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Burnt Valve Repair Cost

SOLVED! Burnt Valve Repair Cost

Have you noticed something odd with your car? If yes, let a mechanic handle it. However, the inquiry of most car owners or drivers is how much does a burnt valve repair cost?

We have posted significant details regarding the issues on valves that aid in the functioning of the car engine. Additionally, the cost for the repair, labor and other fees are indicated below.

How long does an engine valve last?

Generally, a normal car engine’s exhaust valve operates more than 150,000 miles. And could last for several years.
Once the valves are damaged, a driver could observe and feel several signs while driving. A broken valve system or seals can be noticed after a cold engine start.

Furthermore, when driving, the engine suddenly stops functioning, then eventually it will run again. Bad valves could also be observed through oil consumption and excessive smoke.

Can a burnt valve be repaired?

A good mechanic can recondition a burnt valve with ease, but if it is severely damaged a new valve should be reinstalled.

Go to a trusted car shop, let them examine your car, and wait for more or less seven hours to finish.

The valve should undergo a grinding process. Replacement is done for severely worn-out valve and valve seats. Moreover, affected valves on surrounding areas of the engine might need new valve guides.

Each valve should be accurately positioned like the valve and valve seat. Unbalanced width of the valve could widen or narrow the space that leads to the recurrence of burnt auto parts.

Can someone drive with a burnt valve

Can someone drive with a burnt valve?

Yes, you can still drive with a burnt valve, however, guilt follows you because it causes further damage to the car mainly to the catalytic converter.

The internal damage results in the tearing of the exhaust plug, thus decreasing the power of the engine that enables the car to move.

As an owner, you should not waste a long time before repairing it because the engine could be completely damaged due to unplugged exhaust if unattended.

It is highly suggested to have it checked by mechanics to have an early diagnosis and solution.

How much does a burnt valve repair cost
Close up of Car/Automobiles electronic EGR valves

How much does a burnt valve repair cost?

Purchasing a car is not as cheap as we know, hence its car parts also could cost you a lot. A burnt valve is not a common car issue, but it is one of the worst.

Through combustion, the exhaust valves are technically exposed and can be cooled when firmly compact with the valve seat.

The valve’s clearance must have been excessively tight which could not properly collaborate with the valve seat which results in burning. Too much heat affects other parts of the valve and tears metal away later on.

The process of repair mainly focuses on manpower for the parts such as head valves and gaskets are needed to be manually removed.

Additionally, the cylinder must be removed, then drained accordingly.

Significantly, the burned valve should be replaced together with the valve seat and the mechanic can do an extra job if the other parts of the car have damage.

Basic pricing for needed resources starts with $25 to $58, for valve adjustment costs around $250 to $340. The estimated cost for the mechanic is around $220 to $280.

Overall, the estimated cost of repairing burnt valves and affected parts could be more or less $2000. The final cost would depend on the type of car, some reinstalled materials, including labor fees, taxes, and other related fees.

Remember, spending money for the benefit of your safety and vehicle maintenance should not be a second option. Do not attempt to repair it if you are not an expert or licensed mechanic.


Hopefully, after reading this article you have already decided to take your car for valve reconditioning and reinstall broken internal parts.

The cost of burnt valve repair may be pricey for some customers, however, it is better to have it examined by mechanics to assess additional issues that need fixing.

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