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[Update] How do you fix a jack that won’t go down?

How do you fix a jack that won't go down

The old floor jacks are troublesome because sometimes they cannot go down. This will often cost you more time and energy in the process of working. So, how do you fix a jack that won’t go down? Find yourself at a dead-end to find out the answer?

Stay calm! The following information will help you restore the jack to its original condition.

How Do You Fix A Jack That Won’t Go Down?

Check hydraulic fluid level

First, you should check the liquid level in the jack and make sure they are within the prescribed level. If this liquid is higher or lower, your lifting device is most likely damaged.

Just open the lid and observe the oil in the compartment, and you are done with the hydraulic fluid level test. If the amount of oil is higher than the specified level, you need to remove it. However, if the liquid is lower than the specified level, that’s a worry.

The chances are that the floor jack is leaking somewhere, so you need to check the location and repair it before using the machine.

Please note that each machine is suitable for different oils. Therefore, based on the product specifications, you should use the right hydraulic oil to avoid damage and increase the life of the jack.

Release the air trapped in the jack

A fairly common reason your lifting device gets stuck in the air is trapped air in the hydraulic pump. If this is the case with your device, then simply bleed or remove the floor jack’s air.

It is not difficult to do this; you just need to follow these simple steps:
– Turn the handle to the right until it stops.
– Then, push back 2 turns to the left.
– To fully release the air, you need the jack pump 10 to 15 times.
– Finally, turn the handle to the right and close the drain valve to finish.

Now, you have restored the machine to its original function. Please do this as often as possible to keep the jack in good working condition.

Lubrication for jacks

If your floor jack does not have the above problems, the lift is stuck due to the lack of lubrication in the key joints. If you do not fix it quickly, the internal parts may rust in the long run, resulting in serious damage to the device.

To apply grease to the machine, you need to do the following:
1. Obtain grease (you can take advantage of cooking oil or used car oil if you have specialized grease, it is very good)
2. You grease the key parts of the jack. Specifically, the locations are often stuck, such as:
– Lift the arm shaft pin
– Axle on the front wheel
– Bearings under the wheel frame
– The back roller makes contact with the pump piston.
– General joint near the communal valve
– The handle on the inner surface

General test

Though trying many ways, you are still helpless with the floor jack that cannot go down? Then, you should double-check the machine to find the error. Check-in detail each part such as valve, piston, other connections. This process is quite challenging and requires a lot of meticulousness, but it is necessary to repair this dear device yourself.

In case you do not want to do or have tried many ways but still cannot, you should seek specialized maintenance specialists. This is a bit time-consuming and costly. However, it does ensure your jack is properly “healed” and well maintained shortly.


The jack that gets stuck when you need it urgently is a very angry thing. However, if you apply the methods above, you can quickly fail to fix the above problem.

After a few times like that, you will become knowledgeable about this device and run into the same trouble again. Hope our article helped you answer the question “How do you fix a jack that won’t go down?”. Good luck.

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