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How To Clean A Slot Loading CD Player

Guide On How To Clean A Slot Loading CD Player And Some Extra Tips

A CD player may absorb dust and grime surrounding it, especially after a few years of usage. They ultimately make their way inside and cause problems.

A dirty car CD player can decrease the sound quality and cause error messages. How to clean a slot loading CD player? The process is straightforward with six steps as follows:

  • Step 1: Confirm there is no CD in your player
  • Step 2: Blow the dust away
  • Step 3: Take the lens cover out
  • Step 4: Choose the cleaner
  • Step 5: Apply isopropyl alcohol on the lens
  • Step 6: Wait for the player to dry

Now, let’s read on to discover what each step exactly needs!

When Do You Need to Clean a Slot Loading CD Player?

Your car CD player may fail to play or read audios, then display a disc error code. When such a thing happens, the player will be unable to receive data and can’t play your CD. If it routinely misses and skips tracks, you should check.
When Do You Need to Clean a Slot Loading CD Player
To address this issue, you need to clean your CD laser lens. It may get clogged with dust that prevents the signal from being accessed. If the car stereo can’t play or read burnt CDs, it turns out to be a different issue. It might be a sign of mismatch.

How To Clean A Slot Loading CD Player?

To achieve better performance of your CD player, let’s follow these instructions:

How To Clean A Slot Loading CD Player

Step 1: Confirm there is no CD in your player

If your CD player is tray-loaded, detach the tray and unplug the power cord. The tray would remain open, enabling you to reach the slot. Make sure that there is no CD in the player within the process.

Step 2: Blow the dust away

The rubber bulbs can work as dirt blowers. Squeeze the blowers to lightly blast dirt out of the slot and the tray.
A pressurized air can is a frightening option. To prevent applying too much pressure, simply use small blasts and ensure the sprayer is totally dry beforehand.

Step 3: Take the lens cover out

If the blower can’t solve the problem, let’s work with the lens. You should detach the device’s outer layer first unless your CD player is a snap-open mobile device.

Once you’ve accessed the player tray, check for tiny latches or screws that keep the lens component’s cover in place. Then, unscrew them. You may notice a tiny, circular lens solely on a single end of the spindle.

Step 4: Choose the cleaner

The best option is to use a clean fiber cloth. These are available in retailers that sell gadgets and eyewear. Cleaning wipes intended for electronics also can help.

Cotton swabs should only be the last option. Although they typically operate properly, they may scratch your lens.

Step 5: Apply isopropyl alcohol on the lens

Employ isopropyl alcohol with a content of no more than 91%. A mist on the lens might result from diluted alcohol. Gently moisten the cloth without wetting it.

Try rubbing the lens lightly with the towel. Wipe the lens until it gets bright and also has a blue tint in the middle. It’s OK to have some haze across the edge.

Rather than alcohol, you can also utilize a lens cleanser. In some situations, deionized water can eliminate sugar-based waste.

Step 6: Wait for the lens to dry

Before reinstalling the cover, let the lens dry completely. During the waiting time, you can use the air bulb to blast the dust out of the interior components. Don’t over-tighten the screws after reinstalling the lens cover, since this can break the plastic casing.

What If the Process above Doesn’t Work?

Don’t worry! You still have two backup solutions for this case.

Solution 1: Use cleaner discs

The lens cleaner disc may also be useful to clean your CD player.

Those discs softly rub the CD driver to remove any dirt. CD cleaning discs meant for CD players would scratch a DVD drive, therefore don’t apply them on a combo CD/DVD device. Before buying, take the time to read labels for any cautions.

Solution 2: Dismantle the player

If the CD player still won’t work after going through the steps above, try to disassemble it and check the elements. Dismantling the pieces may necessitate the use of a guidebook or the help of a skilled expert.

Extra Tips for Cleaning a Slot-Loading CD Player

Aside from the methods mentioned, there are some things you should be aware of before starting. Here are a few examples:

Ensure you’re using the CD player in dry conditions. Even just a little water drop in the electrical component might lead to irreversible harm.

While a CD player is linking to electricity, never wash or touch it. You may create irreversible consequences.
When uninstalling the CD player, be especially cautious of small pieces that might come loose. Treat the CD player with care and, if feasible, perform on a sturdy platform.

Assure the CDs you’re utilizing to clean your lens aren’t dirty. The infected tool might lead to worse issues in the future. You may clean your CDs in the same method as lenses are, with isopropyl alcohol and a cloth.

When dismantling the CD player, keep track of the number and placement of screws and other items. It’s much nicer if you can put the order on paper. You may always reassemble your CD player with this approach.


As you can see, the method on how to clean a slot-loading CD player isn’t challenging. You must, however, do the job correctly.

Even with the most basic methods, you need to pay lots of attention to avoid any harm.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you need any further information, please feel free to ask.

Thank you for reading!

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