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How Long Does A Car Thermostat Last? The Final Answer

How Long Does A Car Thermostat Last

The thermostat is one of the essential parts of the engine systems of your car. Functioning as an indispensable part of the engine, a car thermostat aims to cool down the car temperature.

To have the best maintenance of your car, it is essential to find out the answer to the question “ how long does a car thermostat last?

The answer might vary depending on the different types of vehicles you have. However, any car will have something in common so that you can find the right time to change your thermostat.

To have more details about it, let’s take a closer look through this writing. Hopefully, you will find all the information you need.

How Long Does A Car Thermostat Last

Before going into more detail about the recommendation to answer that question, we should take some time to see the function of the thermostat.

The two jobs the thermostat does to your car is that it opens and closes your car coolant systems. When closing, the thermostat keeps the Coolant in your engine.

Meanwhile, at the time of opening, this tool allows the Coolant to circulate. The act of opening or closing is deepened on the inside temperature, which protects your engine away from overheating and any serious damages.

The continuously closing and opening act makes the thermostat frequently need your attention when replacing it. If you cannot find any strict rule on the limited mileage before it fails, notice the change and act right at the time you feel it turns out to be faulty.

More specially, the thermostat must be replaced when the two following case happened to you:
Sometimes, after starting your car and the temperature turning optimum, the thermostat still closes.
It fails to close even after you close your car engine and the heat reduces.

A note for you is that even when your thermostat is not broken, you should replace it every time you fix the major part of your coolant system.

Normally, a thermostat might last for ten years. However, as mentioned above, this duration might change due to the different types of cars and the engine you have.

The question now is how to find out the thermostat needed for the replacement? The truth is that you have to change it right away if your car has some of the following signals.

Signal That You Need To Change Your Thermostat car

Signal That You Need To Change Your Thermostat

The Temperature Gauge Index And The Engine Warning On Overheating

The first and most alarming situation showing the need to change your thermostat is your engine becoming overheated after fifteen minutes of starting. At that time, on the temperature gauge, there is a signal of red level to the inversion.

In many cases, this must be the initial warning for you that the thermostat circumstance is not right. As soon as you find this indication, you should carry out the steps to change or fix it.

Even though overheating might not lead to a fire to your car’s engine, it makes the engine stop working forever. The reason is that when the cooling institution fails, the engine surfaces become exceedingly hot while the engine outer just has not reached that heat level yet.

In the worst-case scenario, you run at a high level of power with the fail cooling function. At that time, the broken connecting rod might lead to a hole on the block side.

Hot oil sprays out from that hole leading to the fire when contacting the exhaust administration. Hence, it is crucial for you to keep an extinguisher for any emergency. What other signals that must you notice? Shall we continue?

The Unpredictable Movement Of The Temperature

The next feature you might notice is the random changes of the inversion, which means the frequent adjustment of the engine temperature up and down. For instance, you first see the cooled engine, and some minutes later, the engine becomes heated.

These quick shifts are bad for the engines’ health as well as reduce the effectiveness of their performance. So right at the moment, you see this feature, you must change your thermostat at once.

The Leaks Of Coolant In Your Car Or All Over The Thermostat

This sign can easily be found with the closed thermostat and off engine. You might have seen this situation in different places, including the leak under the car or other vehicles.

Whenever you find this leak around the car, the next essential step is to go to any nearby garage and change your thermostat. That is not all the features of a bad thermostat. Below are some more features that you might miss while driving.

The No-Power Or Unresponsive Thermostat

There will be a time that you realize the thermostat part does not have any energy left, and it is impossible to use the highest potential of your thermostat.

If that is the case, you need to replace the thermostat right away as it has been broken or damaged. The worn-out thermostat shows up when it fails or even fluctuates to match with the car temperature.

The wrong thermostat might also lead to the over-cooling of your vehicle. It is a frequent misconception that a broken thermostat only makes your engine overheat. In fact, the unusually cooled engine can also be the result of a non-functioning thermostat.

In sum, extreme cool or hot have the same bad effects on the health of car engines.

Some Last Words

That is all the most basic knowledge to find out the final answer to “how long does a car thermostat last?” You might now have all the information needed to keep the engine systems of your car strong.

It is undeniable that the more carefully you pay attention to your vehicle running, the longer your engine will work. I hope you have the best time driving in your lovely car!

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