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How To Start An Automatic Car Without A Starter

How To Start An Automatic Car Without A Starter?

Our car often has problems, especially when you are in a hurry. Have you ever angrily exclaimed: why turn off the phone right now?. Yes, the car suddenly shuts down and won’t start.

It’s frustrating. But don’t worry, today’s article is about how to start an automatic car without a starter. Take a moment to read through this article to see if that fixes the problem!

What Is An Automatic Car?

What Is An Automatic Car

An automatic car is the most popular car on the market today. The main difference between an automatic car and a standard car is in the transmission, which helps regulate the rotational force and speed. If the manual car uses manual transmission, which requires you to shift gears manually, the automatic car uses an automatic transmission.

The automatic transmission uses sensors to shift gears correctly automatically. That’s why manual cars have 3 pedals: gas pedal, brake, and clutch pedal. In comparison, automatic cars do not have a clutch pedal because it works automatically.

How Does A Starter Work?

When you plug in the key and start, the current from the battery will start the starter. The starter will generate an electromagnetic force to push the pinion gear (gear of starter) rod to match the flywheel attached to the motor.

At the same time, when the starter rotates, it will pull the engine to work to refuel, charge air and activate the detonator. After the machine can operate on its own, the starter returns to its original position.

Thus, the starter is the initial part that provides the impetus for the engine to start. If there is a problem with the starter, the engine may not run. There are 2 common reasons why the starter does not work: the battery is dead, and the details in the starter are malfunctioning. So when the car cannot start, you need to carefully consider the cause and fix it according to the instructions below.

How To Start An Automatic Car Without A Starter?

How To Start An Automatic Car Without A Starter

Should You Bump-Start (Push-Start) An Automatic Car?

If you try to start an automatic car without a starter with push-starting, you will never succeed. The push-start method is only applicable to manual vehicles.

Why? That’s because of the difference between the transmission of manual cars and automatic cars.

Simply put, the bump-start method uses the rotation of the wheel instead of the starter to start the engine. And in manual cars, the wheel hub is connected to the engine’s flywheel via a manual transmission. Because the force from the wheel is transmitted directly to the flywheel and starts the engine.

Meanwhile, the automatic transmission is not directly connected to the wheel hub but uses internal oil pressure to transmit power. Therefore, no matter how fast you turn the wheel, there is an insufficient force to start the engine.

In short, automatic cars are almost impossible to start without a starter. So if you want to trigger automatic cars, you need to look into the problem and fix the starter.

Jump-Start An Automatic Car?

Jump-starting is a way to start the car in case the car battery is dead. If the battery is finished, the starter cannot work. So when you can’t start the car, do you need to find a way to check if the car’s battery has enough power? You can refer to checking the car battery in the article on “how to tell positive and negative on a car battery“.

If the starter doesn’t work because the battery is dead, you can jump-start the car to recharge it temporarily. All you need to do is follow these 7 simple steps:

Step 1: Find a car to help you recharge.

You need a car with a battery that has enough power to charge your car’s battery. If you’re on the street, don’t hesitate to ask for help!

Step 2: Reasonable parking

Please park 2 cars facing each other so that the distance between 2 car batteries is closest.

Step 3: Turn off the engine of both cars

Step 4: Connect the batteries of 2 vehicles with a jumper cable

It would help if you prepared jumper cables to prevent these cases. The next thing is to connect the batteries of the 2 cars with jumper cables in the order shown below. You can refer to how to tell the positive and negative on a car battery.

Step 5: Start the car for electric

Let the car power on for about 2 minutes.

Step 6: Start the receiving vehicle

Then start the receiving vehicle and let the two cars run for about 10-15 minutes to recharge.

Step 7: Remove the Jumper cable

Once done, remove the jumper cables in reverse order of installation.


Start An Automatic Car With A Screwdriver?

Start An Automatic Car With A Screwdriver

Consider the starter if the car’s battery is still whole or charged, but the car still won’t start. Usually, the starter of a car will consist of 2 parts: solenoid and starter. Electricity from the battery is transmitted directly to the solenoid and indirectly to the starter.

Open the hood, locate the starter and try the following:

Shake or hit the starter with a hammer or screwdriver.

Let’s beat the starter 5-6 times. If there is a foreign object stuck in the internal part, this method can temporarily help you solve the problem.

Check the wiring between the battery and the starter.

During operation, the wire between the battery and the starter may become loose, so there is insufficient power to operate the starter. Try using a wrench or screwdriver to tighten the joints.

Use a screwdriver to bypass the starter solenoid.

The solenoid is the part that connects the battery and the starter. If this part has a problem, the starter will not start either. In this case, you can use a large enough screwdriver placed on the battery positive terminal and the solenoid terminal to bypass the solenoid. Thus, electricity from the battery will directly transmit to the starter.


In conclusion, you cannot push-starter an automatic car. However, this article has shown you how to start an automatic car without a starter. You can try the above methods, but I still recommend taking your car to a professional repair facility to ensure the highest safety.

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