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5000k Vs 6000k

Which Is Brighter 5000K Or 6000K? [Let’s Compare]

Although you have chosen the right brand of headlights for your vehicle, you continue to wonder between 5000k vs 6000k: Which is better for you?

In fact, both of these headlights are reputable and worthy of being rivals. What matters is which one will suit you and your car better.

Main Features Of 5000k

The color contrast of 5000k can be compared with daylight white light. In practice, however, the temperature of engineered LEDs is less intact than the white nature of natural sunlight.

The 5000k light is rated on par with the Silverstar Ultra. Because it allows better visibility than both headlights and taillights, even in the darkest night. The range between white and yellow of this lamp has helped you with that vision.

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Mini LED light

You may think that mini bulbs with small sizes will not be powerful enough, but reality proves that 5000k is not so. In fact, 5000k has brought tremendous performance effects.

Not only that, the small size of the ball makes it easier and convenient to replace and will not cause much damage if traveling on bad roads.

360-degree beam pattern

The next 5000k feature that might impress you is the 360-degree beam pattern. This shape will give you the ability to see overall coverage instead of having trouble starting your wheels on both sides.

Especially in panic and confusion, if you don’t look carefully, you can be dangerous and cause an accident.

So, it can be that the 5000k’s ​​360-degree panoramic view will ensure more safety for you and your family when moving. In addition, this type of guitar can still maintain its minimum brightness if a car dies while driving accidentally on the road.

Headlights and taillights

Another feature that makes this lamp so popular is that it can be available in front and rear. Even though it’s only mounted on the front and back, it still has full-face coverage because, as mentioned, it has a 360-degree field of view.

You won’t have to worry if you have a guide pair because the active pairs will give you enough light to do all the work and go anywhere.


It can be that too bright light is the advantage of 5000k, but this is also its disadvantage. This light intensity may be good enough for you, while it will also distract other people on the road, especially those walking behind or in front.

Because it’s too bright, it can cause a colorblind shock to the people around and cause them to panic and lose control. On the road, the loss of power will be hazardous and can cause an accident; if it is light, it will only scratch, and if it is severe, it can lead to death.

Of course, unlike interior car lights, car headlights will usually automatically turn off if the engine stops suddenly.

Main Features Of 6000k

If you think 5000k is too bright for your eyes, 6000k might be the perfect choice for you. In a nutshell, if 5000k gives you white light, it has a slight blue and purple tinge to reduce overexposure.

Like the Silverstar Zxe, 6000k with higher temperature looks bluer in light, and the cold white of the ice will help soothe your eyes. Because according to science, the higher the LED temperature, the more dismal and softer the LED will become.

Therefore, 6000k will not penetrate the eye and affect people on the road when moving or pulling the brake.

Sufficient lighting of the car allows you to still see on the road to move without disturbing people around.

So, if you want to own a complete version that allows you to move and not harm your eyes, 6000k is the perfect choice for you.


Like 5000k, light color is also the limitation of 6000k. In particular, its ​​blue-biased colors and ice-cold white effect can be easily mixed and masked during snowfall, dense fog, or heavy rain.

At that time, the soft light of 6000k will not penetrate to illuminate and notify people around when moving.
Therefore, in the short winter days, if you are not careful and look closely, you will not be able to ensure the safety of yourself and those around you.

5000k Vs 6000k Comparison

5000k or 6000k


5000k and 6000k, which is brighter? The main answer is 5000k. 5000k is much brighter than 6000k because the lower LED temperature makes its light whiter and more eye-catching but easier to affect people around.

In contrast, with 6000k lights with higher LED temperatures, dim light will make moving at night or in harsh weather conditions difficult.

Marked point

As the above analysis shows, both these lamps have different pros and cons. So, consider and choose them to suit your needs.

If you are looking for a strong, white light lamp, you should choose 5000k. This light is also legal and complies with the regulations of the Department of Transport, so you can use it with confidence when traveling on the road.

On the contrary, in case you want the light to be softer, not annoying to the viewer, then 6000k is suitable for you. However, it would help if you also considered weather conditions when using them. In times of dust, dense fog or snow, or heavy rain, you will have to look for a more robust solution.

Both of these lights can be used with Roadwire and Katzkin (Roadwire và Katzkin) in the interior or exterior of any vehicle. In addition, they also have fairly large durability, ranging from 10,000 hours to 50,000 hours.

Self-contained level

If you want road safety, good performance with clear visibility, and legal, you should go for 5000k. Because with 5000k you can use it longer in all weather conditions. The 6000k should be available in interiors because its light is too blue and, in some cases, illegal.


So, through the above article, you must have got yourself the answer to the question: 5000k vs 6000k hid lights: Which is better for you? Please consider and choose for yourself the type of lamp that is suitable and gives you the best long-term effect.

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