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Bilstein 5100 vs 6112

Bilstein 5100 vs 6112: What Is The Right Series For You?

Have you ever wondered what shock absorber your car uses? Most people won’t be able to answer that question. Because when buying a car, the manufacturer has already selected the correct shock absorber for their vehicle. 

Currently, 2 of the many good quality shock absorbers chosen by many car brands are Bilstein 5100 vs 6112. The following article will give you an overview of these 2 car shock absorbers.

About Bilstein 5100

The Bilstein 5100 is an automotive shock absorber that provides a great driving experience for drivers. It has a design that fits the suspension system of today’s cars. 

Therefore, you can quickly light your car. In addition, the 5100 is resistant to impact and keeps an adequate distance for cars when you move through bumpy roads with many deep pits.

From there, problems such as engine knocking when accelerating will be minimized. Instead, your car will continuously operate in the most stable and smooth state. Currently, the 5100 is suitable for light cars with frequent use in the city.

Some outstanding features of the Bilstein 5100:

  • Capable of effectively damping and reducing the impact
  • Help the car always operate stably and smoothly
  • Enhanced suspension
  • Long service life with spring system with good elasticity, less deformation during operation

About Blistein 6112

Blistein 6112 is one of the best quality car shock absorbers available today. It possesses a series of outstanding advantages that contribute to the stability and smoothness of your car. 

With 6112, it is for use on long-distance and off-road vehicles. Because the 6112’s high-quality spring system will help minimize the impact on bumpy roads.

In addition, the Nito 300 PSI gas charger will help prolong the life of the 6112 shock absorber. In particular, the enlarged body size and piston size make the transition faster. Therefore, your drive will always be the most reliable.

Some outstanding features of Bilstein 6112:

  • Effectively applied on dangerous and difficult terrains
  • Optimizing the efficiency of the car’s suspension system
  • Minimize the impact that can affect the vehicle’s performance
  • It can lift 0.3” to 2.5”

Besides, many drivers now use struts for their suspension to protect cars firmly, including fcs vs monroe struts. This way, your vehicle will continuously operate in the quietest and most stable state impact shocks will be minimized.

bilstein 6112 vs 5100

Comparison of Bilstein 5100 vs 6112

Comparing the Bilstein 5110 and 6112 shock absorbers will be quite tricky. Because both of these shock absorbers have excellent quality and performance. 

Therefore, you won’t be able to compare the 5100 and 6112. You can only consider the similarities and differences between them. Here are some highlights of the 6112 and 5100 shock absorbers:

Plating material

To protect the shock absorbers effectively, the manufacturer has covered them with a layer of plating. This coating has the effect of increasing gloss and minimizing the impact of environmental factors on the shock absorbers.

And 6112 vs 5100 is no exception. Both of these shock absorbers are manufactured using zinc coating. This way, the kit will stay new and be highly resistant to scratches during impact. From there, the service life of 6112 vs 5100 will be longer than other standard shock absorbers.


The 5100 and 6112 shock absorbers are for a limited lifetime. Specifically, with errors coming from the manufacturer, the unit will carry out a 1-for-1 warranty for customers. As for the error coming from the user, the company will have appropriate warranty policies. You will have to pay a specific fee for this maintenance.


The 5100 has a monotube design that ensures consistency. As for the 6112, the linear spring of the shock absorber will help improve control for the driver during travel. 

With each shock absorber, the spring plays a significant role. Whether your car has a stable and smooth operation will largely depend on the elasticity of the springs. If the springs are good, the car will limit many problems such as coolant evaporation, engine oil leakage due to strong impact, etc…


The Bilstein 5100 shock absorber is suitable for trucks and SUVs. As for the Bilstein 6112, it will fit newer SUVs and trucks. With older models, 6112 will not promote its full performance.

Lifting ability

Both Bilstein 5110 vs 6112 shock absorbers can adjust the car lift up to 2.75 inches. Your car will always be safe against any impact during travel with this distance. The engine system under the vehicle will not have a dangerous problem.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Which car model is the 5100 shock absorber suitable for?

With the 5100 shock absorber, you can use it on trucks and SUs. At the same time, this device can raise the vehicle height to 2.75 inches. From there, your car will continuously operate in a stable and smooth state. Unexpected shocks will not occur when you use 5100.

How much is the warranty of Bilstein 6112?

With this shock absorber, the manufacturer extends a limited lifetime warranty. Specifically, with errors coming from the manufacturer, the unit will implement a free warranty policy, 1 exchange for 1 defective product. 

In addition, with errors coming from the customer, the company will have other warranty policies. You will need to pay a liability fee to maintain the 6112 shock absorber when it breaks down.

Where can I buy Bilstein 6112 vs 5100?

With these 2 high-quality shock absorbers, you can buy them at any auto parts dealer. At the same time, the cost of both 6112 vs 5100 is at an ideal level that any passenger can use. 

However, before you buy a shock absorber, you will need to check the size of the position inside the car’s suspension. Make sure the shock absorber size is equal to its position size.


Hopefully, the article will help you overview 2 Bilstein 6112 vs 5100 shock absorbers. It can be that both of these products are of excellent quality when it comes to ensuring that your car is always running in a quiet and stable environment. 

In addition, the lifetime warranty is a plus point for both 5100 and 6112. Not all shock absorbers have a lifetime warranty like the two above shock absorbers.

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