement is essential to the vehicle’s performance, speed, and response. Therefore, you need to replace and repair them periodically to have the safest and most stable vehicle use experience.

3 Spark Plugs for 5.7 Hemi

Mopar Chrysler Jeep Dodge

Mopar Chrysler Jeep Dodge Spark Plugs many experts and longtime car users highly appreciate Mopar. It has a sturdy design and neat bundles of products. The most significant advantage of this type of spark plug is that it helps you extend your mileage, and the spark plug life is relatively large.

The Mopar Chrysler Jeep Dodge Spark Plugs Mopar is great if you have a truck because they work well with these vehicles. Please note, however, that your car is compatible with the Mopar Chrysler Jeep Dodge Spark Plugs Mopar.

The manufacturer recommends using the product for ram dodge 1500 5.7 Hemi. If you have a car with the above engine, you should buy this product.

Bosch Automotive 8162 Double Platinum

If you have a 5.7 engine, you should highly try the Bosch Automotive 8162 Double Platinum Spark Plug. An exciting feature of the products is that they will behave differently for different machines.

However, the Bosch Automotive 8162 Double Platinum Spark Plug is highly efficient for high-performance vehicles, especially the 5.7 Hemi. It means they are suitable for your engine to help your car start faster and move more stable.

Moreover, the vehicle’s speed will also increase, the response is faster. In particular, spark plugs allow you to use them for a long time after replacing them.

NGK LZFR5C-11 Spark Plug

NGK or Autolite can produce the optimal spark needed to start the engine. The product is one of the indispensable components for spark plugs for 5.7 Hemi. Moreover, you need to buy a product that is not too high and is very suitable for 5.7 Hemi. Designs with dynamic structural errors, their lifespan will also be not small.


How often should spark plugs be changed?

The average distance you need to replace spark plugs is every 30,000 to 60,000 miles.

The market currently has two types of spark plugs: long-life spark plugs and ordinary spark plugs. The long-life type is usually made of platinum or iridium, which helps to last longer. You only need to change it every 60,000 to 150,000 miles. The product should normally be changed every 30,000 to 50,000 miles.

In high-performance cars, spark plugs need more work, so they should be replaced regularly. Thus, the replacement factors can affect the vehicle’s brand, engine, and performance.

Early replacement of spark plugs also saves you from unnecessary risks when moving.

Can I use Iridium spark plugs in a 5.7 Hemi?

Definitely yes! ACDelco Professional Iridium Spark Plugs 41-993 is the brand’s best 5.7L engine. Iridium has a small but highly efficient design that makes the machine stable and smooth. The speed will also increase rapidly after the car starts.

Can you replace spark plugs yourself?

You can do it yourself at home in about an hour if your car has a four-cylinder engine. At the same time, you will also save about $100 instead of taking it to a repair shop.

Moreover, this job is also straightforward to help maintain the highest performance and save as much gas as possible.


The article has given information about 5.7 Hemi spark plugs, how to replace them, and the cost you need to spend. Replacing spark plugs is a simple job you can do yourself at home, saving you more money if you take it to a repair shop.

You also need to regularly check and maintain the engine and details to help the car operate stably and safely in many different conditions.

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