Best backup cameras for travel trailers 2021

Best backup cameras for travel trailers

Best backup cameras for travel trailers 2021 for cars are useful devices. Some drivers may have trouble reversing their vehicles so they need to have a camera to know what is behind them. Other times, the car is large which makes it easy to miss objects at the rear due to blind spots. If you are in a similar circumstance, the top 5 best cameras for cars may help you.

Even if you are an excellent driver, you may find yourself in less-than-ideal circumstances at times. For example, you may be forced to maneuver your car in a dark and crowded area.Best wireless backup camera will still detect the various objects despite the low visibility. This makes it less risky to maneuver the car even when reversing.

Aside from those mentioned already, the best aftermarket backup camera have even more features. In this article, we will explore those features one by one. At the end of this, hopefully, you should be able to find the backup camera for cars that suits your needs.

Top 5 Best backup cameras for travel trailers 2021 on the market

Here, we present the best backup cameras for a truck, for car, or any vehicle. We list out the reasons and features that each of them has to make it easier for you to choose and buy one.

1. AUTO-VOX M1W Wireless Backup Kit

Let us start with a humble product. If you are not familiar with backup cameras, the AUTO-VOX T2 is a solid pick to try out. AUTO-VOX is a trusted company that has produced many reliable backup cameras. Not only that, but the simple design of this product is suited for those new to the industry.

Easy installation

The best backup cameras appear mounted on the license plate. And, yes, most of them indeed are. It is the same for the AUTO-VOX M1W. To install, first, you only need to mount the backup camera on the plate and connect it to the taillight. Lastly, connect the monitor to the cigarette lighter or radio. That’s it!

Budget Price

The reason why it is a good beginner camera is due to its cheap price. Since it’s durable and waterproof, you will not need to replace it anytime soon. Despite that, the backup camera performs reasonably well.

Additional Features

You can allow the AUTO-VOX M1W to show guidelines when reversing. The camera also turns on automatically when backing which makes it convenient.

• Easy to install
• Durable and water-proof
• Fairly cheap
• Useful night vision and gridline feature

• 4.3-inch display

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2. AUTO-VOX W2 – Premium Choice

Yet another model from AUTO-VOX, this is arguably one of best wireless backup camera devices in the market. It’s a cheap camera with a high-quality monitor. The camera is recommended for small cars that do not too much viewing angle.

Fast and Accurate Wireless Transmission

One of the usual problems of mediocre wireless cameras is signal strength and reliability. This is not the case with the AUTO-VOX W2 camera. The sensors pick up rear objects quite fast and then transmit it in real-time. You cannot ask more from its performance.

TFT Monitor

The biggest advantage of the W2 model over the M1W is its TFT monitor. TFT monitors are better in almost every aspect when compared to LCD monitors.

Glare from sunlight, for example, is a very common problem when outdoors. TFT monitors limit this glare to a minimum. Therefore, if you value clear, high-quality displays, the W2 is likely for you.

Other Features

The other features of the W2 model do not differ too much over the M1W camera. It has night-vision capabilities, and it also shows guidelines. The camera is temperature resistant as well as being waterproof. Lastly, the price is still reasonably cheap so it is a value buy.

• Intelligent sensors
• High-quality TFT Monitors
• Reasonable price
• Strong night vision capabilities
• Low 110-degree viewing angle

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3. Furrion Vision S -(Top Pick)

For our third backup camera, we go away from the AUTO-VOX models. Furrion Vision S is an excellent model. If we ignore its price, this could very well be the best backup camera for cars in the market. Furrion went all out on its features and quality so you can much from it.

Strong Sensor and Signal Strength

The range of its signal can reach up to a staggering 150 meters. This makes it suitable for basically any kind of vehicle whether it’s a small car or a giant loading truck. The sensors respond quite fast upon detection of any kind of movement behind the vehicle. The transmission is equally as hasty and prompt.

Excellent-Quality Camera and Monitors

Image and video quality are naturally important for backup cameras. You will find that the Furrion Vision S offers excellent-quality devices in its camera system kit. The best part of this is that the monitor can come in different sizes. It’s up to you whether to get the 4.3-inch screen or the 7-inch wide monitor.

Additional Features

Aside from being high-quality, the monitors are also anti-glare to protect against daytime driving difficulties. If driving at night, the night vision capabilities of the camera comes in handy. Along with the strong motion sensors, you can rest assured that you will be extra safe when driving.

• Long-range wireless signal
• High-sensitivity motion sensor
• Numerous monitor size options
• Anti-glare high-quality monitors and camera
• Relatively expensive
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4. AUTO-VOX CS-2 Backup Camera Kit – (Great Value)

Now we are back at cheap yet reliable territory as we present yet another model from our trusty company AUTO-VOX. The third model from AUTO-VOX is similarly excellent with the same cool features with some tweaks and twists.


This particular model focuses on stability rather than versatility. The signal is not as strong as other models, and the viewing angle is only 110-120 degrees, so it’s less useful on trucks. To make up for that, however, the picture the monitor shows is always very stable and clear. The wireless signal is smooth and sensors never fail or flicker. Additionally, they are durable and waterproof.

Guideline Options

You have three guideline configurations that you can make depending on the size of your car. This further improves parking safety and comfort.

