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How To Manually Move A Power Seat

How To Manually Move A Power Seat?

A comfortable seat will help the driver to drive safely and promptly respond to incidents. Therefore, current cars are designed with power seats to help adjust the position of the seat to suit each person.

However, the power seat is also a part that is easily damaged or misbehaved, making it impossible for you to adjust as desired. So today’s article shows you how to manually move a power seat. This will be a useful lesson to help you deal with a failed power seat.

Why Is The Power Seat Important To Your Car?

Why Is The Power Seat Important To Your Car
Everything in the car is necessary to be stable and safe for the driver. So when the power seat has a problem, you need to know how to fix it just like you have to know how to fix a low tire pressure.

Power seats include a control switch (looks like a joystick) and electric motors that move and adjust the position of the seat. If the driver’s sitting position is too far from the steering wheel and pedals, it will create a feeling of discomfort when controlling.

Moreover, it is difficult for the driver to handle it in time in unexpected situations, which leads to undesirable consequences.

4 Tips To Try Before Moving It Manually

Maybe the power seat is not working because the control switch is damaged or an object is stuck in some joint. On the other hand, manually operating the power seat will be very laborious and difficult.

So trying to fix the joystick or follow the following 4 tips will be simpler and faster. If not, please proceed to move your electric seat manually.

Move the chair to the desired position

If the motors are still working properly, you can use an appropriate force to push the chair back to the desired position. If the seat is tilted forward, then push back and vice versa. Similarly, you can try to move the chair left or right.

In addition, you can hold the control switch while moving the chair to increase efficiency.

Loosen bolts

Another tip for fixing chair mobility is to loosen the seat latches and seat moving rails. Because the latches are too tight due to strong pressure, it can cause the chair to become stuck and unable to move.

Check the joints

If there is a problem with the signal transmission from the remote control to the joints, it will not allow the chair to move. So try to check that the couplings are properly energized.

Reconnect the cables

Check the cables under the seat. Usually, there will be 3 cables connected to the power seat’s transmission. If 1 of the 3 wires is open or not connected, you cannot activate the power seat. So your task is to reconnect the cables or replace the worn ones to ensure the transmission.

2 Ways To Manually Move A Power Seat

Ways To Manually Move A Power Seat

If you’ve tried 4 tips to fix the immobility of the power seat and still don’t succeed, don’t worry too much. Try the following 2 ways to adjust your electric seat manually.

However, these are only temporary measures. Please take your car to reputable facilities for inspection and repair, especially when the car is still within the warranty period.

Simple way: Use winder

Winder is a tool that helps rotate and twist objects. Accessories included when buying a car will consist of a winder tool. So try rummaging through your car’s toolbox!

The first and simplest way to adjust the position of the chair is to use the winder to screw it directly on the motor. The first step is to find the location of the electric seat motor, which is usually in the lower left or right corner of the seat.

Next is to mount the winder in the position designed for the winder on the engine. All that remains is to turn the winder to the right to move the seatback.

Conversely, when turning the winder to the left, the car seat will move forward. After the chair has moved into the correct position, you just need to remove the winder tool, and you’re done.

Complicated way: Disassemble the entire seat and deal with the internals

The second way to move the power seat manually will be complex and take a bit of effort. As it involves removing the entire seat and working with the internals. Therefore, you need to prepare the following items:

  • Gloves and goggles
  • Scissors or knife
  • Hand Drill or Pliers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Bolt cutter

After you have prepared the tools, follow the 4 steps below!

Remove the seat

Your first step is to move the seat section to access the internals. Therefore, gently remove the seat fixings according to the instruction manual. Or you can also use scissors and a knife to open the rear part without removing the entire seat.

Note that you need to turn off the car engine and remove all batteries from the car before starting. Furthermore, you need to wear gloves and goggles to ensure safety during the procedure.

Cut out the wire mesh

After moving the chair and opening the interior, use a bolt cutter or pliers to cut out the wire mesh. You have to be very careful to avoid cutting other parts inside. After removing the mesh, you can now easily see the long shaft used to adjust the seat.

Shaft adjustment

The next step is to use pliers to change the shaft to the desired position when the adjustment shaft section has appeared. Similar to using the winder, you move the shaft to the left to adjust the seat forward. Conversely, move the shaft to the right to change the seatback. Adjusting this chair requires slow operation and requires patience.


After putting the shaft in the appropriate position, you reinstall the mesh and reattach the seat. Thus, moving the chair manually has been completed.

Alternatively, you can sit in the car, and test drives a few laps to see if the seat is comfortable. If the chair is still not in the correct position, remove the core and mesh and adjust until it is appropriate.


Above are tips to guide you on how to fix power seat problems and how to move a power seat manually. However, this is only a temporary fix; take the car to a professional car repair shop to check and restore it when possible. Wish you always have safe and comfortable trips in your vehicle.

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