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How To Remove Honda Keyless Remote Battery Low

How To Remove Honda Keyless Remote Battery Low?

Modern technology has made it possible for people to create many products with high automation capabilities. And so are the cars. Currently, Honda cars have applied a critical system that can be controlled remotely to make it more convenient for users to use.

More specifically, when you own a keyless remote, you can unlock the steering wheel or start and stop the vehicle. However, this device runs on batteries, so running out of battery is very high, which will affect your user experience.

So, how to fix this problem? Let’s learn about the fix and 5 steps to replace your Honda keyless remote battery low with us.

What Does Honda Keyless Remote Battery Low Mean?

What Does Honda Keyless Remote Battery Low Mean

Almost all Honda models have used keyless remote batteries to increase automation. You will not need to carry many keys simultaneously, and the risk of losing them is very high. Using a battery-powered automatic product will save you a lot of time instead.

However, the keyless remote cannot be maintained forever. This device, after a long time of operation, will not have enough battery left to control. The sign to know this device is having problems is when the control panel system lights up. It will help you capture the remaining usage time of the keyless remote.

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How To Fix Low Honda Keyless Remote Battery?

How To Fix Low Honda Keyless Remote Battery

When your Honda key shows signs like hard to press, can’t control, car dashboard, keyless remote battery low. It would help if you had ways to fix this situation. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to use your car.

The fastest solution is to get close to your car to press the button. When the battery is low, the automatic ability of the device will be significantly reduced. So, come close to your car and hold down the start button to start the car.

However, this is not a long-term solution. The best way is to change the keyless remote battery so that you can continue to use the car more conveniently.

5 Steps To Replace Honda Keyless Remote Battery

Replacing the Honda keyless remote battery is very easy to do. You can do this work at home without spending too much time. We will guide you through the steps to replace below:

1 : Determine the type of battery to replace

The first job before replacing the battery is to determine the type you are using. You need to choose the right product because otherwise, your keyless remote will not work.

The determination is quite simple. The back of the device has the name of the battery in use. If you can’t find its name, you can search the Honda website. They will provide you with all the information you need to find a replacement product.

2: Open Honda key fob

To start the installation, you need to open the key fob. You can use a screwdriver to split the device in half. The screws of the keyless remote are pretty small, so you need to find the right tools.

Those without screws need to be equipped with specialized products such as a screwdriver to separate. This work will take a bit of time because the keyless remote has been attached very tightly.

3: Remove the old battery

After separating the key fob, you can proceed to disassemble the old battery. Please be very careful with this step because it may affect the quality of the keyless remote in the future.

In particular, pay attention to the battery terminals. You need to gently remove the battery from the negative terminal first and then the positive terminal. During disassembly, you should not touch the tips of your fingers to the 2 terminals. Dirt in your hands can get inside and shorten the life of the product.

4: Install a new battery

Determine exactly where to put the new battery. When you disassemble an old battery, you can remember where you took it out. If you can’t grasp the location, you can look at the battery terminals and inside the keyless fob. There are full signs (+) for the positive pole and (-) for the negative pole.

5: Check

Finally, once you have successfully replaced the new battery, you can reinstall the parts of your device. You also need to pay special attention because if you do not do this job carefully, the product will not be used for a long time.

In addition, you also need to check if the keyless remote is working or not. This work is essential. Try clicking the device to see if your car reacts. If the vehicle does not work, you need to consider reinstalling the battery accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we will answer some of the questions that a lot of people are interested in:

How to recognize a low Honda keyless remote battery?

Recognizing when the Honda keyless remote battery is slowly running out of battery will help you prevent the risks of not controlling the car. Here are some signs that you can quickly notice:

  • The car cannot be maintained with the device.
  • The vehicle’s response is prolonged.
  • The Control panel lights up.

As soon as you encounter the above cases, it would help if you replaced the battery immediately. If you don’t find a way to repair it in time, a depleted battery will make you unable to control your vehicle.

How long is the life of the Honda keyless remote battery?

Unlike automatic cars, the keyless remote battery has a relatively short lifespan. If you use it usually, the time the key can work is 3 – 6 months. If not properly maintained, the lifespan can be shortened.

Capturing the time of use will help you be proactive in product replacement. You can backup batteries at home, and when your key starts to show signs of low battery, you’re ready to replace it.

Can I start the car even if the Honda keyless remote battery is low?

You can start a car without a key. As soon as you start the car, you won’t need to use the keyless remote anymore. This product just saves you time to open the car engine.

However, if your Honda is resting, you will have some difficulties when starting the engine. Starting up will take longer, and the car may not work if the battery is completely drained. Therefore, you should pay close attention to the signs of low battery to promptly replace.


Honda keyless remote has a lot of automatic features that make driving more convenient. However, when the device’s battery is slowly draining, you won’t be able to start your car itself. Therefore, you need to catch the signs to repair and replace a new battery promptly.

Hopefully, the above article has helped you learn how to temporarily fix low Honda keyless remote batteries and quick and straightforward product replacement steps.

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