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How To Deactivate Toyota Immobilizer

How To Deactivate Toyota Immobilizer? Why & Tips

Anti-theft is always one feature that receives much attention on modern cars today because no one wants to lose their beloved vehicle.

And the Immobilizer system is the result of research and development from many different safety components.

However, because of the complexity, many times, you will need to disable the Immobilizer temporarily. So how to deactivate Toyota immobilizer? Find out in the article below.

Overview Of Immobilizer And Mechanism Of Action

In essence, Immobilizer is a rather complex system, so we will need to learn about basic information such as structure and use before any manipulation.

What is Immobilizer?

The immobilizer is the name of an electronic anti-theft system that is pre-installed on car models. This part was born to prevent theft when conventional locks were no longer capable of protecting the vehicle.

Immobilizer’s feature is the parallel use of keys and a unique security code system to start the car.

Immobilizer’s Action Mechanism

With conventional locks, we only need a key with edges matching the keyhole to start the vehicle. However, we will need a unique key with a built-in encoder to unlock it with the Immobilizer system.

More specifically, this sequence of codes is randomly generated every time you start the car, and only yours contains the appropriate opening code.

So you need to immediately refer to how to find lost car keys to use the vehicle.

Signs Of An Active Immobilizer

Signs Of An Active Immobilizer

In addition to apparent features, we can also evaluate the operation of the Immobilizer through the indicator light. Because the anti-theft light on the control panel will emit light to signal the status of the anti-theft system.

That’s why if you can still open the car even though there is no indicator light or vice versa, there is a very high chance that the Immobilizer has a problem. If this is the case, it’s best to get tested.

Problems That Immobilizers Often Face

Below are some of the problems you may encounter if the built-in Immobilizer is damaged or not working correctly.

Unlocking Problems

Each type of smart key containing a decoder has a certain distance to transmit information and you have to stand within that range to unlock the car. However, if you have been standing near the vehicle and still cannot open it, it is likely due to the Immobilizer’s fault.

If this happens, the best advice for you is to deal with the situation as quickly as possible. Because some newer cars don’t have a manual unlocker and you won’t be able to get in.

Locking Problems

Problems with the lock will also cause you no more minor discomfort than problems when unlocking. Things can worsen if the car door doesn’t close properly and opens while the car is in motion.

Engine Does Not Start

If the lock does not work, the engine will certainly not work because the ignition and fuel injectors do not have electricity to start. Although there are many reasons for the machine not to work, you should also check to see if the fault is coming from the Immobilizer system.

Car Alarm Problems

The immobilizer will most likely come with an audible alarm, so if you no longer hear the alarm when opening or closing the door, there may be a problem. In addition, the continuous on and off alarm system is also an unusual sign.

A Few Ways To Try Before Deactivate Toyota Immobilizer

Disabling Immobilizer is also directly turning off your vehicle’s anti-theft system. Therefore, the party tries the following ways before deciding whether to interfere with Immobilizer or not.

Replace the battery for the key

But many other electronic devices, intelligent key models also need power from the battery to activate the parts responsible for receiving and transmitting signals.

Therefore, if the battery is low or the battery is dead, the key will not work, leading to being unable to send the password to the vehicle. To overcome this situation, you need to buy a suitable battery to replace it.

Stand closer to the car

The transceiver inside the key will have a specific operating range that if standing outside that area, we cannot transmit the signal. So if you feel you are too far away from the vehicle, you can move closer to test it.

How To Disable Immobilizer

How To Disable Immobilizer
If you have tried the above methods and the Immobilizer still does not let you start the car, disabling this unit is the only thing we can do. However, you need to follow each step carefully to avoid making unnecessary mistakes.

Step 1: Check Your Key and Door Cylinder

The first step is to find a way to insert the physical key into the socket on the car. Because we will need to start the system to proceed with disabling Immobilizer. If the key cannot be inserted, there are two possibilities.

The first is that your key is somehow damaged in the tooth, making it less likely to fit into the lock’s interior.

In the second case, your car has been broken into, and they try to use tools to break the drive but fail.

Step 2: Bypassing the System

After inserting the key, do not rush to start the engine. Just make sure that the electrical system in the car is activated. Then we will keep the system in this state for 10-15 minutes and observe the anti-theft light on the control panel.

If the indicator light no longer flashes, we will turn off the machine and let the system rest for about 5 minutes.

In case the Immobilizer still has no response, you can try one or two more times again.

Step 3: Use Your Car Door Key

If using the starter key doesn’t work, you can try using the door key to disable the system temporarily.

First, turn on the open command on the key but do not open the door, then hold the key for about 30-45 seconds for the system to confirm and synchronize the information. You should also use the lock button or other buttons if you can try if the unlock command doesn’t work.

What To Do If The Above Methods Don’t Work?

Take your vehicle to a Toyota service center for assistance, such as reactivating the Immobilizer or having them provide you with a new key.

Remember to prepare proof of your vehicle ownership, as you will most likely be asked to present it for verification.


After today’s article, we hope you know how to disable Immobilizer on Toyota models. But it is best to go to a professional store to receive reasonable support.

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