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Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner Alternative For Your Car

5 Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner Alternative For Your Car

Many people believe that the airflow sensor or your MAF sensor should not be cleaned. But in fact, that is a very wrong idea. If the mass airflow sensor is not cleaned regularly, it will lead to a rough engine.

You should clean them with some common liquid. So what is the most common type of detergent?

Let’s find out more details through the information below! There are five mass airflow sensor cleaner alternatives that we want to cover in this article.

  • CRC 05610 Air Flow Sensor Cleaning Kit
  • Gunk MAS6 Air Flow Sensor Cleaning Kit
  • Archoil airflow sensor cleaner
  • Johnsen’s High Volume Air Flow Sensor Cleaner
  • CRC 05110 Air Flow Sensor Cleaning Kit

Let’s get right into the details!

What Can You Use To Clean The Sensor?

If your airflow sensors are dirty, you need to clean them immediately. Because such a dirty condition continuously will seriously affect the operation of the engine and the car’s ability to save fuel.

However, there are still many people who are not aware of the ability of the airflow sensor to work. Don’t worry, because we will bring useful information to you.

Check sensor status

You can check if the flow sensor is normal by removing the MAF socket and starting the car engine. If the motor is still operating normally, then surely our car is still normal.

On the contrary, if the motor is running and we use the motor plugged into the MAF socket. If the engine stops, it’s a sign of a bad MAF. But unfortunately, when the MAF is damaged, our use of a cleaning agent is also considered useless.

Prepare cleaning supplies

We need to regularly clean the sensors to make sure they work better before encountering the above situation.
Before self-cleaning the airflow sensor, you need to prepare: Gloves, a spray bottle, isopropyl alcohol, rag, paper towel, and airflow sensor cleaning kit.

Once you have all the tools mentioned above, completing the cleaning job is extremely simple.

Note, you ought to make sure the tools you have are clean and free of impurities. Only in this way can the cleaning process be highly effective.

5 Optimal Choices For High Volume Airflow Sensor Cleaners

5 Optimal Choices For High Volume Airflow Sensor Cleaners

Let’s take a look at some of the airflow cleaners below!

CRC 05610 Air Flow Sensor Cleaning Kit

The collection of airflow cleaners would be incomplete without the presence of CRC 05610.

This product is considered the best cleaner for airflow sensors and received many compliments from customers. CRC 05610 not only cleans but also protects the sensor.

On the other hand, it also offered increased horsepower and improved air-to-fuel ratio, which helps keep the airflow sensor clean and makes the engine work better. It finally gives your car the right gas mileage mode.

In addition, the CRC 05610 alleviates the roughness of the movement. And the more special feature of this product is the ability to perfectly and safely clean the sensor.

Accordingly, you can completely consider using them to improve the cleaning efficiency of the better airflow sensor.

Gunk MAS6 Air Flow Sensor Cleaning Kit

If CRC 05610 is the best cr flow sensor, Gunk MAS6 is the cleaner with the best performance improvement. At the same time, it helps to save fuel effectively for your car.

In particular, the Gunk MAS6 is also ideal for those who want to remove dirt and grease from their car engines completely.

Gunk MAS6 deserves to be a great cleaning kit for the airflow sensor that you should consider choosing.

Archoil airflow sensor cleaner

The cleaning time at Archoil will probably be a factor that surprises you when choosing to use the product.

Archoil possesses an optimal and surprisingly effective cleaning mode, which is not possible with any other product. In addition, the more remarkable point here is that they do not leave residue on the cleaned surface.

If you are looking for a clean kit with perfect quality, Archoil is not missed because it is the most suitable product for recovering a power failure motor.

In fact, we highly recommend this product’s cleaning ability. Besides, Archoil is also suitable for use with large volume air flow sensors.

Archoil helps to eliminate rough operations that affect the engine performance.

Johnsen’s High Volume Air Flow Sensor Cleaner

Johnsen’s is a good candidate for cleaning the dust inside the airflow sensor with relatively high performance.

Johnsen’s is simple to operate. You just need a few gentle sprays with the support of soft towels, everything can be solved.

Johnsen’s provides users with a relatively high level of security. It is the most convenient flow sensor cleaner you should own.

CRC 05110 Air Flow Sensor Cleaning Kit

The CRC 05110 is one of those cleaners that deliver incredible cleaning performance. The CRC 05110 provides quick cleaning, removing dirt and grease present in the airflow sensor.

On the other hand, the CRC 05110 also provides effective horsepower increase and improved air ratio. At the same time, it also brings the optimal operation mode of the sensor, contributing to increasing the device’s performance.


Can you use rubbing alcohol to clean a mass air flow sensor
To help you better understand the information we give above, please refer to some of the questions below!

Can you use rubbing alcohol to clean a mass air flow sensor?

It is recommended to use alcohol and spray it on your MAF sensor. And you need to make sure to cover the leads, input wires, and gaps of your MAF sensor well. By doing so, a more efficient and quality cleaning process can be ensured.

In addition, you need to limit cases of non-shielding, which directly affect the operational quality of the sensors.
The wires of your MAF sensor should not be touched or scrubbed as they are very thin and can break.

Can you clean your mass airflow sensor with a carburetor cleaner?

One thing we need to stress specifically to you – never use carburetors or brake cleaners on your MAF sensor.

Because the chemicals contained in those cleaners can damage delicate sensors, instead, you need a special MAF sensor cleaner.

Besides, you should also note that you should not use MAF sensor cleaner when the engine is running, or even the key is plugged in because you will accidentally damage your MAF sensor.

What can I use instead of your MAF sensor cleaner?

You might consider opting for electronic cleaners. Many experts have confirmed that its cleaning mechanism is not too different from MAF. Not only that, the price is also somewhat cheaper.

Can you clean your MAF sensor with WD40?

WD40 should not be used in cleaning the large air flow sensor. It will leave residue on your sensor and may worsen its condition. The best you can do is use a dedicated MAF sensor cleaner.


The above article is some information about the airflow sensor cleaners that we think are the most perfect. Hopefully, through this article, you can choose for yourself the right cleaning kit to clean your car.

Feel free to use the product and leave us feedback! Your satisfaction is the motivation to help us try to find out useful information.

Thank you for reading!

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