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how To Remove Plasti Dip From Rims

How To Remove Plasti Dip From Rims?

It is no longer strange for car lovers to create their cars to be unique and new. One of the ways to refresh that many drivers choose is to change the color of the wheel rims.

However, the job of removing the inner rubber layer is difficult for everyone. The following article will show you 6 ways to remove Plasti layers quickly. These are: Use kerosene, WD-40, Remove other adhesives, Paint thinner, Rub alcohol and use nails.

What Is Plasti Dip?

Plasti Dip is an insulating rubber used in various tools for better grip and slips resistance. You can apply Plasti Dip to details by spreading, dipping, or spraying directly. That way, the devices will be improved in terms of aesthetics, creating many different designs, enhancing product value.

How Long Does Plasti Dip Usually Last?

How Long Does Plasti Dip Usually Last
Plasti is quite durable, and its average lifespan can be up to 3 years. Most of the time, for the best rubber sheeting, you need to apply 4 to 5 coats with a curing time of 15 to 20 minutes for each skin.

After applying the final coat, you need to wait about 6 hours for the paint to have the best adhesion and durability.

Although the lifespan of Plasti DIP can be up to 3 years, car enthusiasts can replace it regularly to create a novelty for the car.

However, the correct replacement will contribute to keeping the belt strong and healthy. You can refer to 6 methods of removing Plasti from the belt below.

Some Ways To Remove Plasti From The Belt

Use kerosene

Using kerosene is the first method that may interest you. For this method, the tools you need to prepare are:

  • Petroleum
  • A glass jar
  • Water tap
  • Some hardcover
  • Bubble Dictionary
  • Soap
  • A stick

To perform Plasti removal from the belt, you need to do 5 steps:

Step 1: In step 1, you need to separate the wheel from the car. Then you will spread a piece of cardboard on the floor for easier cleanup. Because after you’re done, you just need to fold the card containing Plasti in and remove it quickly.

Step 2: In this step, you need to wear safety gloves and prepare kerosene. Then you would use the brush and dip it in the kerosene. The bristles absorb as much kerosene as possible.

Step 3: After dipping the brushes in kerosene, you can apply them to the surface of the wheel rims. You need to remove the oil spill immediately and minimize foreign objects on the rim surface. Next, you need to wait 10 minutes for the kerosene to take effect.

Step 4: You will use a long wooden stick with a pointed end to cut off the Plasti dip. Using a wooden stick will be different from a metal object, because it does not have great killing properties, so it is difficult to scratch and distort the rim.

Step 5: To thoroughly clean the plastic layer on the rims, you can use a plate on the kerosene to wipe the rest.


WD-40 is one of those miracle tools that clean almost anything: cleaning, removing rust, or lubricating. The WD-40 only takes 10 minutes for the substance to penetrate the Plasti layer and remove it with a pressurized water jet. WD-40 is not as corrosive as kerosene, and the cost of buying a bottle of WD-40 is much cheaper than kerosene.

Paint thinner

Paint thinner acts as a solvent to quickly remove Plasti DIP from the belt. The bleaching process is similar to the above methods.

In addition, paint thinner may only remove some Plasti dips. Therefore, you can repeat the process until it separates into layers and clean them with a toothbrush. This work depends on the thickness and bonding ability of the Plasti.

Rubbing alcohol

To remove Plasti from the rim, you can use alcohol. Alcohol can dissolve various organic substances. In addition, it is a safe substance and does not cause too much toxicity during use.

Depending on the alcohol content, you will need different gloves. When finished, you should wash your hands to remove the alcohol from your hands completely.

Regarding the Plasti removal process, it is completely similar to the above methods. You will pour alcohol over the Plasti dip and wait for it to soak into each layer. Then you will remove it by peeling. You can also add more wine to make this process complete faster.

In addition to the methods, you need to note some of the following points to be able to remove the Plasti layer effectively and at the same time ensure the safety of the car.

Some Notes When Removing Plasti

Some Notes When Removing Plasti
When performing the removal of Plasti layers, the following points should be kept in mind:

  • Do not use aggressive substances
  • Do not use Scraper or another metal object
  • Please replace Plasti safely and effectively
  • Gloves and masks should be used during the removal

In addition, when performing the Plasti removal process, many people have raised questions and concerns related to many different aspects. For example, which cleaner removes Plasti the fastest and most effectively? We gathered and answered some similar questions in the section below for your reference.


What is the fastest way to remove Plasti Dip from rims?

To remove Plasti DIP from the rims as quickly as possible, you can use alcohol, WD-40 or paint thinner. After waiting for about 5 to 10 minutes, you use the pressure hose to clean them. At that time, the car belt will clean quickly and no longer have any rubber on the surface.

How hard is it to remove Plasti Dip from rims?

When you dip the Plasti layer in detergents, you will see their layers separate. This is the golden time for you to remove the Plasti layer. However, it also depends on the thickness of the Plasti dip or how easily they come off that you need time for the detergent to penetrate.

What best removes Plasti Dip?

WD-40 is one of those miracle tools that clean almost anything: cleaning, removing rust, or lubricating. Thee WD-40 only takes 10 minutes for the substance to penetrate the Plasti layer and remove it with a pressurized water jet. It can be said that this is the best tool to remove the Plasti layer effectively.

In addition, there are some issues that many drivers are also concerned such as Limp mode and StabiliTrak. You can refer to the articles “how to turn off StabiliTrak” and “how to bypass limp mode” for more detailed information.


Hopefully, the article will help you overview effective methods of removing the Plasti layer for car belts. You can use 1 of 5 methods to replace them. Please follow some tips to keep your car as safe as possible.

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