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How To Program A Transponder Key Without Original

How To Program A Transponder Key Without Original: Guideline & Tips

The transponder key would be a key, which is attracted with a side transponder chip. It is to transmit a specific alphanumeric number of the igniter. Thanks to that, the car started. The use of this code is very safe. You will not get the car back to work if you lose this original key set.

However, unfortunately, you lose the key, and it is not convenient to contact any locksmith. So, how to process the transponder key if you don’t have the original?

You just need to do the following steps:
Step 1: Turn on the electric lock
Step 2: Wait 15 minutes
Step 3: Turn the car off and on again
Step 4: Repeat step 3

In addition to being time-consuming, these steps are very simple and do not take much effort. You will know more specifically what you should do through this article. Let’s dive in!

Things You Need To Know Before Process The Transponder Key If You Don’t Have Original

The Transponder Key If You Don’t Have Original

The process of programming your non-original keycaps will be simpler when you know and prepare the following:

Which cars go with transponder keys?

Modern cars today all have transponder keys. Toyota or Chrysler cars are specific examples.

Expensive cars in the past, such as Ford Rangers 2001, Wrangler Jeep 1998, Buick Park Avenue 1997, also used landing keys as standard. if you are using other brands like Mercedes then this might be the article you need.

People use this set of keys to start cars because the microchip structure uses radio waves to give them good security.

Besides, if you don’t have the original key, other people can’t unlock it. This one is very safe when you leave your car outside.

A common method if your car has the transponder is to check the plastic part of the key. A key with the transponder is always more durable than a key without one.

Or, when you wrap many paper layers on the outside of the key, the car won’t start. This expression also shows that your vehicle is using a key with a transponder. Besides, these starter keys will cost more than usual.

Of course, in case your car uses the transponder key, you can program the response key for it. Although most cars today use this type of lock, a few exceptions cannot be ignored.

Therefore, you should note a few features to double-check that will be more convenient for you and your car.

What to prepare to program the key?

This method does not require the original key, does not require the assistance of another vehicle. However, you still need to prepare a few items.

– Owner’s Manual
– Any car key
– A watch or phone to keep track of time
– Fully charged car battery

Step-by-step To Program The Transponder Key If You Have The Original

Cars with a landing gear lock cannot be started without the original key. If the clone has lost the key, the best way is to contact a locksmith to create a suitable set of keys.

Programming a transponder that does not use the original is not a very complicated process. The steps below will help you visualize each task.

How to program a transponder key without original

In particular, this method will make the difficult process of creating keys simpler.

Of course, remember that processing a new one takes a lot of time and battery capacity, so you’ll need to charge your vehicle before you start fully.

Step 1: Turn on the electric lock

You should get in the car and let the key into the ignition to turn on the ignition. After turning it on, you keep this mode for 10 minutes 25 seconds. When the electric lock is on, the security light will be on.

At this time, the light is on, indicating that the car is normal. If you see the security unit does not turn on, the battery is probably dead. In this case, you can get the rechargeable battery or replace it with a new one.

Step 2: Wait 15 minutes

After completing the first step, you need to leave the security light on for 15 minutes. This waiting is essential because it will determine whether your next process is successful or not.

It is best to prepare your watch and watch the time carefully. Neither lack nor excess of time is your goal in this step.

Step 3: Turn the device off and on again

After waiting for 15 minutes, the security light went off. Within 3 minutes of the lights going out, you ought to take off the electrical equipment.

When getting the key off, turn it on again. The security light can stay on for the next 15 minutes.

Step 4: Repeat step 3

After 15 minutes, the light gets off again, and you continue to repeat the actions like step 3.
Specifically, you turn the key to turn it off and get it to turn it on. Then the light would be on again, and you need to wait 15 minutes for the next one.

For the whole process, you need to leave the light on for exactly 45 minutes. At the end of the waiting period, a new key will be generated.

At this point, you can turn on the key and control the car as usual. However, you should know that since this landing gear is in place, your original key will no longer be useful on this vehicle. Therefore, finding the key is no longer useful in this case.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Walmart Make Car Keys with Chips?
Walmart can generate duplicate car keys, but they do not generate chip car keys. Most automakers don’t want to go to Walmart for keys with chips.

How much does it cost to program the transponder key

How much does it cost to program the transponder key?
Depending on the type of key, the price will be different, and you can refer to the cost of some of the following types:

– VATS car key for $20 (no programming fee).
– Car key with the chip is about $110, including the programming fee.
– Laser car key is $250 with a programming fee.
– Neighborhood FOB is $175 with programming fees.
– The programming fee is usually $100.

May you program the Ford key yourself?

Yes. You can create your own Ford key with the help of a locksmith. They will create a brand new key for you. Of course, you must present your correct credentials and credentials.


By now, you must have the answer to “How to process the transponder key if you don’t have the original?”. The implementation is very light and easy.

However, when the process is complete, you must accept that your car is no longer as safe as before. For that reason, you’d better prepare a spare key.
Thank you for following this post!

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