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How Many Axles Does A Car Have

How Many Axles Does A Car Have?

The axles are essentially metal bars that transfer rotational force from the shaft to mechanical power that powers your car. The car will most likely become trapped if the axle breaks. With such an important function, how many axles does a car have?

Each set of wheels on a typical passenger car has an axle. There are situations when a vehicle like a truck may feature more than two axles. The number of axles is to make sure it can keep the vehicle frame strong and function properly.

This article will discuss the types and the mission of axles in your car. We also inform you of the case when the axles break.

Let’s read on to discover!

What Are The Axles In The Car?

What Are The Axles In The Car
When you speed up, the axle works like a rod that links two wheels and spins them. If you’re studying about your automobile, you’ll come across the term “bearings.” These stand inside the center of the wheels and reinforce the axle.

The axle’s structure keeps the car wheels in place and allows it to support massive loads.

According to the type of your vehicle, each axle is different. Customized axles, according to car specialists, are superior at managing torque and speed when treated properly.

How Do The Axles Work?

How Do The Axles Work
The purpose of an axle is to drive the connected wheels. It transfers power to the wheels. This entails bearing the car’s weight while suffering accelerating and braking impacts. Without the axles, your car would not be able to move.

Axles of vehicles come in three categories. Each type serves a specific purpose. We’ll go through each one in detail to understand its function.

Front axle

The front axle sits in the front of the car, as its name indicates. The purpose of this axle is to transfer the car’s steering. If your car is front-wheel push, it also distributes driving force to the front wheel.

A live front type of axle is the element that brings power from the motor. A dead front one, on the other hand, is one that simply transmits wheel inputs.

These two axles operate differently. While the live one always runs and delivers the power to the car wheels, the dead stays fixed.

The front axles should come from high-quality materials. Carbon steel and carbon nickel are two examples. The excellent material makes axles highly durable and impact-resistant.

Stub axle

The stub axles need to connect to the car’s front wheels. They should also be linked to the front axles by the kingpins.

There are four main types of stub axles: Lamoine, Reverse Lamoine, Eliot, and Reverse Eliot.

The stub axles are in charge of turning the power into mechanical speed.

Rear axle

Contrary to the front one, the rear axle sits at the car’s rear. To be more precise, its position is between the two wheels in the back.

How does the rear axle work? The differential separates the axle in the center. The driveshaft provides rotational force to the differential. The axles on either side of the car are rotating.

In most situations, one of the back axles is active while the other begins to rotate as necessary. To produce the proper amount of force, the differential will spin both of the rear axles at separate speeds.

How Many Axles Does A Car Have?

The answer is straightforward. There are two axles on the regular car. If you’re driving a car with a rear-wheel driving system, the axles are all at the back.

As aforementioned, the differential separates the axles. This component also provides power to rotate them. There are often two axles in front-engine cars as well. These axles work in relation to the car transfer case.

What If The Axles Break Down?

If one axle gets broken, you can’t drive since power cannot travel to the wheels.

Your car can still run if the axle is just half-broken, although the driving is now unsafe. When the axle has broken completely, you can’t control your automobile anymore.

Signs of breaking axles

There are some signs to notice the issues with your car axles. Check your axles if you notice loud vibrations after hitting a curb or if you get a shaky experience at slower speeds.

Checking the wheels is one method to detect whether your axle is broken visually. The axle may bend over if it shakes while moving. This vibration might make it difficult for the brakes to operate properly.

Examining the car’s universal joints is also a good option. A fractured axle has likely cracked around that location.

Your automobile may also sit lopsidedly based on its construction. Even if you cannot see your axle, when your car bends, you may fairly conclude it’s the root cause of the problem.

How to solve the problem?

If you think that your axles are about to break, take your automobile to a technician to fix it. Do not attempt to drive until the axle breaks entirely. It might collapse at any time, leaving you in danger.

Rear axles are just metal rods and are quite cheap. Due to the type and brand of your vehicle, it may be as little as $150 to replace one axle.


We’ve covered some necessary information regarding the car axles in this article. How many axles does a car have?

In short, the car has two axles on its two ends to assure its function. Rear and front axles play an important role in this operation. Meanwhile, the stub axles take responsibility for another job.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!

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