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Blue Devil Head Gasket Sealer Instructions: Guide & Tips

Are you worried because your car suddenly stops working due to a cracked or leaking radiator? We recommend using a Blue devil head gasket sealer to fix it before thousands of dollars to have it repaired.

The following article will show you complete Blue devil head gasket sealer instructions to get the best results and its great uses.

What Is A Blue Devil Head Gasket Sealer?

What Is A Blue Devil Head Gasket Sealer

Before using, you need to know what Blue devil head gasket sealer is. Blue devil head gasket sealer is the solution to repair cracks, bends, or leaks in head gaskets and radiators.

Especially with it, you will effectively fix these problems yourself without going to the technical centers.

It will cost you $1500 to $2500 for a mechanic to diagnose and repair the head gasket. But using a Blue devil head gasket sealer, you will only need more than $ 50. More specifically, you can refer to “how much does it cost to fix an oil leak“.

In addition, the Blue devil head gasket sealer does not contain any small particles or solids. You can use it with complete peace of mind without worrying about damaging or clogging up your car’s engine.

Blue Devil Head Gasket Sealer Instructions

Blue Devil Head Gasket Sealer Instructions

We will have different ways to use a Blue devil head gasket sealer depending on the car problem. Here are the two main effects and how to use this solution:

Seal radiator leaks

When the gasket on your car explodes, almost everyone has a major problem: a leaking radiator. When there is a leak, the radiator will quickly release steam into the environment and cause the engine temperature to rise. An engine that heats up for a long time can cause your vehicle to stall and possibly explode dangerously.

This will be when the Blue devil head gasket sealer comes into play. You need to follow the steps below to seal this leaky radiator.

First, you will have to remove the radiator cap.

Next, you will pour the Blue devil head gasket sealer solution into the cooling system inside the heatsink.

At that time, the solution will penetrate deep into the cooling system and prevent leaks in it. Finally, you need to close the lid and start the car.

This method is straightforward, but if you do not fix it yourself but go to an agent, you can waste time and spend a lot of money.

Repair cracked radiator head

The second problem is that your car will need to use a Blue devil head gasket sealer when there is a crack on the radiator head.

It is just a seemingly simple crack, but if left untreated for a long time, it will cause severe problems. Excess pressure in the radiator will build up and act on the entire radiator tip. Head as the whole may then develop more cracks and may break completely.

Cracks on the top of the radiator will leave a puddle of oil, causing the engine to heat up and smoke. A break in one heatsink can also disable the entire heatsink system. Other radiators that are not cracked will still cool the engine, but just one with one can cause the engine to overheat.

Don’t worry, with Blue devil head gasket sealer, and you can completely fix this problem with just the following steps:

As with any other repair process, the first step you need is to open the car’s radiator.

Next, use the faucet to clean the residue inside the radiator. The coolant in the radiator is quite challenging to clean. So you should fill it with water and drain it. You should repeat this process at least 3 times to get the heatsink completely clean.

Next, you need to take the thermostat out of the radiator and add water and fresh coolant. Remember to make room for the Blue devil head gasket sealer solution.

The fourth step you need to do is to turn on the engine while opening the radiator cap. You also need to note that turning the heater to the maximum level will help cool the machine before the head gasket sealer step.

After the engine has cooled down, you will begin to pour in the Blue devil solution. Pour slowly and make sure it takes you at least a minute to empty the bottle. After pouring is complete, continue to turn on the engine and wait for about 50 minutes.

Finally, check to see how many cracks are on the radiator and clean of dust and oil. Then you continue to pour the Blue devil solution on those cracks. The solution will seal the cracks and avoid the above severe consequences. You only need to wait 1 hour for this bonding process to complete.

Thus, in just about 2 hours with the Blue Devil solution, you can repair the radiator crack yourself at home both effectively and cost-effectively.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use Blue devil head gasket sealer?

Indeed this is the question most people ask when they hear about the great uses of Blue devil head gasket sealer.

As mentioned above, this solution does not contain solid particles, so you will not have to worry about damaging or clogging the car engine. What you need to do is read the user manual carefully and use it in the right circumstances. Like that, you can safely use Blue Devil for your car.

How long does the Blue devil head gasket sealer last?

Do you doubt if this solution is so cheap, will it work in the long run? There is no exact answer to this question as it will depend on the type of vehicle you have and the problem it has.

However, most users have reported its effects can last up to 6 months and even one to two years in some cases. It is also one of the most user favorite advantages and voted for Blue Devil as the best sealant on the market.

After using Blue devil head gasket sealer but the problem still occurs, what to do?

There are a few cases after using the Blue Devil solution, the problems continued. As in the instructions above, we have noted that you should clean the coolant in the radiator at least 3 times. If old coolant remains, it can stick to cracks and reduce the effectiveness of the sealant.

If you’ve made sure you’ve cleaned the coolant but the radiator still doesn’t fix it, the symptom is probably already severe, and you should see a technician. These highly skilled people will accurately diagnose and repair your vehicle.

Blue Devil will help you with minor cracks, but you should see a specialist if it’s severe.


Thus, the above article has shown you the ultimate Blue devil head gasket sealer instructions and answered some questions for you. You should note when the car has problems and fix them yourself if possible. Please don’t take it too long or you will have to pay a tremendous amount of money to fix it.

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