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How Many Spark Plugs In A V6

How Many Spark Plugs In A V6: Tips To Count

The engine is one of the essential parts of an automobile. For this unit to work, every car model needs to spark plugs to ignite the fuel. The energy is then transferred to the engine to help the vehicle usually operate.

However, each car model will use different types of engines. Inside this department, there are also other numbers of spark plugs. So, how many spark plugs in a V6? Usually, this engine will need up to 6 spark plugs.

However, there are a few exceptional cases. Keep reading for more details!

How Many Spark Plugs In A V6

how many spark plugs in a v6

This is a topic that many people are interested in.

The v6 needs to use a total of 6 spark plugs or 1 spark plug per cylinder. Of course, almost all car models have this number.

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However, as we said above, there are still some exceptional cases. Some models use 2 spark plugs per cylinder. So the total number of ignitions that the engine needs are 12.

Car brands will use different numbers of spark plugs. Each model will have a design to optimize energy. Those who use 12 spark plugs will usually be high-end cars that need to use a large amount of fuel, such as Mercedes Benz, Alfa Romeo Grand Prix, etc…

Tips To Count The Number Of Spark Plugs In A V6 Dodge Charger

how many spark plugs in a v6 dodge charger

Every engine must have the proper spark plug number. If this part is in too much or too little quantity, the car feels sluggish when accelerating. So you need to determine the exact number of spark plugs your car has. Here are ways to count spark plugs:

# Count conductors

Leads will connect to spark plugs to make this unit work. Therefore, you can quickly determine the number by counting the number of wires inside. These systems are located inside the main engine, which you can open the hood to check.

First, turn off the car’s engine to be safe. It would help if you did not open the hood while the car was still running. After you have parked the car carefully, you can open the cabin lid to check. The leads are on the motor cover, so you can easily see them.

The structure of the V6 has a simple design, so you can easily find the wires. The total number of spark plugs will correspond to the number of cables. If the conductor has 6, the ignition system also has several 6.

On the other hand, if the number of leads is more than 6, usually 12, the total number of spark plugs your car is using is 12. Each cylinder will need 2 spark plugs to ignite. This system is called a twin spark engine.

# Count coil packs

However, some motors do not use wires. Instead, automakers will install coil packs. The loops will connect directly to spark plugs. Therefore, you can count the number of coil packs to determine the ignition system.

Just like counting wires, each coil pack corresponds to a spark plug. However, the structure of this part is different from the wiring harness. The coil will be on the spark plug so that you will have trouble during the test.

What Is Twin Spark Engine?

What Is Twin Spark Engine

Twin spark engines are not a new invention. This part has been around since the 1900s. At that time, many cars used twin spark engines to drive cars. A good example is the Alfa Romeo Grand Prix car that was first installed in this unit in 1914.

So, what is a twin spark engine? This part includes 2 spark plugs for 1 cylinder instead of 1 as usual. You can understand that each cylinder will connect to 2 spark plugs so that the ignition system generates energy from the fuel.

Thanks to the twin spark engine, cars using this engine will feel faster and more efficient. You will see the difference when your car does not consume too much gas. Vehicles will also run more smoothly.

Twin Spark Vs Normal Engine – Which Is Better?

According to the definition of the twin spark engine, many people will think that using this part will help the car operate better. However, this system only gets better when the spark plug can’t handle all the fuel from the outside.

A car using a twin spark engine will cost more to repair than a standard engine. Since this system has a rather complex structure, the maintenance in case of failure will cost a lot of money. Auto repair professionals also spend a lot of time taking apart parts and finding new products.

Therefore, most cars using v6 engines prefer the standard engine. Car manufacturers only use twin spark engines for racing or high-end cars.

Common Signs That Spark Plugs Need Replacing

Spark plugs are parts that come into direct contact with the fuel. Therefore, they will have to endure a lot of heat to burn gasoline and convert it into energy. Because of that, you should pay attention to this part.

After a long time of use, the spark plug will tend to rust. You will need to replace this part as soon as some of the following signs appear:

  • Cars cannot start quickly.
  • The engine vibrates strongly when the vehicle is running.
  • Vehicles use more fuel than usual.
  • Difficult to accelerate.

The lifespan of spark plugs is quite long. However, if one of the above signs appears, you need to replace this part to ensure your vehicle works properly.


Each car model will use a different number of spark plugs. Therefore, you need to pay special attention to this part so that the car can operate efficiently. If the spark plug number is higher or lower than the specified number, your car will have some problems with power transmission.

Hope the above article has helped you get more information about the V6 engine and the number of spark plugs that v6 uses.

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