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How To Reset Odometer

Complete Guide On How To Reset Odometer

As you know, the odometer is one of the indispensable devices in every car. Because it gives the driver a lot of necessary information: track mileage, when to change oil or any other routine maintenance.

As a result, resetting the odometer can affect some car parameters. You need to consider before proceeding to reset the device. In some cases, it is illegal to reset the odometer. The following article guides you on how to reset odometer as well as answer the question “is it legal to reset the meter”?

What Is Odometer?

The odometer is a device in a car’s instrument cluster. It assists the driver in calculating the distance traveled. Currently, odometers display information in either digits or mileage. You can easily read the data accurately instead of using the needle to estimate the parameter.

With the use of odometers, drivers will keep track of the distance traveled, when to change oil, change tires and other tools that need periodic maintenance. Therefore, all car manufacturers use the odometer as an automatic tool for users to accurately and quickly track their vehicle parameters.

There are many customers who are wondering about the process of resetting the odometer? You can refer to how to reset the odometer below.

How To Reset Odometer?

How To Reset Odometer

The odometer reset will have two main purposes: to fix the problem of the self-reset odometer (which is very rare) and to improve the value of the vehicle. For the second purpose, you should consider it because it can be considered a commercial fraud. Here’s how to reset the odometer.

Replacing the instrument cluster

Currently, the odometer displays the number of kilometers directly on the car, so you will not need to use the car computer to check the distance. When you replace the instrument cluster with a brand new one, the mileage will automatically return to 0 km.

In addition, drivers can use the instrument cluster of another vehicle to replace their vehicle. At that time, the number of kilometers displayed on the meter will be the distance traveled by the car you replace.

This behavior can be considered cheating and uncivilized. Because it will make your car newer, increasing the value of the car compared to reality. It is illegal to replace watches without filling out some paperwork. Therefore, the best way to avoid legal risks is to transfer the original mileage from the old meter to the new one.

Working with the knob

It can be said that manipulating the knob is the simplest way to reset the odometer. To do this, you need to determine the exact position of the instrument cluster crown. Normally, the crown will do several tasks: display the current temperature and fuel quantity.

However, you can use the crown to perform an additional function of adjusting the number of kilometers. To reset mileage with the knob, press and hold for a few seconds. As fuel economy increases, your odometer will automatically reset to zero.

In addition, you can refer to the article “how to reset miles on a car” to reset the car’s mileage.

Reinstall and replace the meter

Currently, many drivers have used other cars’ meters to replace their cars. To prevent this behavior, the manufacturer has added an anti-counterfeiting stamp to the device.

This way, it will be difficult for you to automatically replace the old odometer. Because if the device does not have an anti-tamper stamp, you will be charged with fraud.

The best way is to replace the meter with a new one at your car company. That ensures that your car will always be safe. In addition, when replacing, you should keep an eye on the old parameters.

For example, the average life of a tire is 25k km, if you have traveled 15k km, there are 10k km left before you will have to replace the tire.

Here are some frequently asked questions for your reference.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Can Odo be reset?

This is the question that customers who intend to buy a used car ask the most. Because they fear that the index will change, causing them to make wrong choices, buying cars that are too old or priced too high compared to reality.

However, you can be assured entirely with this question because the car’s Odo index is complicated to reset. It will work until the car is officially “dead.” So when choosing to buy a car, you can also refer to this criterion to check and select the best car for you.

However, do not overestimate, but pay attention to other factors before deciding, especially for cars.

Is resetting an odometer illegal?

The answer is yes. Because most drivers want to reset the odometer to enhance the commercial value of their vehicle.

Specifically, when buying a car, buyers will rely on the number of kilometers traveled to evaluate its condition and newness. When you want your car to cost as much as a new car, you need to replace the odometer.

Can digital odometers be rolled back?

Digital car odometers can be returned by changing the circuit board and modifying the vehicle range display.

How do I reset my odometer trip?

To reset all information (mileage, average fuel consumption, average speed and driving time) you need to press and hold the “reset” button on the left steering wheel.


Thereby, to reset the odometer, you can use one of the following 3 methods: Replace the instrument cluster, manipulate the crown, and replace it with a new one. However, substituting could end up breaking the law. You need to consider before proceeding and need to note some regulations to avoid possible unfortunate risks.

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