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Are Ventilated Seats Worth It

Are Ventilated Seats Worth It? SOLVED!

As we all know, the ventilation seat is a helpful device in the car. It has air conditioning, creating a comfortable and pleasant feeling for the driver when participating in traffic. However, not all cars can be fitted with ventilated seats. Because it depends on the design and compatibility of accessories of each vehicle.

Therefore, before proceeding with the installation and how do ventilated seats work, you should carefully research your car manufacturer to know if that combination will bring the best effect or not.

What Is A Ventilated Seat?

Ventilated seats are helpful devices that are used quite commonly by car manufacturers today. It is to keep the driver’s body heat in the most stable and comfortable state.

Currently, ventilated seats have 2 main uses: heating and cooling. The AC function allows the driver to be easily adjusted to suit their needs, providing an excellent experience for every trip.

Ventilated seats are of folding material, allowing hot or cold air to pass from the center to the driver and surrounding passengers. Inside the chair are fans that are properly for the best air circulation.

A unique feature of this modern device is the ability to release air. Instead of trapping heat on the mattress, it can transfer heat through the seat and out into the environment. This is the plus point of ventilated seats compared to other air-conditioning equipment, ensuring that the driver always feels comfortable during the journey.

Currently, the problem of “Installing ventilated seats” is still a question that many automobile manufacturers are particularly interested in. They know that the integration of new technology will affect product design and cost.

Therefore, some companies still choose regular seats instead of ventilated seats. So what is the difference between a non-ventilated chair and a ventilated chair?

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The Difference Between Ventilated And Non-ventilated Seats

We can easily distinguish between ventilated and non-ventilated seats based on their design. Ventilated seats have an additional air-conditioning fan system, and non-ventilated centers do not.

Ventilated seat device keeps the back and seating area in the most comfortable and ideal condition. In particular, in hot or cold weather, the “miracle” chair will maximize its use.

However, some people feel uncomfortable when the wind blows on their back. It will be a bad experience if they have some bone disease. Therefore, they tend to prefer using non-ventilated seats.

Thus, before deciding to install a ventilated chair, you should use a combination of both types of chairs to see which device suits you best.

Many drivers have recently asked the question, “should I buy a car with ventilated seats.” The answer is yes.

Although it still has some disadvantages, ventilated seats are still the new technology that provides the best user experience.

Are Ventilated Seats Worth It?

Are Ventilated Seats Worth It?

The line of cars with integrated ventilated seats will bring a lot of benefits to you.

  • Add a luxurious look to the car
  • Air conditioning, health protection for drivers and passengers
  • Create a feeling of comfort and relaxation for the driver

You can refer to some typical examples below to know the real use of ventilated seats.

As you prepare to work on a winter morning, the outdoor temperature can reach negative values. Ventilated seats will help keep your car warm, ensuring a stable temperature so you can drive safely.

Or, when in hot weather, your car is lying in the parking lot without a roof. So how to cool the seats before you get in the car. Ventilated seats will help you do that. With the ability to cool quickly, stable air conditioning, you will not feel heat shock when changing the environment.

You can refer to some car manufacturers that now have built-in ventilated seats.

Some Automakers Use Ventilated Seats

Currently, many car manufacturers choose ventilated seat solutions to improve the quality of their cars. Because the manufacturer knows that the luxurious interior and intelligent design will give customers trust, thereby stimulating users to buy and use the product.

  • Acura RDX and MDX.
  • BMW M340i and 540i.
  • Lexus UX 200 and ES 350.
  • Nissan Frontier and Altima.
  • Buick Encore and Envision.
  • Chevrolet Impala and Corvette.
  • Ford Mustang Ecoboost and Escape.
  • Honda HR-V and Civic Hatchback.
  • Hyundai Tucson and Sonata.
  • Land Rover Range Rover.

Are There Any Downsides To Ventilated Seats?

Ventilated seats have the disadvantage of emitting noise in specific versions. However, the moderate noise level does not affect the driving process and the radio speaker’s ability to broadcast. For some people who prefer the quiet, it can be a little of a hindrance.

In addition, not all ventilated seats can work well in the exact vehicle. If you do not choose the correct ventilated seats, it will become a drawback for your car. Because the amount of air will not swing to keep the backs of the driver and passengers comfortable.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Do ventilated seats make a difference?

Ventilated seats will create a comfortable feeling for the driver during the journey. Even in hot weather, you still feel relaxed even if the air is not cooled. If you don’t have ventilated seats, you can purchase additional seat cushions that plug into your car’s electrical system.

What does a ventilated seat do?

Ventilated seats blow air into the compartments. The wind blows over the cooling surface before entering the center. Perforations in the middle will allow air to reach the occupants more conveniently.

Can ventilated seats be added to a car?

The answer is yes. You can completely install the ventilated seat system in cars such as BMW, Ford, Honda, Audi,… However, if you do not choose the correct ventilated seat, it will not maximize its operational productivity.


Hopefully, the article will help you have the most overview of the ventilated seat system. Each type of vehicle will be suitable for each different seat version. Therefore, to promote the chair’s full performance, you should learn carefully about your car company before proceeding with the installation.

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