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How to change a tire on a single axle travel trailer?

How to change a tire on a single axle travel trailer

For holiday-makers, owning a travel trailer is such a cool thing as they can use it to go up mountains and roll down the streets anytime they want.

However, changing the car tires sometimes is a must for your safety. Thus, in this article, we will tell you tips on how to change a tire on a single axle travel trailer. Scroll down to read!

When To Replace Your Vehicle Tires?

Before changing the tires, let’s check the following signs if they already need to be replaced or not!

Worn Out Tire Tread

Every product has a certain time of use, so does the tire. It would be best to ask the manufacturer for the maximum time you can use.

Following Federal and State regulations, a standard new tire must possess at least 1/32 inches or 2/32 inches of tread depth. Otherwise, it’s time for you to replace them.

Uneven Wear And Wear Pattern On The Tires

When you start seeing uneven wear or wear patterns on the tires, pay attention! If you also hear the metal chords, it means the tires are sending you a signal of depreciating.

Check your tires once every six months to make sure when you have to change them.

Squared Off Tires

Squared-off tires, known as scalloping caused by increased usage, still work finely on the road.
However, it tends to slip under wet conditions, leading to serious accidents later on. Therefore, when you check the treadwear, also see whether your tires are squared-off.

How To Change A Tire On A Single Axle Travel Trailer

In this part, we will give you all handy tips on how to change your travel trailer tire. Let’s kick right in!


To begin, let’s start by preparing yourselves required equipment as below:

Tire Jack

Tire jack will help you lift your travel trailer with ease. You can use either a scissor jack or bottle jack for lifting.
Though both tools are very convenient to use, we would suggest you bring along the bottle jack as it can cope with the heavier weight of travel trailers.
The floor jack is not a bad idea, but you can apply it only when you have your vehicle at home.

Lug Wrench

Yes, you will need a good lug wrench to take the tire off the axle for sure. A random lug wrench might work; however, it will be better if you pick up the one that is professionally designed for travel trailers.
Also, check with the seller about your vehicle size, they will consult you with a suitable wrench.

Hubcap Remover

Besides a tire jack and a lug wrench, a hubcap remover is the third necessary piece of equipment for your toolbox. This tool is used to plug and unplug the hubcaps on your trailer.

Normally, it has a rubber handle on one side, and the other side is like a metal fishing hook. Be noted that you should use caution to avoid damaging the trailer hubcaps.

Pieces Of Wood

For many drivers, a piece of plywood supports them better in removing the old tires. In some cases, the tire jack can’t reach the trailer, drivers will have to apply a wooden block.
Depending on your trailer type, you can choose the block of wood fluctuating from 2×4 inches to 4×4 inches.

Wheel Chocks

In the car industry, wheel chocks are one of the common tools to secure cars from slipping.
In this article, we would mention this as a tool to stabilize the trailer while you are jacking it up. We advise you to buy this equipment from reputable sellers.

Spare Tire

You may have many types of car equipment in your toolbox, and last but not least, a spare tire to replace the old.
This tire must have the same size as the current, and it should be new. Although you can reuse an old tire, it is better to apply the new one.

Step-By-Step Guideline

In this part, we would mention tips on each stage of trailer tires changing. Details as below:

Stabilize The Trailer

Firstly, many accidents have happened due to cars slipping away in reality. Therefore, before changing your travel trailer, make sure it stays balanced.

If you have to change the tire on the slope of the road, don’t just use only the trailer brake! You should apply extra wheel chock to stabilize the trailer steadily.

Undo The Lug Nuts

Secondly, you are required to loosen the lug nuts before jacking up the tire. However, you should not undo them totally, do it properly! Otherwise, you might end up doing your work by spending time looking for those lug nuts.

Jack Up The Trailer

Thirdly, after loosening the lug nuts, it’s time for you to jack up the trailer. It may be difficult for those who do this work for the first time.

We recommend you watch some videos online instructing how to jack up the trailer in the right way. Be noted that the jack must be placed on the frame instead of the suspension.

Installing The Spare Tire

Finally, installing the spare tire is the last step that you have to do. Replace the new tire into the position carefully. Then, stabilize the tire before screwing in the lug nuts by hand.
Next, tighten the nuts using a lug wrench. If it is possible, wear thick gloves while changing the tire to protect your bare hands.

The Bottom Line!

Well, who would want to be a person to change the tire except professional mechanics! But you know, there are cases that you will find no one around for help.

We hope this article has given you enough information on how to change a tire on a single axle travel trailer by yourself. Also, it would be great if you can share our post with your friends and car lovers!

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