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How Much Does It Cost To Fix An Oil Leak

SOLVED! How Much Does It Cost To Fix An Oil Leak?

If you start the car one day but notice the temperature gauge jumps to overheated with an unpleasant burning smell, then the vehicle probably has a problem with the oil.

Suppose patchy spots under the car accompany the above phenomena. The vehicle’s pipes are likely damaged, thereby causing engine oil to leak to the outside.

So, how much does it cost to fix an oil leak? In this case, it is best to have an amount of money available from 300$ to 1500$ to carry out repairs and prevent the oil from continuing to spill out of the pipeline.

What Is Engine Oil And The Harmful Effects Of A Leak

What Is Engine Oil And The Harmful Effects Of A Leak

Basically, engine oil is a special liquid, usually amber or brown, and has reasonably high viscosity. Currently, there are many types of engine oil on the market with different ingredients, but these products are primarily similar in terms of function.

The primary use of engine oil is to move throughout the engine’s internal components in general and the vehicle, in particular, to lubricate and reduce friction when those components operate. In addition, engine oil also acts as a cleaning agent and prevents dirt from accumulating in places where this solution passes.

Because of the above uses, the importance of engine oil to the engine and the car is exceptionally significant.

Without oil, the parts will often rub against each other, leading to damage or overheating. Not only that, the dirt will have more opportunity to accumulate, and as a result, the transmission efficiency of the pipes will be markedly reduced.

The Reason For The Oil Leak

The Reason For The Oil Leak

There are many reasons that lead to oil in the system leaking out. However, the most common causes of this condition usually come from the failure of parts such as valve cover gasket, oil drain pipe, rear main seal, oil seal, oil drain plug, …

In addition, some failures of components such as the exhaust pipe or oil filter also cause unpleasant oil leaks. It is also impossible to ignore sensitive parts such as pipes or gaskets damaged due to lack of regular maintenance.

Besides agents coming from the internal system, the pipes can also be the leading cause of oil leakage. Because the joints on the tubes are often many and easy to rust if you often travel in extreme weather conditions but do not maintain the vehicle. And once these joints are broken, oil also flows out from there.

Signs Of A Leak

The most apparent sign of oil leaking out of the pipes is the patches under our car.

Unlike other liquids, engine oil has unique properties, so the evaporation and the shape that the stains leave are also different. So identifying oil stains is not difficult at all.

Another sign that often appears with an oil leak is an unpleasant engine odor. The main reason for this phenomenon comes from the oil leaking out of the pipes into contact with the hot surfaces of the engine, thereby creating smoke and an unpleasant burning smell.

In addition, when the oil is no longer enough to provide lubrication, the friction of the parts when also operating increases, causing some abnormal phenomena. In it, you will encounter strange noises from inside the car, or the car temperature gauge goes up and down while driving.

The feeling of driving will also be significantly affected if the parts do not have the necessary smoothness.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix An Oil Leak?

How Much Does It Cost To Fix An Oil Leak

Oil leaks are one of the incidents that have the most significant impact on vehicle performance. Because of the severity of the oil spill, the cost to find and fix vulnerabilities is often relatively high, ranging from about 80 to more than 1100 USD.

Besides, the amount for replacement parts is not a small number. You’ll have to spend between $90 and $115 on a faulty part, and the more damage you do, the more money you’ll have to invest in repairs.

In addition, smaller auxiliary components also need to be replaced when you change significant features in the system. Because of that, the cost of repair will continue to increase from 15 to 35 $.

In the worst-case scenario where the oil has spread to the remaining areas and created various damages, it is imperative to repair or replace those parts. And, of course, the amount of money spent on fixing the already extensive vulnerabilities is getting bigger and bigger.

Additional Charges For Repairs

Additional Charges For Repairs

In the process of fixing the vulnerabilities, the technician may ask you to pay some additional fees in addition to the performance fee or replacement parts.

Usually, these costs will be new oil for the engine. And, a tank of oil usually ranges from $30 to $100 depending on the quality of the fluid inside.

Besides, the staff can also suggest you change some other types of solution. In general, the surcharge for the repair process is mostly the fee to replace the substances necessary for the vehicle’s operation.

Is It Possible To Repair It Yourself At Home?

In theory, you can completely fix the oil leak at your home to save money.

However, this opinion is only genuine when dealing with oil leaking through small holes or fixed nuts. Because at this point, you will need anti-leak agents or substances to patch the hole with a wrench, and everything will be done.

But we are not always so lucky. If the damage is too significant or profound in the system, it is best to bring the car to a professional garage for the staff to check and identify the errors.

Tips To Prevent Oil Leaks

Tips To Prevent Oil Leaks
The first tip will be to pay attention to the car’s periodic maintenance schedule to take the vehicle for maintenance on time. Because manufacturers already have detailed calculations about the time that parts can fail, it is easy to prevent problems later on if maintained on time.

Changing the suitable oils and operating them will ensure that your vehicle’s systems do not degrade quickly or, worse, fail. You will need to consult this information from the manufacturer.

And finally, stop the car and check immediately if you detect signs of oil leakage to avoid more severe damage.


Oil leaks are a terrible condition that no one wants their car to have. So hopefully, the information in today’s article can help you know how much does it cost to fix an oil leak. This ensures that the vehicle is always in perfect working order.

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