Ease of Installation

Everything necessary is provided to the users to make installation easier. The model pack comes with a module to guide you step-by-step in the process. It even comes with clips and fasteners to make sure the camera and monitor are secured tightly in place without needing additional efforts on your part.

• Stable wireless transmission
• Reliable sensors
• Economical
• Easy to install
• May not be optimal on large trucks due to medium signal range and low viewing angles
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5. DohonesBest Digital Wireless Backup Camera

If you are an owner of a large vehicle, then maybe the AUTO-VOX CS-2 may not be suited to your needs. On the other hand, this DohonesBest backup camera is specifically suited for trucks, RVs, and other huge wheelers.

Signal Strength and Range

This model claims to have a signal strength that stretches up to 450ft or approximately 137m in open spaces. This number is almost comparable to that of the Furrion Vision S albeit slightly weaker.

Wide Viewing Angles

If it is just about the signal, then it is hard to justify the product being specifically made for giant vehicles. Hence, aside from signal strength, this backup camera also offers a wider maximum viewing angle of 150 degrees. In correspondence to that, the camera kit includes a 7-inch monitor that shows a wide area in the rear.

Budget Price

The specs of this model are impressive at first glance. However, its actual biggest advantage comes from the price. Despite the high-quality parts, the price remains reasonably low. It is definitely worthy of the title as a part of the top best wireless backup cameras.


The IP96k waterproof rating of this product is worth noting. It is the best one out of all the products in this list.

• Impressive signal strength
• Wide 150-degree viewing angles
• Reasonably priced
• IP69K waterproof rating
• Not optimal for small cars
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Best Backup Camera 2021 Buying Guide and FAQs

If you are new to buying backup cameras, this part of the article may help you decide which model to buy. Here is a list of the most important factors that you need to consider when assessing the different products or models.


The sensors are the most important part of the backup camera. The sensors will determine how fast the camera can detect and capture the movement in the rear. It also affects the quality of the image displayed on the monitor. Highly sensitive sensors are always a must-have for backup cameras.

Signal and Transmission

Even if the sensors are high-quality, if it cannot transmit its information properly and quickly to the monitor, it will be useless. At the worst-case scenario, accidents may happen if the transmission is delayed.

Signal range, on the other hand, is especially important to take note of if you are driving large trucks and other huge vehicles.

If the transmission process is not wireless, just the wire or cable length is already a valid concern. Therefore, you should consider those if you plan on buying one.


The clearer and more accurate the picture displayed is, the better. This is the main responsibility of the monitor. It is important to consider that the sensors and the signal will not matter if you cannot see what is being shown clearly. You may want to put a high emphasis on this especially if you have eye problems.

The anti-glare feature is also a huge factor. Sunlight glare can sometimes be too much, so having this feature will save you.

Viewing Angles

This is the metric that identifies how wide your camera can see in the back. As long as the camera and monitor can handle it, the wider the viewing angles, the better is. Be careful, however, because sometimes wide angles just blur the picture. Therefore, camera quality comes hand-in-hand with its angle range.

Ease of Installation

This will not be a problem for the most part since the best backup cameras appear easy to install. Furthermore, models usually go with installation manuals upon purchase. However, if you are new to installing backup cameras, it is worth keeping a note of it.

Guide lines

The best backup cameras may provide guide lines when trying to park. Some models have this feature automatically while others may require you to manually turn them on. If you are having troubles parking in a tight spot, this feature will be very useful to have.

Night Vision

Night vision is almost a requirement already when it comes to backup cameras. Therefore, the competition is in how well the camera and the sensors will be able to perform in dark areas.

Unfortunately, night vision is not an easy metric to measure without testing it yourself. We only recommend that you immediately test the camera’s night vision capabilities as soon as possible upon installing it and take note as to how good it is. You do not want to drive one night and realize the camera is not working properly.


Since you would also want to use the camera while it’s raining, it is a requirement to have a certain level of waterproofing to ensure that your backup camera does not break easily. Fortunately, all of the top 5 best backup cameras 2021 has achieved this waterproof level and they are quite durable.


Price is something that you definitely should not overlook. You do not necessarily need to buy the most expensive backup camera. However, some expensive models, like the Furrion Vision S, are totally worth its price. The trick is to make sure that you are getting the maximum value out of your purchase.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do wireless backup cameras work well?

Yes. Wireless backup cameras do work quite well as long as the quality is good. All of the top 5 best backup cameras have excellent wireless transmission so there is nothing to worry about.

Q2. Can I leave my backup camera on all the time?

Yes, as long as you configure them to be so. There are three ways to do this:
1. Ignition connection – this is the most popular method. You simply connect the system to the ignition. The camera will always be on as long as the engine is running.

2. Cigarette lighter connection – if you want your camera to be on even after you get out of the car, just connect the camera system to the built-in cigarette lighter. This will connect the system to the power supply.

3. Switch Use – if you want more control over the camera you can just use a switch. You can still just connect it to the cigarette lighter socket. This time, however, run it through a switch. You will then be able to manually turn it on or off at your discretion regardless of the engine status.


The best backup cameras 2021 are all excellent models. They have the necessary camera, transmission, and monitor qualities to be able to guide you properly. They even have additional useful features that other products do not have. At the end of the day, it is up to you as to which among them suits your needs.

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