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B5 S4 Slave Cylinder DIY

SOLVED! B5 S4 Slave Cylinder DIY

The B5 S4 is said to be the hot version of the first-generation Audi A4. It seems to be one of the most high-performing standard engines and is considered a luxury car.

However, our concern here is the slave cylinder. There are several requests on how to repair or replace the B5 S4 Slave Cylinder through DIY (Do it yourself).

So, if you need to replace the B5 S4 slave cylinder, continue to scroll underneath to read the process.

What are the signs of a damaged B5 S4 slave cylinder?

The most common sign that signifies a broken clutch slave cylinder is when it leaks. As the seal is damaged, the air can freely enter the clutch system that affects the clutch system.

Moreover, other related signs of damaged clutch slave cylinders are abnormal pedals for clutch, low level or contaminated brake fluid, leakage on the engine bay, and inability to change gears while driving.

Can a B5 S4 slave cylinder get damaged without leaking?

Of course, the slave cylinder can get damaged without seeing any leakage of fluids.

Since it has a piston inside and various channels for a low and high-pressure line, and a return line. In addition, the site for slave cylinders could vary depending on the car manufacturer.

Is it allowed to drive with a bad slave cylinder?

Generally, you can still drive for a short period knowing that you have a damaged slave cylinder. However, when it leaks, your clutch pedal begins to soften or sink on the floor when depressed.

Therefore, even if there is a chance of driving, it’s considered dangerous to continue without checking or repairing because you might not be able to shift gears properly.

How long does a slave cylinder last?

The clutch slave cylinder is placed either on the internal or external structure of the transmission. As the engine applies hydraulic pressure, it releases a rod to connect to the clutch pressure plate which then provides access to switch gears.

The lifespan of your car or car parts is influenced by how you handle them. If your Audi S4 is harshly used and does not undergo annual examinations, it will deteriorate over time.

When the slave cylinder deteriorates whenever the clutch is depressed, things progress negatively on other parts of the car.

How to replace a B5 S4 slave cylinder by yourself?

Now if you need to replace a clutch slave cylinder with ease, follow the steps below.

For the first step, remove the coolant reservoir, followed by unscrewing Philips screw, then unclip its hose, and set it aside.

Step 2, look for the set of Allen sockets. Its size may vary from 6mm to 8mm depending on the type of vehicle.

Step 3, Stretch your arms to touch the engine bay. From there, you should notice the texture of tranny and be able to locate the slave. Since it is positioned at the top, feel the bolt that holds it in place.

Remember that it was sealed with Blue Loctite which fastens metal together. It requires patience because it is quite hard to remove if you do not have the proper tools.

Step 4, you can start pulling out the slave but only very slowly. Plus ensure not to break the rubber.

Step 5, observe the pulled slave. Look into its small bleeder screw cover. Remove it and make sure not to lose the up washer because it will be needed later.

Step 6, pry the small metal tab that keeps the slave and hydraulic line connected. Use a small-size flathead driver to conveniently access.

In continuation to step 6, this move must be quick and smooth. Quickly pull off the line with a flathead driver, then the rubber grommet should be slipped onto the line to prevent leakage of fluid.

Step 7, grab the slave. Guarantee that it is dried up whether the slave is old, new, or whatever is available. Since the slave needs to be compressed by bare hands, it is much easier to perform once it’s dry.

Step 8, apply lubricant into the slave then put it inside the hole. Just like earlier, use the same tools and apply also some Blue Loctite for security. Avoid cross-threading, so it is best to initially perform by hand.

Step 9, remove the grommet from the hydraulic line. Stick the grommet into the slave, but make sure to do it fast.
Lastly, push the metallic retaining tab. Return things to their places and see if they worked.


Remember that the slave cylinder is one of the many important parts that complete your car. Do not neglect any signs if you have noticed them.

The steps for B5 S4 Slave Cylinder DIY are quite easy, you just need to have the right tools and spend some time. But, seek help from a professional if you cannot properly follow the process discussed.

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