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Bakflip G2 Vs Mx4

Bakflip G2 Vs MX4: Which One Best Suit Your Car?

As you know, the tonneau cover is one of the details that appear commonly in pickup trucks. It has the effect of protecting the trunk and tools inside from environmental factors. Currently, there are two widely used tonneau covers, G2 and MX4. Both of these covers are from Bakflip. The following article will give you an overview of Bakflip G2 vs MX4.

Difference Between Bakflip G2 Vs Mx4

To compare two tonneau covers, you can rely on the following 4 factors.

The Core

As you know, both G2 vs Mx4 tonneau covers have excellent bearing capacity. With the Mx4, it can withstand weight up to 400 pounds. The impact force will be evenly distributed over the top surface of the board. 

Therefore, you will not need to worry too much about the bearing capacity of the Mx4. When a heavy object presses on the board’s surface, the force will be evenly distributed to the sides.

As for the tonneau G2 cover, it can hold up to 300 pounds of weight. This number is relatively large compared to a ton of ordinary cardboard. The force acting on the G2 shield will also minimize cracking and break the cover during use.

Thus, it can be that the Mx4 tonneau cover has better weight resistance than G2. Therefore, if you often have to work with heavy objects, taking advantage of a tonneau Mx4 card is the best choice for you.

Tailgate Seal

Most bin lids now require you to close the door after opening the lid. However, the tonneau G2 cover is different, and you can complete the rear door even when the top is open or closed. Besides, the Mx4 is not capable of doing so. It’s the same as any other regular truck. You can only close the door after the lid opens because the rear door seal of the Mx4 overlaps the car’s rear door.

Product Warranty

Although the Bakflip brand manufactures both the Mx4 and G2. However, the warranties of these two types of shields are different. Specifically, the tonneau Mx4 cover will have a 2-year warranty. 

As for the G2, it will have a 3-year warranty. This difference will affect the price difference of these 2 products. Even so, both panels are excellent products. Therefore, you can choose any of them depending on your needs.


The material of both tonneau Mx4 and G2 covers is aluminum. In addition, they also use powder coating technology that allows the color to stick longer on aluminum surfaces. This technology will enable Bakflip to solve two problems: improve the aesthetic value and product quality. 

The tonneau cover will have a high gloss, scratch resistance and keep the color stable in aesthetic value. In terms of quality, it will help protect the aluminum sheet from chemical reactions with substances in the environment.

Bakflip has produced many different versions of the tonneau cover. Therefore, the comparison of the quality of the users is inevitable. Not only G2 vs Mx4 but F1 vs Mx4 (bakflip f1 vs mx4) is also a topic that many people are interested in today. These two tonneau covers will also have different points based on the above 4 criteria.

Bakflip G2 Vs MX4

Problems Related To Bakflip G2 And Mx4

The majority of the Bakflip Mx4 are its inability to be fully waterproof. At that time, water will overflow into the car’s trunk and leak out to the sides. Meanwhile, the box does not have a built-in drainage system so that most water will flow in an unknown direction. Then, in some cases, water can flow into the engine’s internal components. Specifically, it can pour into the oil tank, causing fuel dilution. At that time, your car will appear difficult to start even when the gas tank is full. Therefore, manufacturers should overcome this limitation to ensure the safety of users’ cars.

As for Bakflip G2, it also has a similar case with Mx4. Although the manufacturer advertises the tonneau cover as 100% waterproof, it still gets wet when the rain is too heavy.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weight of bakflip g2 vs mx4?

Both G2 vs Mx4 cards weigh about 71 pounds in terms of weight. It will be pretty heavy with such a weight if you carry it alone. To ensure the whole cover during the move, you should ask for the support of another member.

What is the warranty period of bakflip g2 vs mx4?

The warranty period of G2 vs Mx4 will be different. Specifically, the warranty period of the Mx4 is 2 years, and the G2 is 3 years. This difference will affect the price difference of the two tonneau G2 and Mx4 covers. 

However the two products are of excellent quality, but they differ in their bearing capacity. Therefore, depending on users’ needs, you can choose a suitable set of products for yourself.

Does Bakflip g2 vs mx4 have the ability to protect cars from UV rays?

Both Bakflip G2 vs Mx4 can effectively protect cars from UV rays. Besides, these two covers will help your vehicle minimize scratches during use. Why is it so capable? Because both G2 and Mx4 use electrostatic paint with good gloss and adhesion.

What color tonneau cover does Bakflip g2 vs mx4 have?

All Bakflip tonneau covers are black. And G2 and Mx4 are not within the exception wall. These 2 covers differ only in gloss. Specifically, Mx4, after finishing, will have a matte black color. As for the G2, it will have a glossy black finish.


Hopefully, the article will help you better understand the cover of tonneau G2 vs Mx4. Both are product lines of the Bakflip brand. G2 vs Mx4 is currently 2 tonneau sheets capable of performing exceptionally well when it can bear weight up to 400 pounds. In addition, a limitation is that both of these covers are not water-resistant as expected. 

When the amount of water is too much, it will penetrate to the bottom of the car. Therefore, the Bakflip manufacturer should receive this feedback from the customer and resolve the limitation as soon as possible.

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