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Dashboard Air Vents Not Working

Dashboard Air Vents Not Working [ 4 Causes & Fix]

Air vents on the dashboard are an indispensable device for every car. Because it has the effect of balancing the temperature between the inside and outside of the car.

Therefore, when the dashboard air vents not working, an imbalance will appear, and you will feel uncomfortable when the car temperature is too hot or too cold. What’s the fastest way to fix a broken vent? The following article will help you answer that question.

What Is The Vent On The Dashboard?

As you know, HVAC systems include heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems. The vent is a part of the ventilation system. It allows air to move conveniently in and out of your car. When in operation, the duct is the place to receive hot or cool air blowing into the vehicle, all controlled by the HVAC system.

Therefore, anytime there is a problem with the vent, the entire heating, and air conditioning system of the vehicle will be unable to function.

At this point, you need to check, clean quickly and replace the components inside the ventilation system: the filter, the blower motor, or the vent. You should check them all. Because most likely one of them will be the cause of the problem of the air conditioning system.

What is the cause of the vent in the control panel not working? There will be about 5 – 6 common reasons that you need to know when the system crashes.

Reason For Dashboard Air Vents Not Working

Dashboard Air Vents Not Working

# Low coolant level

Low coolant levels are the most common cause of vehicle air conditioning problems. When there is a low coolant level, you will feel the apparent inefficiency of the ventilation system; the airflow blowing into the car will change.

The air conditioner starts blowing hot air, and you will feel uncomfortable and stuffy when in the car. Because the entire engine, air conditioning, or ventilation system does not receive the help of coolant. Overheating and coolant leakage will occur at this time.

# Fuse/relay fault

Faulty fuses/relays are the next cause of your dashboard vents not working. When the fuse fails, the blower motor will not be able to perform its functions.

In addition, this problem also occurs when the relay is faulty. Because the relay has the function of providing the necessary current for the blower motor to operate. When there is no current, there is no ventilation.

# The air intake area does not work well

The intake area is where the air is allowed to enter your vehicle. Usually, the system will include the vents and the cabin.

Or this area is essential for your car’s ventilation system to work correctly. If any of these 2 areas appear dusty, the car’s ventilation system will not be able to blow air inside your car.

# Faulty resistor or blower motor

The cause of the blower motor failure is due to electrical problems, aging, etc. However, if the blower motor cannot work, all cool or cold air will blow inside your car when you Turn on the ventilation hole.

In addition, for the blower motor to operate stably, the blower resistor is needed. Resistors help regulate airflow through controls in the center console. Therefore, if the blower resistor does not work, the car heater will not blow air. From there, the cool airflow inside the car will be affected.

Besides, there are two other factors that you also need to pay attention to:

  • Ripped belt or tube
  • Compressor or condenser fault

You shouldn’t overlook any detail when inspecting your car’s vent system. Because most likely, one of them is the cause of your vehicle overheating. And when you have found the reasons, you will need to fix them to ensure the performance of your car.

How To Troubleshoot Dashboard Air?

# Use the roller to clean

The wheel will be responsible for keeping the blowing air from blowing hard out of the car vents. However, if you do not use this method effectively, the error most likely does not originate from the vent.

It would even help if you cleaned all dirt in the system to minimize the possibility of ground affecting it in the future.

# Cabin filter cleaning

The Cabin Filter helps clean the air before it exits your vehicle’s vents. If this filter becomes clogged with dirt, it will slow down air release from the vents. To clean the cabin filters, you need to remove them and locate the filter. Usually, they will be located under the passenger seat of the vehicle.

Next, gently and unscrew all the screws on the cabin filter. At that time, you will see dirt on the surface after removing the cabin cover. Carefully clean and replace the filter on the housing.

# Check the blower motor

When the blower motor fails, the airflow will not pass through the vents on your vehicle:

  • To check if the car engine is at fault, you need to connect the ammeter to the power cord of the blower motor.
  • Then set the engine to full speed. If the ammeter is reading between 8 and 15 amps, it is normal.
  • If the reading is less than 8 amps, your blower motor has problems and needs replacing.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you open car vents?

The ventilation system of most cars can be with the “drive wheel”. If the wheel rolls to the right, it will cause the vents to open completely. Conversely, when the wheel rolls to the left, it closes the vents.

Q: How to check the damaged blower motor relay?

The fan motor relay is the part that supplies the current to the fan motor. The easiest way to check the blower relay is by looking at the motor fuse. If the fuse blows, the relay will not work.


Hopefully, this article will help you determine the cause of the control panel system problem. Once you have identified the reason, the repair work will become easier.

To be more effective, you should take your car to the car maintenance center and forget about the annual periodical inspection of your car.

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