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How To Fix A Hood Latch That Won't Lock

Complete Guide How To Fix A Hood Latch That Won’t Lock

Cars are one of the most beneficial personal vehicles today. You can be proactive about when and where you want to go.

However, having problems during use is inevitable. You may encounter some technical errors or errors related to internal components. In particular, the most common problem is the hood latch cannot be locked.

Failure to lock the hood latch is hazardous for you and those around you if you do not fix it in time. Fortunately, this problem can be easily fixed. Let’s find out the common causes and effective ways to fix the hood latch.

The Hood Latch Won’t Lock: 4 Reasons You Need To Know

There are many causes of the hood latch not locking. In particular, below are the leading causes that many cases have been affected:

Wrong adjustment of hood latch

The hood of every car has all the main parts of the car. Therefore, car manufacturers always design the lock pin to be very strong to prevent outside dirt from affecting the quality of the engine.

However, people will often not focus on closing the hood with the latch properly. They didn’t correctly tune this part to the internal circuitry so that the hood couldn’t close tightly. In the long run, it will prevent the hood latch from closing tightly. Worse, you won’t be able to lock it again.

Corrosion proof pins

Each type of vehicle has its roof latch design. Some varieties only have a single latch, and some others will have 2 more modern latches. Depending on the car you have, there will be 1 or 2 latches to help lock the hood.

Over time, if the pins are constantly in direct contact with dirt or external steam, this part will rust or corrode. If you do not check and replace it in time, the latch will completely jam, and you will not lock the hood.

Broken latch handle

Since the hood latches are all different, the latch handle will also be added. This unit will help you open or close the hood.

Specifically, inside the handle, there is a cable to help you adjust the locking of the hood. But if this part breaks or the line breaks, you won’t be able to pull the handle to close the top of the car. Not locking the hood is very dangerous because it will affect the quality of other parts inside the car.

Just like you are driving a vehicle and discover that the brake caliper piston won’t go back in, you could end up in an accident on the road. Even if it’s just a minor technical error, it will also put yourself or everyone around you in danger.

Springs do not stretch

Deep inside the hood latch, there is a spring to pull or push so you can adjust the handle. This unit will have to work continuously if you constantly open or close the hood.

After working for a long time, the spring will tend to no longer stretch as before. If you ignore it, the inside lever won’t respond if you’re trying to lock the hood.

In addition, springs are also very easy to rust after a while. If this part encounters the phenomenon of steel rust, the spring’s elasticity will significantly decrease. From there, it becomes pretty difficult to lock the hood.

Effective Ways On How To Fix A Hood Latch That Won’t Lock

How To Fix A Hood Latch That Won't Lock
Having a problem is something that a lot of people don’t want. Therefore, you can refer to some ways below to repair the hood latch effectively:

Repair of internal parts

Inside the lock pin, there are many small components. Faulty one of those parts will prevent the latch from locking the hood. Therefore, you should carefully examine the inside to see what is wrong with those components and find a way to fix them.

For example, if you frequently misalign the hood latches, snap them back into the lock so that they can be securely closed.

Clean corroding parts

After a long time of use, parts made of steel will most likely tend to corrode or rust. If you continue without replacing or cleaning those parts, the hood latch will not lock the hood securely.

So, please pay attention to check and clean them. You can clean with water or detergent to remove rust. Once you’ve finished rinsing, you can apply an extra layer of anti-rust to lubricate and protect the parts from contamination and dirt.
After washing, there is a caveat that you need to install the parts exactly back to their original positions. Because if only a small component is wrongly installed, it will affect the usability of the latch.

Replace new hood latch

If you have checked or cleaned the internal components but nothing seems to work, you need to replace them with a new hood latch to ensure quality.

Finding the new hood latch is also quite simple. You can find it at reputable auto parts stores or dealers. Would you please check your old product and choose a similar and suitable model?

Go to an auto repair shop

Although you have found why the hood latch won’t lock, you still cannot fix this error. The easiest way is to ask for the help of auto repair shops.

Specifically, you can go to any branch you want. They are experts with extensive experience in fixing technical problems. Please describe in detail the car’s condition, and they will help you repair and improve the quality.


Long-term use will cause some parts to have problems. Technical errors can occur if you do not regularly check and maintain the warranty in time. But having trouble is inevitable. So, calmly find the problem and solve the error accordingly.

I hope the above article has helped you find the cause of the hood latch won’t lock and effective ways to fix it.

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