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Audi VIN Lookup

Similar to modern trackers, the vehicle identification number (VIN) is like the blueprint or fingerprint of your car.

If you currently or decided to own an Audi vehicle, an Audi VIN Lookup allows you to discover additional facts which you have never heard of.

It could provide further information that is not discussed by your dealer. Scan for more details below on how to conduct an Audi VIN Lookup.

What is an Audi VIN?

The Audi VIN is a one-of-a-kind code given to each vehicle produced by the Audi Company. It comprises a combination of 17 letters and numbers that is categorized with a meaning.

Every car has a different vehicle identification number (VIN) so there are no chances of repeated codes. The VIN has a global format instigated by the ISO institute.

Looking up to the VIN, allows users and potential buyers to secure the validity of the chosen car. It exposes all details from the car history, past accidents, specifications, line of ownership, etc.

What does the Audi VIN contain?

The 17 digits and letters from Audi VIN represent the following: World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI), Vehicle Descriptor Section (VDS), and the Vehicle Identifier Section (VIS).

The World Manufacturer Identifier or WMI is placed on the first, second, and third sections of the vehicle identification number.

The first section signifies the manufacturer of the vehicle. The second section signifies the country or location it is produced. The third section signifies the vehicle type.

The Vehicle Descriptor Section or VDS represents the specs of the vehicle from the fourth to ninth section. This includes the date of production, type of car, its model, internal specs, license details, state of issuance, and vehicle identification number (VIN).

The Vehicle Identifier Section or VIS represents the 10th to 17th section of the code. It consists of the car’s model and year sometimes, the assembly plant of the car, and the serial number.

Note that there are no fixed standard characters, but they have the same format for the code designation.

Where to locate the VIN?

Generally, the vehicle identification number is usually printed either at the dashboard, on the side door, or in the engine block.

By staring at the driver’s dashboard, you can observe printed characters. Though it is not clear, it is suggested to step outside and face the car to see the VIN.

Aside from that, take a glance at the area between the driver’s side door and the connection to the vehicle where you can read another printed VIN.

If the vehicle identification number is not found in the mentioned locations, try the engine blocks.

Look behind the hood, observe the printed VIN on the side of the glove box just nearby the spare wheel. The last option would be under the driver’s seat, however, it is too unusual.

How to decode the VIN?

As stated earlier, each character signifies specific information about your Audi vehicle. The first thing to do is to identify the VIN and list it down.

Next is to go to this site Audi VIN Decoder – VinCheck.info to avail easy and free decoding. This site provides free information aside from its specs, it will reveal other secrets behind your car.

Further info contains the model, theft records, salvage auction records, sales records, accident records, flood check records, market value status ownership cost, its data sources, and at the bottom part its overall summary records.

Is it necessary to check the Audi VIN?

Practically speaking, it is important to check the VIN of any car before or after purchasing. For example, if you have an Audi vehicle, monitoring the VIN helps you identify the following.

First of all, you can acquire data such as the specs. Apart from it, in situations where you need repairs, you can identify through the VIN a list of matching parts needed.

Furthermore, the legal documents related to the vehicle may be shown too such as the license, plate numbers, etc.
And most especially, checking the Audi VIN with the use of a decoder identifies stolen, fake, or damaged cars that you could accidentally buy.

Check a decoder site online like the cited Audi VIN Decoder – VinCheck.info to scan the reports related to Audi vehicles.


So, there you have it, start to check your car’s VIN and do an Audi VIN Lookup. Check the recommended site to see the full details easily.

For the last reminder, if the data gathered seemed off and incomparable, there is a big chance that your car’s VIN is fake. Better confront the dealer and legal authorities to clarify.

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