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How To Tell If You Have Variable Assist Power Steering?

How To Tell If You Have Variable Assist Power Steering

The car was very rudimentary many years ago when the technology was not yet developed. Therefore, the driving of the drivers is also difficult. After many stages of development, high-end cars are born with modern features that make it easier for drivers. One of the remarkable features is the variable power steering system. However, how to tell if you have variable-assist power steering? Let’s find out.

What is variable assist power steering?

Variable power steering is a power assist system based on the variation of the vehicle’s speed. Thanks to the variable-assist, you won’t need much effort to steer the steering wheel to increase or decrease speed.

Power steering has two main functions: Acceleration assists at low speeds and deceleration assist at high speeds. Thanks to this system, you can even conveniently control the car with just one finger.

For the system to work, the pressure to the steering device should change continuously. Depending on the wheel speed sensor and the steering wheel rotation sensor to signal the control, the pressure is changed appropriately. When the amount of liquid flowing into the mechanical system decreases, the control automatically adjusts the pressure.

The variable force support system has two types, including hydraulic and variable support. Based on the design and structure of each car model, your car will use the corresponding power assist system.

Variable hydraulic assist

Hydrodynamic variable-assist uses the vehicle speed and valve inlet pressure to induce a change in steering. The controller receives the data and speed to generate a signal for the variable steering drive. As a result, the fluid is moved from the pump to the steering valve. This action affects the pressure of the steering valve. Therefore, the piston changes the angle of the front wheel of the car, and this hydraulic power affects the vehicle owner’s driving.

Variable power assist

The electronic variable source, also known as the EVO Valve, is an important component of the variable system. The EVO is responsible for opening the door at speeds below 40 MPH to move the hydrograph from the steering pump to the steering. As a result, the ability to drive is supported directly and maximum. When the speed is too high, the EVO valve will restrain liquid from entering. The power assist is also reduced, and the ability to control at this speed is also better.

How to tell if you have variable-assist power steering?

Finding variable power in a vehicle is very difficult. Many people have the idea of ​​speeding up to test the power assist, but it doesn’t seem to work. And, of course, this test is completely incorrect and somewhat dumb. However, the following scientific and technically correct methods will answer your question.

How to recognize hydraulic power assist

With hydrodynamic variable assistance, we have two ways to test it. You can choose the right method to do it.

1: Check the vehicle’s specifications from the dealer or online. In those papers, you will often get adequate results as to whether your vehicle has a variable power assist system.

2: If you cannot find the documents to look up, you can use pictures to compare. The images of vehicles with hydraulic power on the internet are displayed a lot. Therefore, you can base it on that and determine the results on your vehicle.

3: If none of the above works for you, use a drip pump. If the pump flow changes as engine rpm increases, it means your car has normal hydraulic power systems.

4: There will be a wire from the electric unit on the valve housing to give you a visual indication. However, without going through testing with other hydraulic systems, there is no reliable method to confirm the functioning of the hydraulic booster.

Hopefully, some of those tips can help you find the hydraulic power system in your car. It will be a bit difficult to find, but things will be better if you get used to it.

How to recognize electric power assist

As for electric assist, there is no way to perceive it with eyes. So if the manufacturing company does not make a claim, you cannot use external physical methods to test it. However, just knowing the process of an electrical system, you still have a way to check variable electric power.

Also, you can feel it in the process of being in the car. Since the electrical system is made entirely of gas, you will feel the force bounce back on the steering wheel while traveling on the road.

This transformation is very real and clear. So, if you are a subtle person and constantly notice the sound of a vehicle explosion, this method of recognition is also effective.

Also, the vehicle’s specifications will tell you if the variable power assist is working. If the gear is assisted, it only reduces the force in the center to help the gear move easily. From there, the driving will be supported gently. However, this parameter is also easy to confuse with the conversion rate of other systems. You should pay attention to the difference between them to avoid misconceptions.


Variable power assist detection has never been simple. The ways you apply it may even yield inaccurate results. Methods based on appearance observations are quite easy to implement, giving quick results, but they are only relative. Therefore, you should still do the testing process for the best answer. Besides, you can also determine whether the system is working or not to continue repairing. We wish you a successful application.

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