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How To Clean Alternator

How To Clean Alternator? [ 6 Steps To Follow]

In the steps of car maintenance, the cleaning stage of the generator is extremely important. Continuous use of the machine for a long time will cause corrosion.

Therefore, the best way to protect generators is to clean them regularly. The following article will introduce you to practical cleaning steps.

Again, the generator can soon start experiencing various problems, resulting in a dead battery or alternator.

However, good inspection and maintenance will help a lot. So, How to clean alternator? Interestingly, there isn’t much equipment involved in cleaning the generator, and you can get it done in no time.

Why Do Generators Need To Be Cleaned?

Why Do Generators Need To Be Cleaned

The generator is an indispensable element of every car, and it contributes the most to the performance of your vehicle. Therefore, drivers need to clean the generator regularly because that job will bring them a lot of benefits:

  • Extend the life of your car by reducing the heat load
  • Reduce generator downtime
  • Minimizing the impact of generators on cars
  • Optimize usage performance

In addition, the cause of generator problems is due to dirt, dirty oil that restricts the airflow. At that time, the generator will overheat.

It can be warned by a light flashing on ​​the control system for some current vehicles. Most of the warnings that we can easily see are vibrations, high temperatures, or noise emitted by generators.

After noticing generator problems, the job you need to do is check and clean them. To clean the generator effectively, you will need to perform six steps.

How To Clean Alternator?

How To Clean Alternator

As you know, cars use electrical energy generated by generators. When the engine is running, the generator will help clean the battery of your device. Even so, these devices are pretty durable, and they can reach ten years with regular care.

Cleaning the generator will help minimize the problem because most equipment will not have other technical errors; dirt is the leading and most common cause of generator failure.

At the same time, cleaning the generator will not need any specialized tools. You can completely clean the device yourself at home. Just follow all 6 steps, you will complete the cleaning job effectively.

# Step 1: Choose the right cleaner

At this step, you can choose to buy a suitable detergent to clean the generator. Usually, in the showroom, there will be a lot of detergent and generator cleaning. You need to choose and buy the right one for your device.

For the easiest, you can buy a bottle of CRC or Autozone generator cleaning solution to remove as much dirt as possible on the coils.

# Step 2: Remove the generator

In step 2, you will need to remove the generator. First, you need to open the hood and remove the generator. Next, you put it on top of your desk with the cleaner and brush.

# Step 3: Dilute the degreaser

After you have prepared all the necessary tools to clean the generator, the next job you need to do is to mix the water with the detergent.

The golden ratio for this stage is 50:50. Experts say this is the most reasonable and best ratio to help remove dirt from the generator without causing any exceptions.

# Step 4: Apply the mixture

In step 4, you will use a cloth soaked in the mixing solution and apply detergent to the generator. Alternatively, you can take a spray bottle containing the cleaner tip and spray it lightly on the device. You will then wait a few minutes for the cleaner to soak into the transmitter surface.

# Step 5: Spread lightly

At this step, you will need gentleness from the cleaner. Because the dirt here is quite a lot, you need to use a soft brush and clean it slowly to avoid dirtying the surrounding area. It would help if you focused on cleaning the beginning and the end of the connection points.

# Step 6: Drain

You will need to use water for the generator flush and cleaning step. As recommended, you should use a sufficient amount of water so that water does not stagnate on the machine. Because that’s the way to avoid rust or any damage.

Some Notes During Generator Cleaning

  • Do not spray cleaner directly into the air intakes
  • You should minimize the use of engine grease cleaners
  • Using pressure or air compressor may not be suitable for generator

Some Frequently Asked Questions

# Is it possible to clean the alternator with brake fluid?

The answer is yes. Some drivers now use brake fluid as a generator cleaner. It is a method that saves a lot of money and still effectively cleans dirt. During use, you should not spray directly into the ventilation system.

# Does spraying WD40 on the generator have any effect?

The answer is yes. Even so, some people still use the WD40 to clean the generator. Using WD40 to clean the generator will cause damage to the engine, reducing the insulation of the windings.

# Is it safe to wash a generator?

The answer is yes. You need to use the correct detergent and follow the 6-step process to ensure generator safety. There will not be any unexpected problems if you follow the instructions.


Hopefully, the article will help you identify 6 steps to clean the generator effectively. When choosing a detergent mixture, you need to use a solution that is safe for the generator, do not use WD40 because it can damage the engine inside the cooler.

In addition, you need to follow the notes for the most effective cleaning work, avoiding many possible unintended risks.

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