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Fcs vs Monroe Struts

Fcs vs Monroe Struts: Which One Is Better?(Update 2023)

For a car to operate smoothly and stably, you will surely not be able to ignore an important detail: the strut. The strut is responsible for keeping the car’s undercarriage and the ground safe from collisions during travel. There are 2 types of struts in everyday use, Fcs vs Monroe Struts. The following article will give you an overview of these two types.

What Is Strut?

The strut is a part of the engine system. It is in the engine chassis with the main task of protecting the vehicle’s body against impacts during travel. It can be that struts are an essential part of the suspension system. Because the coil spring system will maintain a stable height for the vehicle.

The strut acts as a control valve to support the vehicle’s weight in terms of operating principle. At the same time, it will bring a smoother feeling to the driver. With the position located in the suspension unit, the operator can adjust and steer better. 

In particular, with substantial impacts, the strut will minimize the bounce of the vehicle. From there, the system of details inside your car will not have problems from those shocks. At the same time, the engine knocking when accelerating will no longer be when the entire machine is continuously operating in a safe state.

Currently, there are 2 sets of struts that can work effectively, FCS and Monroe. These products provide strong stability and smoothness for cars during the journey.

About FCS struts

FCS is the best anti-shock strut and stable engine protection system available today. This kit has a sturdy design that responds quickly and promptly to unexpected bumps. Moreover, FCS has a relatively low cost, suitable for the pocket of all users. You can completely replace this set of struts with most vehicles without any exception.

The limitation of FCS strut is that it is only suitable for warm weather conditions. Therefore, it will not work well in cold weather conditions. In winter, when you still use FCS, the engine interior may not be able to withstand unexpected shocks. 

One of the typical problems is the grinding noise when braking but pads are fine. Therefore, you can choose another set of struts or limit the use of cars when the temperature is too low.

About Monroe struts

Monroe is the most versatile strut available today when it gives your car a lot of benefits: shock absorbers, struts, power support,… Moreover, this set of braces also provides precision driving and excellent handling features. You can use Monroe with various vehicles with different loads and still ensure stable performance.

The Monroe strut is capable of stable performance in all different weather conditions. It is what differentiates Monroe from FCS. You can drive cars that use Monroe struts for snowy days and low temperatures. This part will still ensure the best working performance, minimizing unexpected bumps that affect the engine system under the car.

Fcs vs Monroe Struts

Comparison of Fcs vs Monroe Struts

To compare FCS and Monroe struts, you can rely on some of the criteria below:

OE performance and strut finish

Both FCS and Monroe struts meet or exceed OE performance. This advantage will help the car stay stable and smooth during the journey. Unexpected incidents due to shovels will be eliminated. The phenomenon of wheel bearing making noise will be minimized.

Besides, both have a complete structure; most of the details have been pre-installed by the manufacturer. When making a purchase, the driver needs to put the strut into place in the car’s undercarriage and install it easily.


The warranties of FCS and Monroe struts are pretty similar. It has a limited lifetime warranty. Specifically, for each case, you will need to bear a certain fee during the maintenance and replacement of the new strut. To be sure, contact the manufacturer to advise you most enthusiastically.

Strut quality

FCS struts have a powder coating to minimize the appearance of corrosion and rust. Because this paint technology will create a protective film on the outside of the strut, the physical and chemical effects will not affect the internal details of the strut.

As for Monroe, it uses coating technology. In terms of protection, plating is quite similar to electrostatic painting. It also creates a similar coating that effectively resists corrosion and rust during use.

Improved driving performance

The FCS strut will help the driver improve the performance again. At the same time, it is also a tool to help them handle the brakes effectively in unexpected shocks. As for the Monroe, it can also improve driving performance for the user.

Operating conditions

FCS strut will be limited when you use it in extreme weather conditions and low temperatures. This kit is only suitable for warm conditions. Therefore, you need to consider FCS during use.

As for Monroe, it works better than FCS. Because you can use this type of strut for all types of weather, Monroe still provides good damping ability between the car’s ground clearance even when the outside temperature is low.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes FCS struts?

FCS struts have the main production warehouse in Michigan. This unit is responsible for FCS supply management for all strut dealers worldwide. With a large production area and scale, the enterprise has supplied many FCS struts to many famous automobile manufacturers in the Central – North American market and some other units.

Does the Monroe strut have a lifetime warranty?

The answer is yes. A lifetime warranty will cover Monroe struts against all manufacturing defects. However, with some problems from customers, the company will have warranty support policies. Customers still need to pay a specific fee for maintenance and replacement.

In Monroe vs FCS, which strut is better?

Monroe will be more flexible than FCS in operability because the Monroe strut can work effectively in many different conditions. As for FCS, it will work less efficiently when the temperature is low.


Hopefully, the article will help you overview FCS and Monroe struts. It can be that both of these products can work effectively on many different cars. The investment cost for FCS will be lower than that of Monroe. However, the Monroe will provide a better driving experience than the FCS in terms of performance.

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