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How Long Can You Drive On A Bent Rim?

How Long Can You Drive On A Bent Rim?

When driving, you may encounter many unexpected situations in which the rim is bent.

There are many causes of this condition, and you need to consider replacing the rim as soon as possible to avoid the risk. In many cases, you don’t have an immediate replacement; the question many people are interested in is “How long can I drive on a bent rim?“.

We will help you answer this question specifically and clearly through the article below.

How Long Can You Drive On A Bent Rim?

You should limit driving when the rim is bent. 

However, if this is necessary and mandatory, the maximum distance you should operate on a bent rim is about 100 yards. Then, you need to bring the car to a safe and stable location, away from the cars on the road, and take the car to the repair place.

It is essential to work for you and your vehicle because if you continue to drive for longer distances, your car will experience damage to the rims and body.

Furthermore, the tire is the part that is attached to the rim of the vehicle that can be torn, chipped, or completely damaged and cannot be repaired. Therefore, you need to limit movement in a situation where the product is bent and know how to handle it calmly to minimize possible damage.

How Long Can You Drive On A Bent Rim?

What Happens If You Ride On A Bent Rim?

If you ride on a bent rim, you may encounter hazardous situations, even causing accidents and deaths. At the same time, when the edge is bent, the tire is easy to inflate or pinch, causing danger to you and other road users.

In addition, the engine also operates less efficiently due to the limited grounding ability of the vehicle. Therefore, it is essential to overcome the curvature of the rim as soon as possible.

When you feel or hear some vibrations while driving, you can detect the problem and control the steering wheel when passing the steering column. It is more common when the front wheel is bent, limiting your control over the vehicle.

If you have a bent rear wheel rim, you will feel vibrations coming from the back seat or the vehicle’s back. It will also depend on your movement speed, whether the beat is large or small.

However, a bent rim at the front or rear can damage your tires. If you let it go on for longer, the tire will inflate and substantially impact the vehicle’s body, causing danger and damage to property.

Besides, you may be deflected when moving, harming other vehicles driving on the road. Therefore, repair and replacement are essential.

How Do You Straighten A Bent Rim? 

Professionals can use professional tools to straighten curved rims with sufficient experience and expertise.

However, after straightening, the rim certainly cannot return to its original state before being bent. At the same time, you should not straighten it yourself at home because limited tools, as well as experience and skills, can pose a risk to you.

When you drive on a bent rim, vibrations are continuously emitted. At this time, you need to fix it to avoid damage to the entire vehicle promptly.


How much does it cost to fix a bent rim?

Curved wheel repair costs will vary by vehicle type, rim type, and automotive professionals. At the same time, the experts will consider the severity of the damage to best assess the cost you need to spend.

Besides, you will have to fix a few errors caused when moving with a bent to the rim.

In general, the average cost of a repair is $75. In some cases, higher or lower depending on your vehicle’s fault characteristics.

To best limit possible damage, you should seek out the experts and repairers closest to your car. Compared to the cost of a complete replacement, fixing a bent rim will be cheaper and save you more money.

What causes a bent wheel?

The cause of wheel bending can come from a pothole or any obstacle that may appear in your way. 

At the same time, in the event of a collision, the main factors that are the vehicle’s weight and speed or velocity, will be noticeable. It has to do with how much damage you can get back.

If the impact force is vital to be very strong, your rim will bend or even break into pieces. Therefore, you need to move within the allowed speed, limit collisions with obstacles and check the vehicle before operating.

Will a bent rim ruin tires?

Definitely yes if you are constantly traveling with a bent rim. Moreover, it is also a frequent cause of tire failure, even if your tires are of quality products like Milestar, Cooper, Bridgest or Hankook. You will have to replace the entire tire if they are damaged. At that time, the cracked tire broke, chipped continuously in many different places.

At the same time, your entire vehicle system will work less efficiently when traveling on damaged tires.


Thus, the article has provided information about bent rims and possible cases. I hope that you will stay calm and handle this situation most successfully.

You should also check your vehicle regularly, especially before each trip. It will help you reduce your risks and have a safer riding experience. At the same time, you will not cause injury or damage to others and their property.

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