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how to reset car computer without disconnecting battery

SOLVED! How to reset car computer without disconnecting battery?

Removing the battery to reset the car’s computer may be a hassle for some people. It takes a lot of effort to detach and reinstall it.

In addition, removing the battery could result in some memory loss and tend to forget everything that the ECU has learned.

Hence, our purpose of compiling information on how to reset the car computer without disconnecting the battery will surely help you.

Can I reset the car’s computer?

Generally, resetting the computer normally deletes information such as the time, radio stations, connected devices, and many more.

There are various ways to reset it. Either break the circuit by switching off the car battery or resetting while the battery is switched on and still attached to the car.

How to reset a car computer without disconnecting

How to reset a car computer without disconnecting?

Most car owners perform the technique of disconnecting the battery to reset the computer. Since it automatically deletes the computer’s data.

Information such as recent contacts, favorite radio stations, music playlists, or anti-theft system locks will likely be gone.

Now, if you insist on resetting the car computer without disconnecting, there are some specific guides that you can refer to.

However, this is applicable only on several vehicles like Ford, Honda, and Toyota.

A. Ford Vehicles

Step 1: In Ford models like F150, let us start by disconnecting the negative terminal.

Step 2: To avoid being electrocuted, wrap or put a non-conductive material over the negative terminal.

Step 3: Look at the positive terminal. You must connect the other end of the jumper wire to it. Note to do this while it is still connected to the battery.

Step 4: Link an un-attached negative cable by the remaining end of the wire. Be cautious and avoid contacting the battery terminal.

Step 5: Stay put for about 5 to 10 minutes before disconnecting the cord.

Step 6: Then proceed to reconnect the negative cable.

Step 7: Try to start the ignition and keep the car idle for at least 5 to 10 minutes. By doing so, the engine can familiarize the values of idling, but ensure to switch off any accessories at this point.

Step 8: Test drive the vehicle to adjust on shift points. Note to only use a light acceleration while hitting each gear.

B. Honda Vehicles

Step 1: In Honda CR-V and other models, begin by accessing its fuse box under the car’s hood.
Step 2: Open the tabs and remove their top cover.

Step 3: Bring out the fuse tools to pull out both the 7.5A fuse and the 15A fuse. If these numbers are not found try looking at the other labels “Back-up” and “ECU”.

Step 4: Plug in the fuse back after 10 minutes.

Step 5: Turn on the engine and keep it idled for at least 5 minutes before going for a test drive.

C. Toyota Vehicles

Step 1: For Toyota vehicles like Camry’s, start resetting by opening the fuse panel underneath the steering column.

Step 2: Read and observe the pamphlet guide to access the fuse. Find the ECU or Electronic Control Unit fuse.

Step 3: Pull out the ECU fuse by using any fuse tools or nose pliers.

Step 4: Turn on the ignition and let the car idle for a few minutes.

Step 5: Return the ECU fuse in place.

Step 6: Test drive the car and assess if the process has worked.

How many miles does it take for a car computer to completely reset?

Well, there is no specific measurement for this situation depending on the vehicle. The status of the battery appears on the monitor and will be ready once the car starts to run.

Although, in average cases, the computer requires the vehicle to run around 100 miles to completely reset and get ready for next use.

How long does it take for a car ECU to review the information?

As a driver, it is known that the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) fuse is one of the main controllers of the car. It ensures that the engine is in its best condition to serve on the road.

Yet, there is no specific answer to the question. The ECU needs ample time to adjust. The recovery depends on the vehicle itself, the owner’s management, and the time spent driving.

Aside from that, in terms of basic information, the ECU can absorb the knowledge immediately. Basic info like fuel injection and air intake can be reviewed for at least 25 minutes or more.

Other complicated details from your car normally require a lot of time and long miles of driving to make the ECU relearn everything.


Hopefully, you are satisfied with the answer on how to reset the car computer without disconnecting the battery. Just carefully follow the steps above to successfully reset your car computer.

Furthermore, understanding how to properly take care of your car provides a great advantage to keep it working for a long time.

Also, it will be easier to manage any technical problems such as resetting the computer, if you truly recognize your vehicle’s internal and external components.

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