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How To Reset Gauge Cluster Needles

How To Reset Gauge Cluster Needles [4 easy steps]

We cannot personally feel the changes and the parameters of the vehicle while operating the vehicle. Instead, you need to observe the information that appears on the instrument cluster right in front of the steering wheel. 

Because of such an important role, problems with this information meter cluster will often have serious consequences that directly affect the controllability and safety of the user. 

Therefore, in today’s article, we will guide you to reset gauge cluster needles so that the unit can function normally again.

What Is a Gauge Cluster?

Basically, a gauge cluster is a cluster of gauges and indicator lights, a collection of signs that provide a complete overview of important information that directly affects the operation and condition of the vehicle. You’re using.

All vehicles in general and cars in particular, whether expensive or cheap, are still equipped with these notification equipment clusters. However, depending on the price, the manufacturer will add watches and notice boards for more parameters and conditions of the vehicle. 

But no matter how little or a lot of information appears simultaneously, each gauge cluster will ensure that you have access to all the necessary information.

Uses Of Gauge Cluster

As mentioned above, with the structure of a clock cluster with indicator lights, the main task of the gauge cluster will be to display and notify the driver about the vehicle’s status.

Information you can monitor includes fuel and oil level, travel speed, engine rpm, temperature, oil pressure, battery charge level, etc. In addition, there will be additional tire pressure sensors, measurement systems, or other ancillary parameters in some high-end models.

Often the parameters that the gauge cluster represents will take a variety of forms, from pure numbers to symbols and possibly indicator lights and visualizations. Either way, we’ll need to pay attention to everything happening on the screens located behind the steering wheel.

Signs Of A Problematic Gauge Cluster

It’s not difficult to notice that your gauge cluster is experiencing problems and requires intervention to get it back in working order at its best. The frequency we observe the clock hands or the displayed messages is quite a lot, so it is easier to detect abnormal signs.

The first and most common are problems related to the clock hands because most of the critical information is still usually shown in the form of parameters along with the needle. However, modern car models have gradually replaced this expression.

Often the problem will manifest as the needle not running but stopping at the zero position or any random place on the number line. In some cases, the clock hands increased abnormally and stopped at the maximum mark.

In addition, the needle moving back and forth continuously like a car temperature gauge goes up and down while driving is also another warning sign.

In addition to the indicating needle, the indicator light is vague, on and off continuously or completely off is also a bad sign. Besides, digital clock display problems such as jamming or immobilization are also a warning that we should pay attention to.

So if you find the dashboard on your car is in trouble, it’s best to check the vehicle immediately.

Why Is The Gauge Cluster Error?

Like problems with gauge clusters, there are many causes for your gauge cluster to become abnormal and display the wrong parameters. However, the main factors leading to these failures are often in a few specific areas.

Broken electrical circuit

Either way, most of the mechanisms on the gauge cluster are electronic devices that operate on batteries or accumulators built into the vehicle. 

The circuits are susceptible to external influences such as temperature, weather, or vibrations. 

Even when the car is left idle for too long, circuit boards are at high risk of oxidation and corrosion. Once the IC has a problem, the indicator light or the clock will not work correctly.

Problems with mechanical mechanisms

If the clock or indicator light relies heavily on electronic circuit boards, the needles depend heavily on the mechanical system integrated inside the gauge cluster. 

Unlike electronics, automated tools are usually more durable, but that doesn’t mean we can’t eliminate the possibility of damage from these parts. 

Usually, the most common mechanical problems are jams, broken transmissions, or damaged gears.

Batteries, accumulators

Just like fuel with a vehicle, the battery or battery with the gauge cluster has a very close relationship when the primary electronic mechanism of this part relies entirely on the operation of the energy contained inside the battery. 

So it is not surprising that when the battery has problems, most of the functions available on the gauge cluster can no longer operate correctly. 

In addition, if the protective fuses on the vehicle being overloaded, the battery’s power cannot reach the meter above. It is best to choose products from quality brands like Valucraft Vs Duralast Battery to eliminate risks.

How To Reset Gauge Cluster

One of the fastest ways to deal with a faulty gauge cluster is to perform a full reset of the unit. And here’s how we do the reset.

Step 1:

You will need to remove the protective fuse section first. Usually, this device is located right under the hood and is not too difficult to remove. Once the removal is complete, you will need to get the key before moving on to the next step.

Step 2:

At this step, you will need to insert the key into the lock and rotate the dial from 0 to 1. 

Right now, look for the SEL / RESET button and press and hold it. Most modern cars have this button, but if your car doesn’t have it, another button replaces it. To be sure, you can refer to the information from the manufacturer.

Step 3:

Next, you need to turn on the headlights and gently turn the ignition key. When you see the light come on, you should start preparing for the following procedure. You have five seconds to complete the task of turning the headlights off and then back on. Now quickly move your hand to the Sel/Reset button again and release the button. That whole process must be done within 5 seconds.

Step 4:

It is the final step of the reset process; you just need to turn off the car through the ignition switch and reinstall the fuse to complete the job.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair Gauge Cluster?

If the reset does not resolve the problem, you will need to bring the car to a professional repair center. In these locations, the average cost to replace a cluster of equipment ranges from $800 to $1000.


By the end of today’s article, we hope that you can use the knowledge you have gathered to understand much more about the problems and how to reset gauge cluster needles. Thereby ensuring that the vehicle’s performance is always at its best

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