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How To Reset Miles On A Car

Ultimate Guide On How To Reset Miles On A Car

A digital odometer is a tool that helps measure the distance your vehicle has traveled. This indicator is usually displayed in the form of Mileage, and thanks to it, you can determine the time for maintenance and repair of equipment on the vehicle.

If you are looking for information about resetting miles on a car, this article will give you the best answer.
Note, the content in this article is for educational purposes only to show you how to reset Mileage on a car most simply.

Can You Reset Car Mileage?

First of all, it can be seen that the odometer on a car is an automatic device. So surely people will be interested if I can reinstall it or not?

In fact, even though this gauge is an automatic device and the manufacturer usually installs it permanently with the car, you can still reset it.

However, this issue is related to the law because many people who want to resell cars often reset this gauge to look newer.

At the same time, you cannot reset the odometer on all cars because some models and manufacturers do not allow users to perform this action.

Is Resetting Car Mileage Legal?

Is Resetting Car Mileage Legal
It is illegal to reset the odometer without any documents from the authorities such as the Ministry of Transport. Certainly, this case is fraud when buying and selling used cars.

Because resetting the odometer helps your car look new, it can command a higher selling price. That is also why many dealers often adjust this watch for profit, making it difficult for buyers.

In particular, setting an odometer in some countries and regions is a violation of the law, and you may end up in jail if discovered by the authorities.

However, in cases where the meters do not work or are damaged, you can reset them. But in the best way, prepare all the relevant documents so that this repair is legal.

Do not arbitrarily reset your odometer when intending to sell the car. Because it can help you earn a little more money from the buyer, but if it is reported, you will be responsible before the law.

How To Reset Miles On A Car?

How To Reset Miles On A Car
For some models, especially Toyota, you can perform a relatively simple odometer reset in various ways. If you want to know more details, refer to the following three ways:

Change by knob

Using the crown to reset the odometer is the simplest method, and you don’t need to affect the entire watch. Your task is to determine the correct position of this knob and then make adjustments to it.

Specifically, you need to press and hold the crown for a few seconds to increase the fuel economy, and it will reset the Mileage on its own.

Replace the instrument cluster

Replacing the instrument cluster is the solution when you want to reset the cars of Japanese manufacturers because they often put the odometer in the instrument cluster. So, after you replace the instrument cluster with a new one, the mileage indicator will show zero.

Note that this job is only legal when you have all the documents and inspections by the authorities. At the same time, you need to adjust the Mileage on the new watch to match the number displayed on the one you just changed.

Put your gear back on

Replacing your watches is the best solution for resetting when they stop suddenly or crash. You need to use screwdrivers, pliers, and removal tools to open the clock to reset the indicators. Then you reassemble it into the car, and you’re done.

However, it would help if you only did it yourself at home when knowledgeable about car parts. Therefore, it is best when you have a problem. You should bring your car to the garage to receive help from professional mechanics.

Besides, to take better care of your car, we think you should learn more about “how often should you start your car”. Because starting repeatedly will cause the car engine to be affected. At the same time, it also reduces the engine’s life, making the car look older faster.


Besides, you can refer to other information related to the odometer on the car. Here is a compilation of some frequently asked questions that we think will be helpful to you.

How to know if your car’s Mileage has been tampered with?

When you decide to buy a used car, you will undoubtedly be interested in whether its odometer is correct or not. Because, if the distance traveled is more significant, the car’s components and accessories have worn out and encountered problems.

You can refer to a few ways for you to determine if the car you intend to buy is counterfeit or not, such as:

  • Determine the Mileage on the meter and observe the whole car
  • Requires you to provide the original title
  • Check the control panel area for signs of replacement
  • Ask the seller to show the bill of oil change and maintenance.

Can mileage correction be detected?

As you know, the way to reset Mileage on a car is very simple. Therefore, as a car buyer, you are indeed very interested in whether this correction can be detected or not.

The simple answer is yes. Although someone has skillfully calibrated the vehicle’s odometer, they can detect this very quickly for those with expertise.

Therefore, it is best to invite knowledgeable people about vehicles when buying a used car with you. They will help you check the best quality of the car.


You can reset the odometer on your car, but it should only be done when your odometer has a problem. Do not arbitrarily change it to cheat because this is an illegal action.

Hopefully, with the above information, you can better understand How To Reset Miles On A Car. I Hope you can choose for yourself the appropriate plan when this device has a problem that needs to be reset.

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