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How Much Horsepower Does A Cold Air Intake Add?

How Much Horsepower Does A Cold Air Intake Add?

Installing a cold air intake system is one of the most efficient ways to improve horsepower in an effective car.

Many car owners have chosen this method to upgrade their car engines.

So, how much horsepower does a cold air intake add? How does this system work? The answer will be in the article below.

The Role Of Cold Air Intake System In Cars

Both the turbo engine or the naturally aspirated engine can use the cold air intake system. Therefore, integrating them into the car will bring many considerable benefits:

  • A standard intake system usually has a high air resistance. Consequently, the noise is significantly decreased by the paper filter in the air intake system.
  • The hot air generated from operation or the surrounding space can reduce horsepower. However, the air intake port of the CAI system can take care of this.
  • The engine, after receiving the dense cold air, can balance the temperature.
  • The accelerator pedal will be more sensitive, thanks to this system.
  • The effect of hot airflow in the engine hood reduces fire or explosion while the vehicle is running.
  • The system helps turn down the noise and helps the engine run softer and quieter than normal.
  • The turbo-compressor start-up time will be shorter than without this system.

Principle Of Cool Air Intake To Increase Automotive Hp

Understanding the principle of the CAI system inlet is extremely important. Once you know the mechanism, you can estimate the amount of cold air needed to supply your car’s engine.

From there, you will choose a suitable cold air intake system to save money while still achieving high efficiency.
The engine air filter will rotate in the opposite direction thanks to the cold air intake.

This allows air to enter the engine quickly with more flow, as the engine will heat up from the hood and spread to other areas if the car is operated for many hours.

Furthermore, cooler air has a higher density than warm air because it carries more oxygen. This amount of oxygen will be one of the factors that help the car save fuel.

With its cold inlet design, the CAI system is easy for air to circulate. This system’s input device will be much more efficient than a traditional ventilation duct installation.

This is because the tubes have a smooth surface and a large diameter tailgate for easy airflow. But the small diameter is a limitation of these traditional tubes because the amount of cold air intake will be less.

How much horsepower does an intake add

How Much Horsepower Does A Cold Air Intake Add?

As all you know, the car will perform better thanks to the air intake system. With a conventional car, a cold air intake system can increase horsepower from 5 to 15 HP.

There is no exact figure in this case. Because besides the cold air intake system, the vehicle’s horsepower also depends on many other factors, such as vehicle, engine, or vehicle model.

Therefore, the specific number will be identified based on the type of refrigerant intake system and the vehicle you use. We can see the continuous addition of cold air makes a big difference to our cars. In addition to increasing horsepower, this system also improves fuel usage and helps the engine run better.

Note When Using An Exhaust System

When using the cold air intake system to boost horsepower, you should pay attention to the following issues:

– Oxygen is the factor that helps spark plugs burn gasoline because fire cannot exist in a vacuum environment. This burning will create more energy. When cold air enters, valves allow air to reach each cylinder. To make this process easier, it is common to place the air intake system in front of the hot engine compartment.

– Cold air will be drawn from the high-pressure to the low-pressure area to ensure balance. As a result, cold air streams can heat up as it passes through the intake manifold. This temperature change will reduce the intake efficiency and cause the engine to stop running after each combustion cycle. A continuous cold air intake system will help you reduce this risk.

– The cold air inlet will work more efficiently when supplied with more cold air than other parts. Therefore, you should place them near the car’s fenders. Besides, you also need to install large air ducts in the front of the engine compartment. This will significantly boost air intake. At the same time, the hot gas situation is also limited.

– The intake air filter is usually made of dry paper, oil absorbent paper, or cotton. The floc filter enhances filtration efficiency but reduces airflow into the engine, making the engine hotter. Conversely, dry filter paper reduces filter efficiency and can, in turn, raise the airflow into the engine.

– Finally, choose to buy yourself a suitable cold air intake system. Horsepower is sure to advance strength, and the car will do better with this simple and inexpensive addition.

Other Factors Affect The Amount Of Horsepower Added

As you probably know, a cold air intake system will strengthen the horsepower of the car. But besides choosing a good quality cold air intake system, horsepower can also be influenced by many other factors. It could be:

– The type of vehicle you are using: A truck, a passenger car or an off-road vehicle.

– Position of the refrigeration air intake system: Normally, when the air intake system is placed near the fender, the car’s horsepower will be higher than in other positions.

– Car engines: Making an engine in a car can also increase horsepower. Specifically, the large engine size can make it easier to bring in cold air and compress more force.

– Car model: Large cars with good auxiliary engine blocks often have the advantage of generating more thrust in a single intake.


This article has provided complete information about how much horsepower does an intake add to a car. Choose for yourself a quality cooler that matches the design of your car. Only the right combination helps ensure the cold air supply and increase horsepower. We hope that our sharing will be useful to you.

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