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Noise When Turning Steering Wheel While Stationary

Noise When Turning Steering Wheel While Stationary

There will be many issues that need you to pay attention to and equip yourself with certain knowledge when owning a car. The noise while turning the wheel is one of the things that concern you.

The reason for noise while turning steering wheel when stationary:

  • The cause comes from your steering wheel
  • Power steering problem
  • Cause from the steering column
  • Trouble from the body of the car

Let’s find out the cause of those noises in detail!

Is Your Steering Wheel To Make Noise Normal?

This is a question that car owners often ask themselves because your steering wheel is the part that has the most contact with the driver.

The noise of your steering wheel is a common phenomenon in antique cars or those on the road for a few years. However, if your car is new and rarely used, it should be checked again.

In case you bring your car in after a long period of not being used, it is very likely that the engine has dried out before. The reason for this is that a long period leads to freezing. To solve these cases, you should oil and can use it normally.

The condition of your steering wheel making noise is a phenomenon that can be encountered even if you use this car regularly.

Maybe your internal engine is having a problem or some technical error at this time. In this case, you need to bring your car to a professional auto shop for inspection and repair.

Why Does Your Steering Wheel Make Noise When Stationary?

The problem with your steering wheel

Where the sound is coming from, the cause may originate from it. So you need to check the operation of your steering wheel first to see if it is normal.

In some cases, the noise is not a system fault, but because your steering wheel is too old or used enough to be worn.

Power steering problem

You need to check the fluid system in your power steering as this is the cause in most cases.

When the fluid that lubricates the steering system is exhausted or nearly exhausted, the squealing noises caused by parts hitting each other begin to appear. The solution is that you need to add fluid to your system for it to work properly.

Another cause is also in this power steering system from your power steering pump. When this pump fails, it cannot continue to transmit lubricating fluid to other components.

If this is the case, you can just go to a car mechanic to replace a different pump. Because you can not refuel without the assistance of the booster pump.

Problems from the steering column

The steering column helps the driver to balance and control your vehicle in a certain way. But after a period of use, your steering column can wear out, which also leads to noise while turning this steering wheel.

Other surrounding components in the same system will also be heavily affected, resulting in different types of noise.

These noises can come from worn parts, or your car has lost a link. You need to bring your vehicle in for inspection to understand the cause better and fix them in time.

Tire problem

This does not usually happen in old cars or when you just hit hard somewhere. The tire, especially the front part, is often affected when you turn your steering wheel to control the two front wheels.

When you act on the wheel that makes a squeaking sound, it may be a loose tire. At this point, you need to check and fix the tires firmly to solve the noise completely.


What should you check while turning this steering wheel?

If you are turning the wheel and you hear noises, you need to check your engine system. You can also rely on the reasons stated in the above section to check.

Alternatively, you can try continuing to drive at different speeds. Maybe the noises only come out when you are moving at a fast or medium speed. Each sound will also reflect another broken part.

For example, the creaking sound comes from the suspension joints, but the clicking sound sometimes comes from your power steering pump.

How much does it cost to replace your steering wheel?

Car replacement and repair costs have never been cheap. So you need to decide whether to spend a large amount of money on each car maintenance or accident damage.

The total cost, including accessories and installation, will be $800 to $1200. This distance also depends on the car model you own and the cost of replacement parts for that model.

If your car belongs to the high-end line, surely your steering wheel will also be expensive. On the contrary, if your car belongs to the popular goods, the price of your steering wheel will also be more comfortable.

You will also have to pay a fee to the installer. This price is not fixed, and you can consult the price list before deciding to go to a garage.

What happens if you turn your steering wheel when stationary?

Many people often have the habit of turning this steering wheel even when standing still in one place. This action may at first be because people want to practice their ability to control your steering wheel.

However, after a while, this habit of playing with your steering wheel will repeat unconsciously.

Turning this steering wheel while the car is stationary is not good for your wheels. Wheels moving back and forth continuously without moving forward will cause tire wear.

If the tire is worn out, you can easily replace it with a new tire. However, if the situation is more serious, the steering mechanism is damaged. In this case, it will cost you more to repair and replace.


The noise while turning this steering wheel when the car is stationary is a common phenomenon in life. However, these noises are not beneficial to the vehicle but can also cause engine damage for a long time.

After reading this article, you probably already know the cause of these noises. So you should bring your car in for inspection and repair soon to ensure the car’s durability.

Thank you for your interest in the article!

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