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What Can I Use Instead Of Power Steering Fluid?

What Can I Use Instead Of Power Steering Fluid Substitute?

When driving on the road, you may encounter problems, including running out of power steering fluid. It is a substance that helps you drive safer and more energy-efficiently. At the same time, the liquid also limits the leakage and corrosion of the engine.

However, complete fluid loss can happen if you don’t check them regularly and find an alternative.

Therefore, this article will help you learn about the fluids used when there is no power steering fluid.

What Is Power Steering Fluid?

Power steering fluid is an integral part of cars and trucks as it allows you to steer and turn with less energy.

The product aims to help hoses, pistons, valves, and power steering pumps work better. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the power steering fluid when checking and periodically replace it. Otherwise, the pump system is prone to damage.

If I Don’t Have Power Steering Fluid

If your vehicle has a power steering system, the absence of fluid will cause difficulties during operation.

When your car has a power steering pump that fails or doesn’t work, you can still control the car with difficulty. Moreover, you can only drive for a short time before the pump fails, about 2 minutes.

This phenomenon can be explained by the exhaustion of the car oil pump when there is no power steering fluid. It causes friction and increases the temperature in the pump, causing damage.

Also, if your engine has a problem and stops, the electric brake won’t work either.

Therefore, you need to replace and replenish the power steering fluid periodically or when they have turned dark after a period of use.

You don’t need to flush power steering fluid because if you add too much new liquid, the system will have some problems. Ensure the system is running smoothly and without leaks before completing the above test.

power steering fluid substitute

Can Transmission Fluid Replace Power Steering Fluid?

Transmission fluid and power steering lubricants are hydraulic fluids. However, there is a difference between these two liquids.

Transmission fluid can be used in power steering pump systems in sufficient quantities. If the threshold is exceeded, the liquid will damage your system, even transmission leak.

In particular, some types of Transmission fluid you can refer to are Dexron 3 or Type F.

However, it would help not mix power steering fluid with transmission fluid. Since the two duties are entirely different, the combination presents a risk and damage to your power steering pump system and transmission.

What Can I Use Instead Of Power Steering Fluid?

Synthetic fluid

Synthetic fluid is a chemically artificial lubricant made from petroleum or distillate crude oil.

Synthetic fluid is characterized by a gentle, smooth flow when the vehicle is in motion. At the same time, it also has a better lubricating ability, which limits friction to the system.

This lubricant will help your vehicle perform well with different temperature conditions while maintaining a stable viscosity. At the same time, good oxidation resistance, cost, and time savings are the advantages this oil brings to your car.

Universal fluids

Universal fluids contain some special additives. They have their benefits and are pretty similar to other liquid alternatives.

One of the advantages of this fluid is increased performance and responsiveness. Moreover, they can self-fill and seal tiny leaks, limiting corrosion during operation.

Power Steering Substitutes

If you realize that the power steering lubricant is low, you can consult some temporary replacement products for your vehicle.

When in an emergency, you can use transmission oil, engine oil, axle oil, or hydraulic oil as a substitute for power steering lubricant. However, these substances will cause damage to your system in the long run when used in excess.

Therefore, the best solution is to give a sufficient amount of replacement fluid so that the vehicle can continue to operate.

Transmission oil

As mentioned in the above section, you can use Transmission oil to replace power steering lubricants because both are hydraulic fluids.

However, how much you use will determine how you will operate. It means that if you use too much transmission fluid, it will damage your power steering pump.

Engine oil

Engine oils can replace power steering fluids when they have hydraulic properties. However, engine oil has a much higher viscosity than power steering fluid. For this reason, you should use a minimal amount of this oil with standard power steering oil, and it will help the system operate more stable.

Hydraulic fluid

Hydraulic fluids are a good substitute for power steering lubricants. Moreover, you can ultimately use them if the power steering lubricant is running low.

The above are substitutes you can use in place of power steering lubricants.

You should keep in mind that these substances are not ideal and perfect substitutes. However, they will help you better in emergencies where the power steering fluid has run out.


The article includes information about power steering fluid and notes when using them. At the same time, you can find an alternative in an emergency if the fluid runs out.

However, they are only temporary measures; if left in the long term can cause damage. Thus, you should add power steering lubricant in time and check and maintain it regularly. It will help you to drive more safely when the system is stable.

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