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Pitman Arm and Idler Arm

Pitman Arm and Idler Arm: Difference Between

For the control system of a car to work stably, it will need a smooth combination of many details. Each detail will have a different mission, and you will not move well without them. The arm is one of the details that play an essential role in linking the steering system with other components. 

There are 2 types of arms commonly used: the Pitman Arm and Idler Arm. The following article will give you an overview of these 2 sets of automotive components.

Benefits Of Car Arms

Idler and pitman arm are 2 separate sets, but combining them to support steering linkage becomes the perfect set of details. Pitman will be playing the leading role in it, and Idler will keep it to work more effectively. At this time, the entire steering system of the car will always be stable without any interruption.

However, if one of the arms is damaged, it will put your car in serious trouble. It will make your car disabled. Because the arm is the part that links the steering system with other details. 

Therefore, when they have problems, it will mean that you will not be able to control the steering wheel of the car. In particular, if you are moving on the road, it will cause many dangers that directly affect the safety of people and vehicles.

Therefore, you will need to check the linkage arm regularly to ensure that it is always in good working order. In addition, users should choose a good quality outfit like the Idler and the Pitman arm. 

Why are these two types of components capable of such outstanding performance? To answer this question, you will need to understand the two kinds of Idler and Pitman arms.

difference between idler and pitman arm

Idler Arm Vs Pitman Arm


  • Idler arm: 46C1112A
  • Pitman arm: MOOG K6536


The Pitman arm has an arched design so you can follow your hand movements. At the same time, it can lubricate, creating a smooth operation for a long time without rust. 

In addition, the Idler’s arm is considered capable of meeting all OE standards for performance. With Idler, you can use it flexibly for various vehicles without considering exceptions.

Has a Forged Arm

Forged arms create pressure and enhance operability for better output and alignment. To improve the forged arm to work effectively, it is necessary to rely on the help of the Pitman arm. Pitman has a clever construction that allows forged arms to increase strength effectively.

Decreases Endplay

The arm is a linked device with many different components. Therefore, it will directly affect the parts’ performance, such as rack and pinion vs steering box. Currently, Pitman wings operate in compliance with 3F rules. Therefore, it has a unique design that can ensure 3 factors “Fit, Form, and Function.” 

The Idler arm has a distinctive design that provides outstanding performance for the harshest conditions on the road. All of Idler’s capabilities are quality tested through a system of laboratories.

Withstand Extreme Impact

The Pitman’s arm is one of the most operable linkage arm lines. With Pitman, it is entirely possible to get through emergencies quickly without any breakage or deformation. 

In addition, after a long period of use, the Pitman is virtually non-abrasive, providing ideal bonding performance throughout your journey.

Like the Pitman, the Idler is also an arm set that gives you a great driving experience. 

Because after a long time of use, it will not be corrupted or deformed like a sudden incident. Especially when you combine it with Pitman, it becomes a great toolkit to create a complete steering system for your car.

Designed To Undergo Close Tolerance

When fabricating the Pitman arm, you need to follow it as closely as possible to avoid severe damage and maintain tight tolerances, and rivets use a cold manufacturing system. 

In addition, the Idler’s arms can meet all the requirements of the O standard. At the same time, they are from OE quality materials that ensure high rigidity and durability during use.

Safety Measures

Both the Pitman and Idler arms comply with safety measures that ensure the stable operation of the car. At the same time, it is also a premise for the details inside the car to work well. 

When this part fails, your vehicle will most likely not be able to start and move. No matter how you unlock the steering wheel , it will not be able to be controlled.

In addition, the Pitman and Idler arms provide excellent performance as the connection between the components and the steering system. Almost any impact of the arm will directly affect other details. 

Therefore, the best way is to choose for yourself a set of good quality arms and check them periodically during use.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Pitman be broken?

The answer is yes. However, the Pitman’s arm is a product line with good rigidity and excellent workability. But with severe and unusual incidents, it can completely break. When the Pitman arm fails, you should not continue to try to drive because it will endanger the safety of both people and vehicles.

How much does pitman arm replacement cost?

The cost for you to replace a Pitman arm is relatively high. On average, it will range from $202-285. Therefore, the manufacturer always tries to improve the arm quality to minimize breakage and damage during use. You can rest assured to use the Pitman arm because this detail is always guaranteed in performance and quality.

When should I replace the Pitman arm?

The operating time of the Pitman arm is quite long. Therefore, to prolong the life of the Pitman, you should check it regularly along with other relevant details. This maintenance will help you know when to change your arm. Scratches and cracks on Pitman’s arms are an indication that they need to be replaced.


Hopefully, the article will help you better understand the two sets of Pitman and Idler arms. With these 2 sets of arms, you can create a stable connection between the steering system and related components. Both Idler and Pitman have excellent performance that contributes to improving the performance of the car’s steering system. 

Also, when Pitman and Idler have problems, you’ll need to fix them right away. Because when these two arms are disabled, you will not be able to drive or control the steering wheel.

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