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Are Detroit Axle Parts Good

Are Detroit Axle Parts Good? Facts For Newbies

We can hardly avoid encountering problems during the operation of vehicles in general and cars in particular. It leads to the need for replacement parts to be able to return the car to regular function.

But to achieve the same stability as in the beginning, you will have to choose replacement parts from quality manufacturers, where Detroit axle is one of the brightest names today. So Are Detroit Axle Parts Good? Let’s find out in the article below.

About The Detroit Axle Brand

Detroit axle is the name of an American distributor and retailer of auto parts and aftermarket parts. This brand has been around for more than 30 years in manufacturing and producing a wide range of standard accessories such as bearings, wheel bearings, complete strut assemblies, and shock absorbers,…

But regardless no matter what kind of equipment they make, Detroit axle always ensures that the products they make are of high quality and impressive durability.

Currently, the brand is actively promoting production and distribution by expanding the scale of work from one to two warehouses. The purpose of this decision is to ensure a sufficient supply of components regardless of market fluctuations.

Is The Detroit Axle A Good Choice?

By looking at the parts that Detroit axle manufacturers make, we can conclude that this brand is worthy of our trust when buying and using its products. Because each piece of equipment, whether large and complex like a brake kit or as compact as a coupler, has impressive quality and durability and enjoys the same after-sales service and warranty. Really, there aren’t too many brands that can care about their product so profoundly, even if it’s just a simple subsection.

In addition, with more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing replacement products, the Detroit axle team is fully capable of understanding users’ needs. From there, they can make changes or adjust the supply chain to suit the market’s needs in general and each customer in particular.

Are Detroit Axle Parts Good

Are Detroit Axle Parts Good?

Detroit axle ensures every product that comes out of the factory is of excellent quality and suitable for long-term use. But to produce such high-quality components, the brand had to comply with many different standards.

Since then, each Detroit axle-branded device possesses some outstanding advantages that few brands can achieve.

The strict quality control process

It is not difficult to realize that the small auxiliary parts possess similar structural perfection from the essential details. It is all thanks to the rigorous quality control process that Detroit axle uses to ensure every product they make is impeccable.

Right from the start, from raw materials, components have to go through many different testing steps. And if even a minimal error occurs, electronic devices equipped with modern sensors will report it to the system to immediately repair or remove this defective product.

Not only that, each product is associated with a unique identifier so that the manufacturer can control problems that arise throughout the process from manufacturing to shipping and distribution.

Thanks to that, we will not have to worry too much about encountering simple or severe problems when using products from this famous brand.

Good material selection

Detroit axle has impacted their products right from selecting raw materials, one of the first and most essential steps in ensuring product quality. Instead of using pure metal, they always have modifications in terms of composition to create durable and quality details.

Quality workmanship

Every gear or coupling inside the replacement parts manufactured and distributed by Detroit axle is exact with a margin of error within a safe margin. So it’s not surprising that we can assemble these parts into vehicles in a straightforward way.

At the same time, the performance of the replacement products is not inferior to the original features, similar to how techron vs seafoam recovers the system.

Environmental Protection

Not only is it the right choice for our vehicle, but parts from Detroit axles are also eco-friendly products. Because the production process has been upgraded, thereby making the process of creating each product faster to save resources and use less hazardous solvents for the environment.

With the reduction of coolant and lubricants, the amount of waste that each component creates will also be significantly reduced.

What Parts Does The Detroit Axle Make?

What Parts Does The Detroit Axle Make

This brand produces quite a few different types of parts to serve a variety of user needs. So you can easily find components ranging from the simple like bearings and crankshaft to the complex like the Detroit-branded brake or power steering unit.

However, the company still focuses on specific features such as shock absorbers, brake systems, and transmission shafts. Therefore, we can see that comparing Detroit axle products with Bilstein 5100 vs fox 2.0 is quite common.

Where Are These Products Manufactured?

Although it is a brand from the US, its main factory is located in China. In the past, Detroit axle has operated many production lines in their home country. However, the high costs and a shortage of workers forced the company to move to China, famous for its low prices and abundant workforce.

But even if the factory is located in another country, each component quality designed and manufactured by Detroit axle remains unchanged.

Because manufacturing technology, as well as testing and management processes, are provided directly from the headquarters. Thereby it ensures that there is no deviation during the operation of the production system.

Warranty System

Indeed, the warranty system is one of the impressive advantages and is a testament to the manufacturer’s interest in customers and the products they sell.

Like many other car products such as Liqui moly and Mobil 1, the manufacturer will provide a rather long and detailed warranty program of up to 10 years for most parts.

However, some features such as the Rack and Rack, CV Shaft, and Gearbox are covered by a lifetime warranty.

Although there are differences in the warranty period, all products’ after-sales process is undoubtedly the same, and there is no distinction.

To claim for warranty, you need to return the defective parts within 90 days. A repaired part or a new replacement device will be in your hands. In addition, the customer care system of this brand is also quite responsive. So you don’t have to worry about wasting time and effort on this job.


Above is the information to help you know more about the Detroit axle brand. I hope you have learned more knowledge through today’s article to make choosing replacement parts for your car easier. But at the same time also ensure the performance of the vehicle.

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