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cheapest way to replace a mercedes key

SOLVED! Cheapest Way to Replace a Mercedes Key

If you are a car owner it’s automatic that one of the problems you might list is losing a key because it is a common issue no matter what car you are owning, Mercedes or not.

However, if you have lost a Mercedes car key, it is quite expensive to get a new one.

Even you know you can afford the expense, you would still wonder what might be the alternative way or cheapest way to replace a Mercedes key.

This article doesn’t just talk about losing a key, but it could also mean damaging your key.

Accidents happen at a random time, and if you lose your Mercedes key and don’t want to spend some money this article suits you, especially if you want the cheapest way to replace the Mercedes key.

What is the first method to replace a Mercedes key cheaply

What is the first method to replace a Mercedes key cheaply?

Amazon has become big day by day to the point you can hardly find some products that are unavailable in the platform of eCommerce.

They even put car accessories and made a good section called ‘My garage’ for cars as for them it is not an exception.

Things that you want to buy for your car, almost all of it is available there. Now proceeding into getting the keys for your Mercedes, searching it on the bar is not an effective way.

You have to create your Amazon account before proceeding to the My garage section for it to be effective. There, you can start searching for blank keys that are unprogrammed and uncut yet.

Getting the keys you are looking for might be a difficult task, so refining the search using the filter in the search bar is a better way to quickly get to your destination.

Buying a remote for locking and unlocking the cars might be necessary.

There is a Mercedes car that is modern that combines the remote and the key into a single device.

It is your responsibility to make sure you got the appropriate key for your car and if you have a question about this then you can find your answer in Google or any forum that talks about Mercedes.

However, there are only two cons this way, one is that it takes quite a bit of time for the key to get to you, second is after it is delivered you have to code the key for your car by yourself which everyone can’t seem to do.

What is the second method to replace a Mercedes key cheaply?

You are going to need someone to code and cut the keys for your car, it doesn’t matter if you adopt the previous way or not, this is an important way.

To get this done, getting a mobile locksmith is the best method.

The locksmith can go to where you are or your house and do his duty if you are unfortunate and have lost all the keys you once had to your Mercedes.

A locksmith who specializes in Mercedes cars is a better choice because in just a few hours at the max he can get your car ready and running.

Some locksmiths are better enough to give you the key that has been cut and code for you. The problem could be a walk in the park if you happen to get hold of such a mobile locksmith.

It’s better to report all the problems to the locksmith before he starts his duty, then after that, it is just a few hours of work at the max.

The locksmith you have must be completely equipped to manage the job at hand because Mercedes is one of the first several companies to place electronics in their cars which makes it more reliable but adds more difficulties on developing the keys.

What is the third method to replace a Mercedes key cheaply?

This is different from the second one because this time it’s a do-it-yourself situation. If you are brave and knowledgeable enough about the technicalities of the program, then you can code your key.

However, you should always think that the Mercedes keys are built differently which means it is a more complicated program compared to the other key cars.

There are several key points that you need to keep in mind to program a Mercedes key. By yourself, you can only program the older ‘Flip’ Mercedes car keys.

It is understandable to go to the Mercedes expert or see a dealer as there is no other option if your car uses modern Mercedes ‘Smart’ keys because it is more complicated.

The Mercedes car only permits you to create and program the spare key. Spare keys are the keys that are used as replacements.

You can never reprogram the spare key again to another car after you programmed the spare key but you can reprogram it as many times if necessary until you do it right.

By yourself, you can’t replace the key or program a master key. If you have lost the key, you need to reach the dealership to get you a new master key.


If all mentioned above doesn’t cooperate with you like getting hold of a locksmith, or finding the right keys, or failing to program it yourself, then you have to consider and go to the Mercedes dealership which will provide you with the master key.

However, it’s not cheap, but it is the most secure choice. The methods that have been mentioned above are the inexpensive ways to replace a Mercedes Key.

If spending a lot of money is not on your options list, then you are in the right article. Hopefully, this article has addressed your problem on what is the cheapest way to replace a Mercedes key.

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