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9005 vs H11

9005 vs H11: What Is The Main Difference?

To evaluate an overview of a car, we can rely on many different factors: style, engine, interior, features,… In addition, the light bulb system is also a criterion for buyers to evaluate how perfect the car is.

Currently, 9005 vs H11 are two types of bulbs chosen by many car manufacturers for their design. The following article will help you distinguish 2 types of 9005 bulbs with H11 and their compatibility.

What Is 9005?

The 9005 (HB3) bulb, also known as the headlight bulb, is a P20d 90° holder with a high beam function. In addition, the headlight 9005 also has the role of undercarriage (fog light) for cars.

When the manufacturer creates the 9005 to project the undercarriage, the lamp power will be lower, and the light is not as high as the 9005 headlight bulb. If you are curious about cars, you will surely come across the 9005 bulbs in many car models: Toyota Vios G, Fortuner, or Hyundai.

To understand more about the two types of bulbs, H11 and 9005, you can refer to the two-car manuals, “Chilton vs Haynes“. These are 2 books full of information related to cars that you can know. If you are someone who is not knowledgeable about cars, then you should use the Haynes book.

What Is H11?

The H11 bulb is a model that has only one filament (for Halogen lamps) and one LED eye (for LEDs). Currently, H11 is mainly produced as headlights for cars. In addition, the H11 bulb also serves as a chassis light for some vehicles like Nissan. You can refer to some models of cars using H11 lights:

Mazda: H11 as daytime lights
Nissan: H11 does both headlights, low beams, and underbody lights
Ford Ranger 2019: H11 as the tail light
Innova version from 2016: H11 as a soft light

If you are not knowledgeable about car bulbs, you will most likely be confused between the two types of bulbs, H11 and 9005. You can refer to how to distinguish the two types of bulbs below.

Difference Between 9005 And H11

9005 And H11

To distinguish between 9005 and H11, you can rely on the following 4 factors: Power, Lumen, lifetime, and beam type.

However, we cannot compare the inferiority of these two types of bulbs. Because they are all suitable quality devices, the quality and performance of the 9005 and H11 will change depending on the purpose of use.


The first feature for us to distinguish between 9005 and H11 bulbs is based on wattage. Currently, the 9005 bulb is a high beam bulb with a focal power of 65W. As for the H11 bulb with a nominal filament of 55W,


Lumen is the second difference between the 9005 and H11 bulbs. When it comes to functionality, the 9005 is the brightest. It tops the list of bulbs with a capacity of 1700 lumens. Next is the H11 bulb, which is 1200 lumens.


The lifespan of a light bulb depends on many different factors. However, we can estimate the life in the tank of each bulb.

In general, due to the design of the headlights, the manufacturer has tried to prolong the bulb’s life. For the 9005, the average life of the bulb is 50000 hours. As for the H11 bulb, the average usage time of the bulb is 30000.

Ray Type

The absolute difference between the H11 and 9005 bulbs is the light beam. Currently, the H11 bulb is a low beam bulb. The 9005 is a high beam bulb. The difference will produce the luminous power of each type of lamp.

Many people mistakenly believe that the socket compatibility of the 9005 and the H11 is the same. For each type of ball, the compatibility is different. You can refer to the compatibility of the two types of bulbs above.

Compatibility With Socket 9005 Vs H11

Can a 9005 bulb fit into an H11 socket?

The answer is yes. To do this, you need to slightly cut the notch on the 9005 bulb. You then either scrape or cut the nicks in the bulb socket. Once that’s done, you should have the 9005 bulb fixed to the H11 socket.

Can an H11 fit into a 9005 socket?

The answer is NO. Due to the different pins and sizes, you cannot use the H11 with the 9005 socket. So, it would help if you did not try to force them together. Because if you do, you may affect the quality of both types of balls.

Some Of The Best 9005 And H11 Bulbs

Currently, there are many product lines of 9005 and H11 bulbs on the market. If you are not knowledgeable about this product line, then you will most likely buy poor-quality equipment.

To avoid making mistakes when installing new bulbs, you should choose bulbs from famous brands such as Sylvania, Mars Auto, or Beamtech.


The SYLVANIA 9005 is a high beam light bulb with an output of up to 1700 lumens.


  • Stable luminous intensity, focus, and improved visibility
  • Simple installation process
  • Long service life


  • Easy to get hot

Marsauto 9005

Marsauto 9005 is a high-end lamp line with a lifespan of up to 3000 hours and a color temperature of 6000K xenon.


  • Efficient heat dissipation
  • Works well under extreme weather conditions
  • Has a long service life
  • Better illumination than almost all LEDs.


  • Sometimes the bulb appears flickering.


The Sylvania H11 bulb adopts patented upgrade technology. With this technology, the bulb will be coated with cobalt blue to help produce white light and improve brightness significantly.


  • Low energy consumption
  • Long service life
  • Stable light intensity
  • Strong filament, durable design


  • Less sustainable

Which Sylvania Headlight Is The Best?

You can refer to 3 lines of Sylvania headlights:

  • Sylvania 9006
  • Sylvania 9005
  • Sylvania H11


Hopefully, the article will help you distinguish the difference between the two types of bulbs, 9005 vs H11.
We can hardly comment on the quality of each type of bulb because each one is designed with a different purpose. If we use them for the proper sense, the bulbs will bring into full play their functions.

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