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How To Reset BMW Computer After Battery Change

How To Reset BMW Computer After Battery Change?

BMV is one of the cars equipped with the world’s leading intelligent operating system. So after each time you impact, replace any object in the car, the first thing you need to do is restart the whole car.

This startup helps the computer predict and notify you of the next replacement you will have to perform. How to reset BMW computer after a battery change is a simple task and will not take much of your time.

  • Step 1: Restart the controller
  • Step 2: Tap the “Trip” button to wake it up and glow
  • Step 3: Continue to press and hold that “trip” button and hold until the “Reset” button appears on the screen.
  • Step 4: Reset

Why Does The BMW Computer Need To Be Reset?

Most of the BMW still in use on the market today are new cars with modern operating systems. This control system has a central controller that is a computer, and it will cover the entire system of the car.

Why Does The BMW Computer Need To Be Reset

This computer will help you check if the vehicle system is working properly. For example, if your car suddenly stops running, you can know where the problem is coming from to fix it quickly.

So after replacing the battery, the first thing you need to do is reset the computer.

In addition, this reset helps the computer to update and recognize the new battery. Once that is recognized, the computer will automatically calculate and notify you when to change the next battery.

Plus, some other reasons will definitely make you have to reset your computer the next time you change the battery:
Displays information, measures, and allocates the battery so that it uses up its full performance. Battery information such as temperature, voltage, or charge level will also be fully displayed on your computer.

Reset computer will help you check once again the quality of the battery. If the battery fails or hasn’t been inserted in the correct orientation during replacement, you’ll notice this.

If the computer screen shows good numbers, you can be sure that you have successfully replaced the battery and are safe to use.

Reset BMW computer also helps restore the vehicle’s data to help the vehicle measure the distance and fuel consumption more accurately.

How To Reset BMW Computer After Battery Change

How To Reset BMW Computer After Battery Change

  • Step 1: Restart the controller. At this step you need to plug in the key like when you are about to drive normally. However, instead of turning the key to start the car, you need to turn it in the opposite direction.
  • Step 2: Tap the “Trip” button to wake it up and glow
  • Step 3: Continue to press and hold that “trip” button and hold until the “Reset” button appears on the screen.
  • Step 4: Reset

For mechanical buttons, please continue to press the “trip” button one more time to restart the movement.

For older models or using a touch screen, press the “reset” button that appears on the screen directly. Then the BMW computer will automatically start and reset the machine.

Reprogram The Battery

Same manufacturer, but each BMW only accepts certain types of batteries. If you choose the wrong kind of battery, it may be difficult to adapt to the device and cause circuit failure, even shorting the power cord.

To choose the correct type of battery, you can research the vehicle’s specifications or purchase the same old battery if possible.

Using a different battery pack will cause the computer to work harder. The parameters will need to be recalculated, and it will also take longer to adapt to the current battery you have just replaced.

Not only in the movement, but the charging time will also change to match and meet the needs of the battery.
However, replacing and reprogramming the battery also has many positive effects. For example, if you move closer to work or change your commute, you don’t need a powerful battery pack.

On the contrary, if you still want to use your car for long trips, you need to choose other batteries suitable for that frequency of travel.


What are the notes when performing the reset process?

Some people often regret it after resetting their computer because of data loss or device failure. So we have some notes for you when replacing the battery and resetting the device.

Check your computer and save the necessary information: To be sure, you can back up the entire device to your computer or phone. Copying this data will help you check it more closely later or find the information you don’t think you need.

Delete all saved data: Specifically, you can safely do this after backing up data to another device. Deleting this data also makes the memory lighter, and the subsequent reboot will be faster.

Turn off the device power: The computer suddenly disconnects the power, which will reduce the machine’s life. So proactively turning off the power will help protect the computer better.

When do you know it’s time to replace the battery

When do you know it’s time to replace the battery?

Normally, if your computer is working properly, it will tell you when the battery needs to be replaced.

However, if your computer breaks down or you haven’t replaced it yet, a sign that it’s time to replace the battery is that it uses more energy.

For example, the same road, but the battery life is reduced, indicating that it is time to change the battery.

You should also bring your car in for regular check-ups. In these cases, the battery is also subject to inspection and will be replaced when appropriate.

Which BMW models need to reset the computer after replacing the battery?

Changing the battery is inevitable if you have been using the car for a long time. With today’s modern technology, many vehicles have improved to reset when changing the battery without your intervention automatically.

So we will show you some BMW models that need to be reset after changing the battery.

  • Cars with frames near the symbol starting with E (E65, E66, E90, E93,…)
  • Cars with series 3,5,6,7
  • Cars produced for a long time, circa 2007 or earlier
  • Model X5, X6


If you are replacing the battery of your BMW yourself, then you must read this article carefully. If you want to be more sure, you can bring your car to a professional repair shop to have them replace the battery for you.

Resetting a computer is an indispensable step in the battery replacement process, so you can rest assured about that.

Restarting the machine will save you a lot of trouble while using it later. This reset process is also easy and does not take much time, so please check it carefully and do not rush to skip it.
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