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Is It Safe To Drive With A Bad Camshaft Sensor

Is It Safe To Drive With A Bad Camshaft Sensor?

Those who have been learning about automotive technology will notice that behind the operation of a car is a highly closed system, especially inside the piston. In terms of working time and proportions of details, there is almost an absolute precision arrangement.

For the fuel combustion to take place effectively in the piston, it is undoubtedly impossible not to mention the role of opening and closing the air valve of the camshaft.

Because the camshaft carries an important task, a lousy camshaft sensor will cause quite severe consequences for your vehicle.

In this article, we will learn about the effects of driving with an incorrect camshaft.

Indication Of Poor Camshaft Position Sensor

Indication Of Poor Camshaft Position Sensor

In general, it is tough for you to detect a car’s camshaft in the beginning. Because if the camshaft is just wrong by a small percentage, your vehicle will not be damaged immediately, you will find the fuel combustion will not be perfect.

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That process over and over again will cause some details to be affected and in the wrong place. From there, your vehicle’s overall performance will gradually degrade severely. The most serious is to damage the entire engine. At this point, you can realize that the car’s camshaft is broken.

Therefore, you should bring your car for regular maintenance to identify the most accurate and fastest way to repair the camshaft.

Is It Safe To Have A Bad Camshaft?

Is It Safe To Have A Bad Camshaft

This section will delve into the safety analysis of a poorly performing camshaft through the following many consequences.

Ignition, engine start

Because the camshaft is like a signal transmission line, other parts will not receive the signal ideally if it has problems. That leads to a lot of misbehaving features.

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Specifically, the ignition of the spark plugs at the wrong time. Since then, the explosion cycle of the piston stroke will certainly not be accurate and entail a lot of consequences. In the mildest case, your car will not be able to start the engine.


Typically, operating in the wrong state over time, things inside the cylinder will worsen. Eventually, at a certain point, the piston will become inoperable.

Accordingly, the car’s engine will die. Compared to the incident of not being able to start the vehicle, the case of the engine stopping while you are driving is much more dangerous.

Of course, you will have to spend quite a lot of money to repair the car’s engine, and this amount is many times higher than just improving the camshaft alone.


In addition, the problem of velocity is also one of the consequences that you must take care of. You can come across this situation as soon as you are driving a car with a faulty camshaft when the vehicle’s speed will become abnormal. Sometimes, you can’t control the speed of the vehicle like accelerating, for example.

Basically, the car will not be able to pump the fuel mixture on time. Accordingly, the combustion process will occur later or earlier, so your vehicle cannot keep up with the speed you want.

If you try to accelerate, it will be hazardous for the engine. Because then the piston will work extremely fast plus the wrong ratio, the cylinder will indeed explode, so it is not safe for the car’s occupants.

This often happens on highways, ramps, and when the driver changes speed suddenly. So it would help if you also kept this in mind.


A further consequence is abnormal engine operation in a state of jerk and spike. Again, the cause of the above phenomenon is that the control module of the powertrain receives incorrect information during the sensing process.

Your car will have low fuel or too much fuel at times, making the engine operation unstable and causing jerking or accelerating.

Is It Safe To Drive With A Bad Camshaft Sensor

Indeed, you can also predict the danger of this situation. It poses a significant threat to your life, especially on busy roads, steep roads, and steep roads.

Displacement problem

Not only does it affect speed and performance, but even the gearbox is affected. Although at some point your car’s transmission may be locked and you can’t change gears, you can rest assured. Because not all vehicles have this phenomenon and you can completely fix it.

Please turn off the car engine and start it again when you can’t control the car’s gear mode. At this point, you can easily change gears like the original.

However, it would help if you also took precautions, especially uphill. If your car gets stuck in gear during the process of going uphill, it will lag, affecting both you and others.

Fuel injection

In this regard, many people mistakenly think that fuel injection is not related to the camshaft, but actually, the camshaft and fuel are very closely related.

Almost, when the camshaft works wrong, the fuel injection will also go wrong next. From here, all problems arise.
In addition to the problems we mentioned above, your car will also not save gas due to abnormal combustion times effectively. Fuel flows out to compensate for the cylinder to help the car maintain its operating state.

From here, we can see that the car is reduced in performance and extremely fuel-efficient. You will have to spend a large amount of money on gas if you keep it that way for a long time.

Engine light error

Finally, a faulty check engine light is one of the most frustrating consequences of a defective camshaft position sensor. Usually, you will see the engine numbers displayed on the dashboard, but when there is a problem with the camshaft, the numbers will stay still even if you change the speed.

In other words, the engine indicator light also stops working. From there, you will feel uncomfortable because you cannot check the operating parameters inside the cylinder.

From the above consequences, we can see that an incorrect camshaft can bring a lot of trouble. So it is not safe for us to drive with a broken camshaft on the road, especially on long highways and ramps.


Currently, repairing the camshaft is not too difficult; you can completely rebuild it at a relatively low fee. So, you should check the camshaft and start improving to avoid the damage it brings.

Through this article, we hope you will gain knowledge about the consequences of a degraded camshaft. From there, you can decide to repair the poor-quality camshaft to keep you safe while you’re driving.

If you find the above information useful, do not forget to share it with everyone for reference.

In addition, you can leave feedback and a message below if you have any questions about this issue so we can solve it for you as quickly as possible.

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