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How Long Do BMWs Last

Some Explanation On How Long Do BMWs Last

BMW is one of the most influential car brands globally, with millions of vehicles manufactured each year. But not only sales, the durability of each BMW vehicle is also a testament to the quality of this 100-year-old manufacturer.

But do you know exactly how long BMWs last? If you do not know, the article below will help you understand more helpful information.

How Long Do BMWs Last?

The average durability of BMW models from classic to modern is 200,000 – 250,000 miles. In other words, your vehicle can operate at its most stable for between 200,000 and 250,000 miles before needing to replace parts.

The answer to why BMW cars achieve such high durability, according to the manufacturer, comes from the unique, balanced design. Because every car from this brand is rear-wheel drive.

How Long Do BMWs Last

The characteristic of this design is that it helps to distribute the perfect weight in a balanced ratio on both the rear and front wheels, thereby limiting too much pressure on one side.

Of course, the above number is not always accurate in all cases. The durability of your vehicle will have a considerable relationship with how you run and how often you maintain your vehicle.

That’s why we have come across some BMWs from the 80s that can still operate stably despite having traveled more than 500,000 miles. But on the contrary, some vehicles have not reached 200,000 miles that have been seriously degraded.

What Mileage Is Too High?

Theoretically, BMW cars should perform well between 200,000 – 250,000 miles. So, if the meter on your car only passes 200,000 miles, it means you have used the car for a long time. Considering the correlation with the average operating cycle of the car, the product has also come close to requiring major maintenance sessions.

In the case of a car buyer, it is best to avoid products that have reached the above stage. Because many studies show that a person will travel about 12,000 miles per year, and you will only have more than 4 years of regular use of the car.

Are Bmw’s Good After 100k Miles?

Are Bmw's Good After 100k Miles
Two hundred fifty thousand miles is the limit for the vehicle’s durability, while 200,000 miles is the time mark for the car to begin to degrade. So, with the 100,000-mile mark, will the car work stably or not? The answer is yes, and you can rest assured to use the car for a longer period if there are reasonable ways to use it.

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Although the time it takes for a BMW to reach a distance of 100,000 miles can be up to nearly ten years. But under good storage conditions, it is entirely normal for the car to operate for another 5 to 7 years.

Contrary to what we might imagine, the essential parts of a vehicle are often durable metal blocks machined with high precision. Thereby helping these parts work for a highly long time.

Do BMW Cars Have A Lot Of Damage?

Do BMW Cars Have A Lot Of Damage
No car can operate smoothly during its operation, and of course, BMW models are no exception.

Like cars from many other manufacturers, BMW cars often encounter minor errors in electronic systems. The most typical problems often lie in the opening and closing areas or details such as horn lights.

But fortunately, the car will still work even if the above parts do not work. Moreover, these errors are pretty easy to repair, and the replacement cost is not high.

As for more serious problems such as damage to the engine or the vehicle’s main structure, BMW products have a lower incidence. Based on information gathered from many sources, BMW hardly appears in the list of automakers most prone to errors.

But that does not mean that you can neglect the maintenance and operation of the car properly. Because no matter how good the parts are, they cannot maintain their durability without the right impact.

Other Common Breakdowns In Bmw Cars

Here are some common technical errors in BMW models.

The electric windows

The types of windows equipped on BMW cars have integrated many intelligent features to make the control more convenient and straightforward. However, this modernity has made the internal circuitry more complicated than necessary, which leads to a high error rate.

The cooling system

The cooling system on BMW models works quite effectively, but in return, this part is also subject to more impact during operation. Therefore, the cooling system is always one of the most sensitive areas of the vehicle.

The climate control system.

The climate control system has a close relationship with the cooling system, and since the cooling system can have frequent problems, the climate control system also has issues from there.

Dead batteries.

Characteristics of BMW models are the possession of a system with impressive, intelligent functions. Therefore, the electronic system in each product is also much more complex, leading to higher energy requirements than other models. Therefore, the rate of dead batteries or severely damaged batteries is very high.

How To Prolong The Life Of The Car

How To Prolong The Life Of The Car
Of course, regular maintenance and proper use of the vehicle are two key factors in increasing the longevity of BMW models. And in there are some notes that you pay more attention to, such as:

Apply new or add necessary solvents such as engine oil or water regularly to the car’s components. Because overheating or high friction can easily damage your car.

Always keep the components in the perfect state, such as inflated tires, fully clean the internal battery pack, …
Reasonable use of the vehicle’s capacity as well as limiting driving into areas with complex terrain
Clean, accessible parts: For example, you can refer to “how to clean pistons without removing” to clean pistons without too much impact on the system.


How much does it cost to repair a BMW car?

On average, you have to spend about 1000 to 3000 USD to handle complex problems or errors on the vehicle system. In addition, we have to add about 150 to 400 USD for issues that occur every 10,000 miles of service.

Which BMW model is the most reliable for you?

According to many studies, we know that the Sedan model of the E90 3-Series is the most durable model of the BMW brand.


Above is all the information about durability as well as other relevant factors that a BMW owns. I hope this information can help you in the process of using the vehicle

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