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Mevotech Vs Moog

Mevotech Vs Moog: Which One Is Better?

Have you ever wondered which part helps your car minimize the impact from the outside? The answer is the suspension system located underneath the vehicles. Thanks to this unit, you can drive comfortably despite any rough terrain.

Currently, the two most prominent brands specializing in manufacturing shock-absorbing systems are Mevotech vs Moog. Both brands have distinct features that make their products famous among consumers. So, which brand’s product line will be better? Let’s take a closer look at their system and give us a final review.

# About Mevotech

If you are a car enthusiast and are interested in the car’s components, you will surely know the name Mevotech. This brand has been established for over 40 years in Canada. The company always provides the most optimal accessories to help the vehicles achieve long-term durability.

A unique feature of Mevotech is that instead of creating many replacement products, it only focuses on specializing in necessary components. The spare parts that the company produces will be suitable for all vehicles on the market.

Therefore, car repair experts always put their trust in this brand. They can easily find all the accessories they need at Mevotech.

# About Moog

One feature that sets Moog apart from other brands is its user-friendliness. The company values ​​the customer experience when using its products. Therefore, Moog is always trying to create devices that everyone can replace their car.

To make the customer experience better, the company has provided instructions for each component on its website. You can easily find out how to use each product, which car model these replacement parts will fit, etc. As a result, your repair process can be carried out efficiently.

# Differences Between Mevotech Vs Moog

Mevotech Vs Moog

Both brands are in the business of auto spare parts. However, Mevotech and Moog have some differences that you need to know:

# Reliability.

When it comes to replacement accessories, the first thing you need to consider is their durability. These products need to be used for a long time before customers can trust and choose.

Specifically, when comparing the suspension systems of both Mevotech and Moog, we found that Mevotech’s products have less durability. Of course, the replacement parts of both companies have a long life. However, Moog products still have a better shelf life.

# Price.

In terms of cost, both brands make high-priced products. A high price at the same time comes with good quality. Therefore, you can rest assured to choose the company’s components.

However, to choose a brand with a more reasonable price, we will select Mevotech products. Its components are mid-to high-priced so that you can find a part at the right price.

# Warranty period.

The warranty period of both brands is also different. Specifically, Moog focuses on creating the best customer experience through products. They allow people to warrant their components for up to 3 years.

Meanwhile, Mevotech’s products only have a short warranty period. They only allow you to repair or renew for about 1 year.

# Quality.

It isn’t easy to compare the product quality of both brands. Because each customer will have a different feeling about the components that the company provides.

However, many people feel that Moog’s alternatives are better quality than Mevotech. Maybe this is one of the reasons Mevotech’s price is lower.

Mevotech Vs Moog – Which Is Better?

To better understand the quality of Mevotech and Moog, we compare the suspension system internals:

# Control hand.

The control arm is in front of the suspension system, connecting the front wheel and the car. This part is quite essential in the shockproof design. Therefore, you need to choose carefully.

To compare the controllers of these two brands, we need to discuss the material and usability of the product.

Specifically, this part from Mevotech has an anti-oxide coating that helps the component last longer. The product will not experience corrosion after long-term use.

As for Moog, the focus is on creating a high-quality product. The handlebars will help you to drive safely and smoothly on any terrain. Moog uses aluminum to make the material for the product. As a result, this part will minimize friction when in use.

# Wheel hub.

Another essential part of the suspension system is the wheel bearing. This part is capable of helping the wheel system to move smoothly and minimize friction on the road surface. So, if they have any problems like wheel bearing starts making noise , you need to find another part to replace immediately.

Mevotech and Moog brands are both famous in the industry of providing car repair accessories. And wheel bearings are no exception. For Mevotech, its products can minimize the noise and vibration of cars. As for Moog, you can easily replace it at home.

# Bearing joint

The ball joint plays the role of helping the suspension system navigate the wheel. If this part breaks, your vehicle will not follow the correct instructions leading to the accident. Therefore, you need to choose a good quality product to ensure your safety.

For Mevotech, it has provided a ball joint with an ultra-durable anti-rust coating. As a result, you will not need to replace this part too many times. The brand also gives you a lifetime warranty on first use.

As for Moog, the ball joint is compatible with all models around the world. No matter what brand of vehicle you are using, this product will still fit your car.


Here are some questions related to the topic of Mevotech and Moog. Below, we will answer the questions that many people care about:

Is Mevotech made in China?

Most of Mevotech’s parts are made in China. In addition, there are a few of its products that are in this country. You do not worry too much about the place of production, which will affect the quality of components. Mevotech strictly censors all products before launching into the market.

Where is Moog manufactured?

Moog is a global brand that specializes in providing replacement parts for car repair. Therefore, the company has many manufacturing plants all over the world. You can find Moog manufacturers in big countries like China, the USA,….


Mevotech and Moog are both leading brands in auto repair parts. Evaluating the suspension system of the two companies will be very difficult because this depends on each customer’s experience. You don’t need to compare 2 brands to find out which is better. Instead, aim for a product that is right for your car model so that it has a long life.

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