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9006 vs 9012 Led Bulb

Difference Between 9006 vs 9012 Led Bulb: Let’s Compare

Currently, 9006 and 9012 LED bulbs are receiving love from many users. Of course, each type of lamp has similarities and differences in characteristics and features. This article covers the difference between 9006 vs 9012 LED BULB. Explore and discover:

Features Of 9006 And 9012 Leds

Before discussing the differences between these two lamps, let’s find out the characteristics of each type of lamp:

About 9006 LED

Let’s first learn about the 9006 LED. Another name for the 9006 LED bulb is the HB4 with the base holder.

Basically, the LED models on the market today often take on the near-projection function, also known as the core function. Some suitable models for using the 9006 lampstands are Accent 2020 or Accent 2021.

About 9012 LED

The 9012 bulbs, also known as the HIR2 foot, are becoming extremely popular in cars such as Fortuner, Vios G version, and Yaris. In addition, this LED 9012 can be used for Halogen lamp models that use ball bearings such as projectors.

In addition, one of the characteristics that make the 9012 bulbs different from many lamps on the current market is that they are manufactured by the manufacturer with a dual function, including “Low Beam” and “Phase,” which is unique and convenient for users.

Usually, when the driver switches to low beam mode, also known as low beam, the screen will collapse to prevent light from being partially emitted at a predetermined focal length just before the measurement. As a result, the light stream is not entirely emitted through the lens.

And yet, when the lamp receives a power supply signal, the transfer case encoder motor will move the shield down and reflect all the light into the mini reflector. This time is a sign that the phase function is on the light assembly.

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Difference Between 9006 Vs 9012 Led Bulb

9006 vs 9012

When you have learned about the characteristics of each type of LED bulb, you may have noticed the similarities and differences between these two types of lights.

However, you are still very hesitant when faced with these two options, and you are looking for information to distinguish more clearly. However, don’t worry; some of the information below will help you:


First of all, you can notice the potential difference between the two points where the light bulb operates.

Basically, 9006 or 9012 do not have a voltage difference. By following the parameters listed on the bulb’s housing, you can be sure that they have the pretty same voltage at 12V.

Light bulb

Next, we want to mention one more similarity between the 9006 and 9012 lamps, the light bulb. Both of these lamps have high and low black beams.

The most significant difference in beam deflection is their function. Suppose tall bulbs are often used for nighttime illumination with greater visibility or traffic lights. In that case, low lights offer the possibility of avoiding any accidents on the road.

In addition, the beam of the light bulb sometimes affects the specifications and capacity, which we will cover shortly.


One of the first points that make the difference between these two types of lights is the capacity. Wattage is commonly understood as the amount of electricity used or operated by a light bulb. With each different type of lamp, the distinction will be more precise thanks to the difference in power.

If the 9012 has a lamp capacity of 55 watts, the 9006 led bulbs have a capacity ranging from 55 watts to 80 watts. Usually, some brands of light bulbs on the market will have a total of 80 watts or less.

In general, the wattage of a light bulb, whether large or small, has pros and cons. However, some people claim that the 9012 bulb is brighter than the 9006 bulbs.


Next, one of the other differences between 9006 and 9012 is brightness. In general, both 9006 and 9012 bulbs are trendy and have superior intelligence compared to other bulbs.

However, some experts claim that the 9012 bulb has superior brightness due to its light output of 1875 lumens, while the 9006 LED has only 1000 lumens. However, 1000 lumens is also the essential brightness, and you may not know, the 9012 is at the top of the brightest bulbs on the market.


In the end, the most significant difference between 9006 and 9012 LEDs lies in the service life. Basically, lamp life is closely related to the light beam. Usually, lamp life will be in hours, and in general, 9006 and 9012 have a pretty long usage time. Moreover, both are very popular with users thanks to their long lifespan.

The 9006’s LED bulb is 1000 hours, though, and the 9012’s is slightly larger, estimated at 1200 hours.

How To Take Care Of These 2 Types?

As you know, headlights have a significant role for those who use cars as the primary means of transportation.

Moreover, it is also a standard part and needs proper care to ensure the most extended life during use. If you do not know how to take care of it, your lights will surely fail quickly and need frequent replacement.

However, do not worry because we will suggest some helpful tips for you to avoid the issue of interior car won’t turn off:

Make sure the lights are always clean: As you know, dirt or debris is easy to get on your lights, and it’s your job to clean it regularly. If you do not clean it, surely the headlights will be filthy and lack brightness. More dangerous than this, dust will make your car’s lights quickly fail and can’t shine.

Check grip and yellowing: Usually, the headlights will quickly turn yellow due to oxidation when encountering humid air or encountering too high a temperature. Therefore, make sure to check for stains that may appear on the headlights.

Check illuminance: Finally, to be sure of the brightness, you need to pay attention to the intensity and the dispersion of light often.

Also, in using the car, you will quickly encounter some problems related to the check engine light and the engine. Therefore, always be careful to check your vehicle to prolong its life periodically.


Finally, hopefully, you’ve learned the difference between the 9006 and 9012 LEDs. While the differences are pretty obvious, both are useful and worth using. If you have any questions, leave a comment below this article, and we will soon send you the most suitable answer.

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