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Leer Vs Are

Leer Vs Are: What Is The Better Truck Cap?

Currently, many people are confused between choosing to use 1 of 2 types of trunk lids, Leer and Are. The biggest concern from the school side is the quality and price of the product. In terms of quality, both Leer vs Are are two types of good quality lids, capable of effectively protecting the contents inside.

In terms of cost, you can buy a set of products that will range from $900 to 1000. In addition, to talk about the difference between the two, we need to discuss many different aspects. The following article will give you an overview of these two types of car trunk lids.

Why Should You Choose A Good Set Of Trunk Lids?

Choosing a good quality body cover like Leer and Are will help you effectively protect the internal equipment and machine details. Because when the car is operating in extreme weather, the amount of rain is too large, the open lid will cause water to overflow inside. 

At that time, that amount of water will likely move down the engine, causing the system to be interrupted. Rainwater can cause a car died while driving. This incident will affect the quality of your journey.

Besides, using a good set of trunk lids will help your car significantly improve its appearance. The trunk lid will make the car more beautiful and critical. The glossy exterior paint and Leer and Are’s unique design will make the car more special than other models.

Overview of Leer vs Are Truck Caps

Talking about the design, the nose system has an angular, square appearance. The shell material system is of alloy with good heat resistance. The car’s exterior paint using electrostatic paint will create a glossy and durable grip over time. In addition, this paint layer also works to keep your car new, minimizing scratches in the event of a collision.

In terms of quality, both Leer and Are is a product line of excellent quality today when it fully meets all the needs and technical standards of the trunk lid. Therefore, you can choose 1 of these 2 sets for your car. 

The quality of the trunk will surely make you satisfied with its protection and service life. Because the Leer and Are tank will minimize the impact of the outside environment on your car.

For example, it will prevent water from leaking into the engine and control system. The presence of water in the igniter will make it inoperable. Therefore, you will need to take some measures to get rid of the water and start the car with a bad ignition switch.


between Leer And Are

Comparison between Leer And Are


Leer has been a leader in the automotive industry since 1917. As for Are, this business was born 52 years later than Leer. Although born later, Are has thrived to rise to the same position as Leer. The company’s products are always for their quality and aesthetic price.

Interior and exterior structure

The outer shells of Leer and Are bodies are both durable, quite hard, and capable of withstanding force and strong winds. In terms of paint colors, Leer uses Axalta paint for cars. As for Are, this vehicle uses OTP paint. These paints are very effective and match the original color without any difference. In addition, the glass of the car’s body is to block sunlight and UV rays effectively.

Besides, the lid has a square design, suitable for many vehicles. You will not need to use any additional materials. The roof is entirely insulated and waterproof to help prevent outside influences from affecting the interior details of the vehicle.

Special Features

Both tank types have interior lights and 12V dome lights. With Are, however, you get Active Lit technology – which uses magnets to increase the efficiency of your headlights. Also, another technology of both is ONEMOTION, and This technology will allow it to work like a J-clamp but easier. From there, you can use the 1-handed door opener.


The Leer and Are tank price will range from 900 -1000+$. Because of their high cost, you will need to consider them before using them. If you like a body with good rigidity, Leer is a good choice.


To buy a Leer trunk lid, you can currently contact 1 of 3 facilities in the US. You can get the largest toppers manufacturer for protection by 500 agents.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Leer and Are’s tire warranty?

As for the Leer and Are hood, both products have a long-term warranty. 

In particular, for car paint, the manufacturer will have a lifetime warranty policy. As for other parts, they will be different. For Leer, the business will provide a 1-year warranty for related details. 

As for Are, the company will have a 3-year warranty on all other details of the hood system. Both products have excellent use quality with long-term warranty policies. Most of them will not have any serious problems during use.

Why compare Leer and Are?

The comparison between the two is not to lower the quality of any product, but the article wants to help readers distinguish these two types of bodywork. There will be similarities between Leer and Are. However, both will have differences in structure, design, and color.

Therefore, you must consider the specifications before choosing. Because choosing a suitable product will help you improve your vehicle’s performance. It will not appear that water leaks inside, causing severe problems like grinding noise when braking but pads are fine.


Hopefully, the article will help you overview the two types of car trunk lids, Leer and Are. Both of these products have excellent quality in water resistance, effectively protecting the device inside. In addition, the use of them will help you improve the aesthetics of the car when both of these designs have angular textures, modern and luxurious colors.

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