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How to Tell if SHO Has a Performance Package

SOLVED! How to Tell if SHO Has a Performance Package?

The question of how to Tell If Sho Has a Performance Package has been a huge mystery for those owners who want to know.

There are a lot of unsure answers on the internet about this question “Does anyone know what number in the VIN indicates pp or performance package? And what could be the number?”

Some might be looking online and wondering why most aren’t listed if they have a performance package or not. Hopefully, this article will help you on how to tell if sho has a performance package or pp.

How to tell if SHO has a performance package or pp?

Some might say it’s a basic problem that you would just have to look at if your performance package has a 5 after the 8th letter on the VIN. For instance, 1FAHP2KT5.

Seeing no spare with an air pump after or if you open the trunk is another way to tell if Sho has a performance package. Another way to tell if Sho has a performance package is if it has 20 wheels.

But, they are a choice on non-PP SHO. From 2010 to 2012 at least, a better way to tell if it is a PP SHO is it has a ‘sport mode’ and the advance track can be turned completely off.

For it to be done, get in the car, turn it on, and press and hold the button that is the advanced track for 5 seconds while parked. Advance track off will be said or be seen if it has a performance package.

To check it twice, push the button again for the advance track to be turned back on, then push the button twice as fast as you can, and it should display or say sport mode.

PP has no spare tire and if it has an interactive cruise, it is also Fromt a PP. And the best last option, you can ask the dealer for the original window sticker copy.

What is a PP Taurus SHO

What is a PPaurus SHO?

For 2010, in the wake of its much-anticipated comeback to the marketplace. With a vengeance for 2011, the Taurus SHO model came back with a new performance package added.

The 2011 Taurus Super High Output (SHO) brought over the 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged For EcoBoost V-6 engine that was being introduced in the 2010 SHO.

This sophisticated power plant can generate about 365 horsepower at 5.500 pm. Plus, 350 foot-pounds of torque at around 3,500rpm. All done while giving the fuel economy of smaller-displaced engines that are naturally aspirated.

Along with a torque-sensing all-wheel-drive system, the SHO is stirred by Ford’s SelectShift six-speed automatic transmission.

SelectShift gives between a fully automatic operation and a selectable manual shift mode for a more performance-oriented driving experience.

Up-shifts and down-shifts are controlled by paddies located just behind the steering wheel once the manual mode is selected that allows the driver to select preferred shift points along with a rev-matching downshift “throttle-blip”.

Also, based upon a system of internal electromechanical clutches, the all-wheel-drive system consistently disseminates and monitors torque to the wheels that have the most friction.

A new SHO Performance Package was made available for performance-oriented driving fanatics for 2011.
It also incorporates hardware upgrades such as a sport-tuned suspension that employs unique shocks and springs and brake pads that are super high with performance.

A selectable ESC track mode which means electronic skid control, a 3.16:1 final drive axle ratio, and “summer only” compound 20-inch wheels with performance-rated tires.

What are the Taurus SHO Performance Features?

Thinking about a new Ford Taurus, don’t count out the Taurus SHO, which gives more horsepower under the hood, and an optional performance package that will make your SHO handle even better.

The twin-turbo 3.5L EcoBoost V-6 engine is one of the biggest differences in the SHO that is being rated at 365 horsepower versus the typical engine rated at 288 horsepower on other models of Taurus.

Turbocharging and direct injection are the EcoBoost engine’s two types of technology. 6-speed automatic transmission is in the Taurus SHO. The optional Turbo-4 is nowhere to be found on the 2018 Taurus.

As of now, all-wheel drive comes standard on the SHO trim. The Taurus SHO features 20-inch ebony black-painted machined aluminum wheels, sport-tuned suspension, paddle shifters, aluminum pedals, and lastly a special SHO interior package.

SHO features have to give a lot as it has an SHO performance package that incorporates sport-calibrated EPAS. Which means electric power-assisted steering, stiffer springs, and stabilizer bars.

Moreover, the performance summer tires, brake pads, rear brake rotors, larger front, and an Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel.

You can also find standard AdvanceTrac electronic stability control, which features a “Track Mode/True Off” setting that delivers a livelier driving experience in the optional SHO Performance Package.


Confidently, this article gives you a perception of How to tell if SHO has a Performance Package.

Optimistically, this article has a lot of features about the Ford Taurus SHO, which you can add to your knowledge to balance things out and decide which one is which.

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