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Motul 7100 vs 300V

Motul 7100 vs 300V: Maintenance & Serving Comparison

Engine oil is one of the indispensable fuels for every car. It is used to create smoothness and stability for the engine system. Currently, there are many types of engine oils with different ratios of crude oil and additives. 

Therefore, many drivers are confused in choosing for themselves a set of good quality engine oil. To solve this problem, drivers can choose one of the following two oils: Motul 7100 vs 300V. The following article will give you an overview of these two sets of oils.

Main Benefits Of Engine Oil

The main task of engine oil is to create a smooth and stable operation of the engine system. The main composition of this oil is 80% crude oil and 20% additives. Different ratios of additives will affect the viscosity and performance of the engine oil.

There are many different types of engine oils available today. Therefore, after a period of use, many drivers have begun to compare oils with each other. Typical examples include: Motul 7100 and 300V, or 5W40 vs 15W40

Most of these comparisons are subjective and do not generalize the quality of each engine oil. Therefore, to be able to compare 2 oils of the same or different brands, you will rely on many different factors. With motor oils from famous brands, they will have better quality than OEM oils.

Motul 7100 vs 300V Comparison

motul 300v vs motul 7100

Motul 7100 and 300V engine oil both come from the same oil production unit. Therefore, this comparison will show the similarities and differences between these two oils. You will hardly be able to compare better quality between Motul 7100 and 300V. Here are 5 criteria to evaluate the difference between 300V vs Motul 7100.

Viscosity Grade

Viscosity is an important criterion for evaluating the performance of an engine oil. High viscosity will create smoothness and stability for the engine during operation. In addition, it also minimizes the occurrence of corrosion and rust for the engine,

In terms of composition, Motul 7100 engine oil has a viscosity lower than 300V. However, both of these oils are highly viscous. Therefore, you can safely use Motul 7100 and 300V without worrying too much about the performance of these two oils.

With its high viscosity, both will be suitable for off-road vehicles or commercial vehicles. Because these vehicles need a high viscosity for the engine system to always operate at the highest efficiency. 

In addition, you can use 2 other oils, 75w85 vs 75w90. Because it is quite similar to Motul 7100 and 300V, has high viscosity and is suitable for off-road vehicles.


Both Motul 7100 and 300V oils are synthetic-based oils. Because both of their ester bases are in group V. However, each type of oil will have a different ester base due to different technologies and mixing ratios of additives with crude oil.

With 300V engine oils, the manufacturer will use Motul Ester Core technology to create them. Therefore, 300V oil is also known as a special engine oil. 

The ideal ratio of additives added to this oil contributes to perfection and maximizes engine performance. Therefore, your car will not have a car won’t start right away after getting gas.

As for the Motul, it is capable of increasing engine power to 1.3 horsepower while maintaining the characteristics of the clutch. At the same time, Motul effectively protects the transmission with anti-wear additives added to the engine oil composition. Therefore, your car will always operate with stable performance.


Although Motul 7100 oil has been around for a long time, it still ensures excellent performance, gives the engine a smooth working environment and does not have the noise appearing when accelerating. As for 300V, it also has the same ability as Motul 7100. When using this oil, it will help you shift smoothly, engine smooth,….


Motul 7100 engine oil will be suitable for some models such as: Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki,… As for 300V engine oil, it is suitable for almost all engines. 

Therefore, you can flexibly use this engine oil with extremely high performance. Besides, with Motul 7100, you can still use them with other engines, but the performance it brings will not be high.


Some Frequently Asked Questions

In Motul 7100 and 300V, which oil has better quality?

To compare the quality of Motul 7100 and 300V is very difficult. You will only find out the similarities and differences between these two engine oils. Both Motul 7100 and 300V will bring out their full performance when you apply them to the right car model. 

Specifically, in terms of compatibility, 300V will be slightly better than Motul 7100. Because Motul will be most effective when you use it for: Suzuki, Kawasaki and Suzuki. With other engines it is less efficient. As for 300V, it is compatible with most types of motors.

Can you mix 7100 vs 300V?

The answer is yes. You can completely mix 7100 with 300V without worrying about any problems related to efficiency. This mixed use case applies when you are using 300V but bought a 7100 and the mold wants to buy a new oil. The main aim of manufacturers is to give flexibility to their engine oils.

Should I use 300V with other oils?

The answer is no. With the exception of Motul 7100, you should minimize the combination of synthetic oils. Because sometimes different components will reduce the performance of the engine. In addition, it also causes some problems for your car. Therefore, if you want to combine 2 engine oils, you should contact your dealer so they can advise you the best.

What is the service life of 7100 engine oil?

Motul 7100 engine oil offers a better service life than any other engine oil on the market. You can use Motul 7100 to travel 6000-7000 km and do not need to replace it. At the same time, during this period, Motul 7100 oil will provide stable working performance that contributes to smoothness and minimizes engine corrosion. Besides, you will not use Motul 7100 to travel more than 8000 km. Because then the performance of the engine oil will not be guaranteed.


Hopefully, the article will help you have an overview of 2 types of engine oil Motul 7100 and 300V. It can be said that both of these oils are of good quality, providing a great user experience. With Motul 7100, you can travel 7000km without replacement. As for 300V, it also offers the same performance as Motul 7100. Also, in terms of compatibility, 300V will have more flexibility than Motul 7100.

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